Pres. Aquino receives freedom medal in Germany's Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom

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Aquino receives freedom medal in Germany

Recognition for President Aquino's Effort For: 

  • Reproductive health Law
  • Human rights
  • Foreign investments and economic growth
  • Education
  • Bangsamoro peace Agreement
  • International law in the dispute with China (UNCLOS at West Philippine Sea /South China Sea Disputes)
  • Fighting corruption

PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino III was presented the Friedrich-Naumann-Freedom-medal in Berlin, Germany last Saturday for his successful reforms in the areas of education, anti-corruption and rule of law.

Dr. Wolfgang Gerhardt, chairman of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF), said that Filipinos serve as an inspiration worldwide.

"You are the embodiment and the instigator of this inspiration. Your straight path, the daang matuwid, is our motivation too," he told President Aquino.

Gerhardt listed Aquino's achievements, including in the area of reproductive health, human rights, foreign investments and economic growth, education, human rights, the Bangsamoro peace, sticking to international law in the dispute with China and, in particular, in fighting corruption.

The Foundation for Freedom has worked together with liberal partners in the Philippines since 1986.

“When I joined the Liberal Party and became aware of the assistance of the Friedrich Naumann Stiftung, I came to realize the importance of this work of solidarity,” said Aquino upon accepting the award. “We need solidarity in defense for freedom. We have to assist each other in pursuit of all freedoms.”

“We will forever be grateful for the recognition of our efforts in advancing the cause of humanity,” Aquino added.

FNF Philippines Country Director Jules Maaten said, “This prestigious medal is recognition from Germany and Europe of the tremendous progress that the Philippines made since 2010 in fighting corruption and promoting good governance. This also made the country more attractive for foreign investments and promoted economic growth.”

The ceremony took place on Saturday, September 20, in Berlin.

The Friedrich Naumann Freedom (FNF) Medal is awarded to outstanding personalities who engage themselves for more democracy, human rights and market economy in partnership with the foundation. In the past the medal was awarded, among others, to Bulgarian Prime Minister Simeon Saxe-Coburg Gotha, Western Cape Prime Minister Helen Zille, and Liberal International President Hans van Baalen.

FNF is a German foundation working for good governance, human rights and market economy, with more than 60 projects across the globe. (PR) / Sun Star

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