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Do you want to be part of us? Be a proud member of the “Rebuilding for a Better Philippines” and make a history of your life as “Tunay na Makabayan, Malayang Filipino”


We welcome you! (Mabuhay! Ug Apil na)

  1. Volunteer as Regular Contributor – Article Writer: You could post your Opinion, News blogs and any articles related to Philippine Economy, Politics, Education and anything that might affects to the country and to every Filipinos. When you will post your article in this site, we will publish your name as the article owner or you could leave it as “Written anonymously”
  2. Volunteer as Guest Contributor: You could email your article to us and our content editor will review if your article is fitted for this site and information would be send to you if your article is accepted or rejected. When you will post your article in this site, we will publish your name as the article owner or you could leave it as “Written anonymously”
  3. Volunteer as Content Editor: If you are fun of editing contents and you want to be part of us then you are much welcome.  Editor’s name would appear in the footer of the article or you could leave is empty.
  4. Volunteer as Staff: You could join as a volunteer staff. You are worry of what to do? You can do freely by checking at the website content and inform us for anything that needs correction, rearrangement and anything which you think needs to be done.
  5. Volunteer as Philippine Social Army: There you are! Millions of Filipinos are internet fanatics. You could be recognized officially as “Philippine Social Army” or (PSA). You don’t know what’s the job? It’s what you are doing almost every day. Using Facebook, Twitter, Digg ect. By sharing the information from this site to your Facebook, twitter and other micro blogging site, then you are already a “Philippine Social Army”. Email us that you want be listed and we will post you in our Member’s Directory.

 Store your news article

We would be happy if you will use our news repository website to store your article for safe keeping while it would remain visible online without intervention and pressure to take down your publications.

Peso Reserve News website is your "news repository" run in parallel with other news websites. Losing the news links  information from the other news websites due to unprecedented reasons such as political pressure, server down, and other uncontrollable interventions? You may find them here or you may store your news article here for safe keeping.

We will provide you access to our news article database but limiting your access to your own news articles only. With your access, you may post new news article , edit, delete and unpublished any of your articles. In order for you to get started, we would be providing a short crash training for you to be able to sink in to our independent culture and posting standards.

To make sure the author's accountability we should be transparent in the following:
* Author should be mentioned in every news article either at the upper part or at the end part of the news
* Author should provide a valid ID upon joining as measure for accountability.
* Libelous  article may cause trouble. Be sure to be accountable of your own posts.
* An agreement / contract would be provided upon joining us as a legal binding between you as author and we as website operator in providing a reliable and verifiable information to our readers.
* We are independent, honest, accountable and with dignity. We do not post any news article to cause damage to anyone in return of money. 

For you to get started, you may email us at wizzard32  @


Do you want to promote products, services, announcement, events and anything in this site? Just email us with your proposal and rate so we will think of it. Be seen and be known. Contact us now.
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