President Duterte Announced - Dismantled Oligarchy without Declaring Martial Law

President Duterte Announced - Dismantled Oligarchy without Declaring Martial Law

President Rodrigo R. Duterte proudly declared that his administration has “dismantled” oligarchy.

In his remarked that he can now die “happy” since he has supposedly dismantled oligarchy without declaring martial law.

The chief executive made this remark before the military in a speech delivered in Sulu on July 13 (Monday).

“Kaya ako mamatay, mahulog ‘yung eroplano… I am very happy. Alam mo bakit? Sabi ko (If I die, my plane goes down… I am very happy. You know why? I told them) without declaring martial law, I dismantled the oligarchy that controlled the economy of the Filipino people.” – Report from Mela Lesmoras

“That’s why, for me, if I die, if my plane crashes, p**angina. I am very happy. You know why? I said, without declaring martial law, I dismantled the oligarchy that controls the economy of the Filipino people,” Duterte said in a mix of English and Filipino.

“Sinira ko ‘yung mga tao na humahawak sa ekonomiya at umiipit. At hindi nagbabayad,” he added.

Duterte did not namedrop anyone but his remarks came days after a House panel denied ABS-CBN‘s application for a fresh franchise owned by the Lopez family, whose members do not belong in the list of the country’s top 20 richest individuals.

Oligarchy, as defined by instructor Miguel Rivera of the Ateneo’s political science department, “is the rule of a wealthy few over an organization such as the State, such that their interests gain priority over the needs of the many or the common good.”

Meanwhile, presidential spokesperson Harry Roque said that Duterte was not referring to ABS-CBN but to taipan Lucio Tan of Philippine Airlines and the owners of the water concessionaires—Manny Pangilinan and the Ayala Group.

There are a handful of conglomerates that, while economically influential, are not oligarchs. They’re just…rich.And there are businesspeople whose economic fortunes are inextricably tied to their proximity to power. Those. Those are oligarchs. And they’re easy to find. — Old Man River (@iwriteasiwrite) July 14, 2020   
In his speech in Sulu, the President pointed out that he went after the rich people who do not pay taxes and take advantage of the Filipinos. 
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