China technically ADMITTED more than harassment to the Philippines after accusing US Warship coming close 45 Km to Liaoning

China: photo provided by China's Xinhua News Agency shows the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning cruising for a test on the sea. AP/Xinhua

On May 2013, a reported in philSTAR  that a Chinese warship chased and tailed, in a provocative manner, the utility boat of Kalayaan island town with 147 civilian passengers, including the group of re-elected Mayor Eugenio Bito-onon, while sailing back to Palawan from Pag-Asa Island in the hotly-contested Spratly region.

Bito-onon said the Chinese warship coming from the east side area of Ayungin Reef, used its powerful floodlights while chasing and tailing M/T Queen Seagull.

"The Chinese warship was only 50 meters away from our own boat," Bito-onon said, adding that the incident started when M/T Queen Seagull, that left Pag-Asa Island Wednesday morning, was passing by the Philippine-occupied Ayungin Reef at past midnight.

In China's Accusation of US Warship harassing them cited the source as saying said the USS Cowpens was operating near China's aircraft carrier, Liaoning, when it entered within 45 kilometers (30 miles) of the Chinese fleet's "inner defense layer."

When China harassed the Pag-asa Island Mayor Bito-onon they used powerful flood light (as if there is a flood on the sea) tailed them at a distance of 50 meters or almost to collide the passenger ship in its own territory.

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On the other hand, when US warship is at a distance of 45 Kilometers in the international waters, it's already harassment for china.

Simply means China is harassing for a lifetime installing their military in the island in Palawan.

China paper says US ship was harassing China fleet

In Beijing China; -  A Chinese newspaper on Monday rejected the U.S. military's comments that a Chinese warship nearly collided with an American cruiser early this month, saying it was the U.S. ship that first harassed a Chinese fleet.

The near collision happened Dec. 5 in the South China Sea when the USS Cowpens was operating in international waters, and the U.S. ship maneuvered to avoid the collision, the U.S. Pacific Fleet has said.

But China's Global Times newspaper cited an unnamed source it described as being familiar with the confrontation as saying that the USS Cowpens had been getting too close to a Chinese naval drill.

The paper cited the source as saying said the USS Cowpens was operating near China's aircraft carrier, Liaoning, when it entered within 45 kilometers (30 miles) of the Chinese fleet's "inner defense layer."

"The USS Cowpens was tailing after and harassing the Liaoning formation," the newspaper quoted the person as saying, referring to the name of the Chinese aircraft carrier. "It took offensive actions at first towards the Liaoning formation on the day of the confrontation."

China's Defense Ministry did not immediately respond to a faxed query and calls to its propaganda office rang unanswered. The State Department has raised the matter at a high level with the Chinese government.

The incident comes amid heightened tension over China's growing assertiveness in the region. Despite strenuous objections from Washington, Beijing recently declared a new air defense zone over parts of the East China Sea.

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Pacific Fleet says it's not uncommon for navies to operate in close proximity and that's why it is paramount they all follow international standards for maritime "rules of the road."

The Chinese navy is operating with increasing frequency in the South China Sea and around Japan as part of China's development of its blue water navy. China vigorously opposes all U.S. Naval activity and intelligence gathering in the region.

China regards the entire South China Sea and island groups within it as its own and interprets international law as giving it the right to police foreign naval activity there.

The U.S. doesn't take a position on sovereignty claims to the sea but insists on the Navy's right to transit the area and collect surveillance data. - philSTAR

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