Philippines gets first ₱1.8 Billion worth New C-295 Plane this March 2015


In this photo released by Airbus Defence and Space, Portugal's C295 tactical airlifter is seen releasing chaff and flare countermeasures- image source: philSTAR


Philippines gets first C-295 plane this month

MANILA, Philippines - The government will receive this month one of the three medium lift fixed wing aircraft it acquired from a Spanish firm.

Defense Undersecretary Fernando Manalo said the first C-295 plane would be delivered by Airbus Military in Clark within March 23 to 25.

"It will be the first delivery of the brand new aircraft. We will be there to receive the aircraft delivered from Spain," Manalo said in a recent interview.

The Air Force welcomed the development, saying the aircraft would provide added capability in times of disasters.

"It will serve as additional transport support to the armed forces' requirements [and complement] the three existing C-130s," Air Force spokesman Lt. Col Enrico Canaya said.

"They will be especially helpful in HADR (humanitarian assistance and disaster response) operations," he added.

Last year, The STAR reported that Airbus Military won the bidding for the supply of three medium lift fixed wing aircraft worth ₱5 billion.

The notice of award was issued to the aircraft manufacturer in February 2014.

Airbus offered to supply three C-295 planes for ₱5.29 billion, lower than the approved budget of ₱5.3 billion.

Airbus said the C-295 is "the most capable and versatile transport and surveillance aircraft." It can carry as much as nine tons of payload or up to 71 people at a maximum cruise speed of 260 kt or 480 kilometers per hour.

The acquisition is expected to boost the overall lift capability of the Air Force.

The two other C-295 planes are scheduled to arrive next year.

Other aircraft due for delivery this year are six units of close air support aircraft worth ₱4.97 billion, eight units of combat utility helicopters worth ₱4.8 billion, eight units of attack helicopters worth P₱.44-billion, two units of lead-in fighter trainer jets worth ₱3.16 billion and two units of light lift aircraft worth P813 million. - philSTAR

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