Good bye Panatag Shoal? International Professors Criticized the Philippines

It was boasted to the media that the Philippine government will spend billions of Dollars for the armament upgrades to protect the Philippine territory and in fact already spending half a billion Dollars for the said upgrade but without even a single cent of bullets spend to protect the territory, China managed to oust the Philippines' control in Panatag Shoal/ Scarborough Shoal last June 2012.

Many Filipinos were asking why the name of Panatag Shoal of the Philippines was renamed into Chinese Island in the giant Google Map? The World knew about it but it remained unknown to the Philippine people as the Government hide the truth to the  public for their shame that this "REPUBLIC" failed for the 3rd times in protecting the territory from invaders.

The Panatag Shoal or also known as Scarborough Shoal is well within 200 Nautical Miles Exclusive Economic Zone of the Philippines.

What is the purpose of having our Military if we will not use them to defend our territory? Are we really Coward?.

It is better to lose our territory with pride that we fight for it to our last breath to defend our dignity than to lose it without doing anything.  Should we replace our National Anthem? "Ang Mamatay ng Dahil sayo"? Why don't we replace with "Sa kamatayan ay takot ako"? This is a very big insult to our country. We are singing our National Anthem not in our heart but just at the end of the dirty mouth. What is the sense of having such words?.

Rebuilding for the Better Philippines supports for the peaceful means but losing our territory without any action is not acceptable. It's just a big shame and making our country questionable if we deserve to be called as country? Are we really a country with dignity and able to protect the territory? Or just a country in a name?  

We are sorry our compatriots. Even WE, the Rebuilding for the Better Philippines didn't know that China already controlled the Scarborough shoal until the publication from the International media informed the world and embarrassed the Philippines that China successfully ousted the Philippines in the Scarborough Shoal without even a single sound of a gun.

Even Vietnam criticized the Philippines for giving up the Shoal without fighting for it. This is very embarrassing. We are losing our face to the international community. We are called as "Coward".

While China is invading the Panatag Shoal, they simultaneously invade the territory of the Independent Island State of Palau, a hundred kilometer distance East of Mindanao Island.

The small island State government of Palau fight against the invading china, captured, jailed and penalized the invaders. Bear in mind folks, the Palau State is a very small state with only few thousand residence compared to the Philippines with hundred Million populations. In contrast to Palau, the Philippines leave the Panatag Shoal and give up to china without even a single shot of a gun to defend it.

The Philippine government is no sting, really weak, ineffective and unreliable in dealing with issues with the territorial disputes. This country is very soft. It is the THIRD failures of the Philippines in dealing with the territorial disputes with the invading neighbors and our country is always a loser with a winning wind and bad fart to be proud of "Matapang ang mga pinoy".

We could recall in the past, the first incident happened when Vietnam lured the Philippine Soldier guarding the Islands in Kalayaan Groups (Spratly) with their Vietnamese bitches arrived from Vietnam to have sex party of hot flesh where Filipino Soldier abandoned the protected Island to accept the offer of Vietnam and give up the protected island to Vietnam.

The Second incident was happened on 1995 when Chinese poachers build a hideout in Panganiban Reef/ Micheif Reef 75 Miles from Palawan. China negotiates the Philippine Government to allow their fishermen to fish in the Philippine waters and let them use the place for their hide out during bad weathers and Ramos allowed them then later, Filipino fishermen fishing near the reef were captured and jailed by Chinese military then they build their Strong Military Garrison in Panganiban Reef/ Mischief Reef inside the Philippines territory and successfully controlled the reef. Why this country still trust the words of China for the second time?

The THIRD and very fresh incident is the Scarborough Shoal. Without even a single sound of a gun to defend our territory, China managed to oust the Philippines' control in Panatag Shoal/ Scarborough Shoal last June 2012.

ABC News  reported that Chinese paramilitary ships confronted Philippine vessels last year in a monthslong standoff over a disputed shoal. China has effectively controlled the shoal since June, when Manila withdrew its ships as a typhoon approached.

How reliable this country, these Military to defend our territory?

The world noticed that the Philippines is not really capable in protecting the territory and they are losing hope for this country to be remained FREE in the future so we receive criticism for elevating the issue to the United Nations if we could not defend it, why not just give up and keep quiet in the corner.

Even USA who signed for MDT did not come to help the Philippines when china used force and invaded the Scarborough shoal. It is a use of force!, but why the MDT cool-down? It is because the Philippines did not show to the world that we are willing to protect our territory. It could not be the fault of America who signed the MDT with the PHL but a big mistake of the Philippines who failed to defend the territory.

Don't you ever think that the "Pivot" in Asia could be a conspiracy? Don't you ever think that USA with huge debt in China planned this to use the Spratly as their payment for their huge debt in China?

Don't you think that USA after Wikileaks leaked the fact that the USA secret records shows that Mindanao alone has untapped $1 trillion Dollars mineral reserves scrambled for their "pivot" in Asia plan because Mindanao already knew the secrets and they might explore the resources without USA? Why should America hide the information about Mindanao and only Wikileaks leaked it? If America doesn't have any plan or hidden plan about Mindanao then why should they hide the information to the Philippines and secretly negotiate with the Mindanao rebels??

Do you still remember that USA secretly negotiated the Mindanao Rebels to open the hidden minerals in Mindanao bypassing the Manila's Arroyo Government?

Don't you ever think that if the war will broke, US will dominate the country and would probably control the Philippines again to explore the untapped resources in Mindanao?

It could not be acceptable if it will happen but if it is the fate of this country to doom soon then it's better to be with USA than with China.

The Aquino government is dealing with the hardest challenge ever encounter in the Philippine history. The Hidden Agenda, the conspiracy, the Pivot in Asia and the untapped resources, etc. which I think if other president handles it, i dunno what happened to the Philippines now.

The political strategy has becoming more and more complicated and the center of the issue is the Philippines. 2 World giants want to divide the country to explore the riches. Japan could be the last recourse of the Philippines but not capable enough to drive away any of the giants.

Who could be blame for this fate? Our country could not defend the territory because we did not equip our Armed Forces? WE want Ramos to answer this.

Yesterday, WE receive the "STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL" intelligent report from Korea about the Geostrategic Plan of USA and China. It was a big Surprise for us when our Korean Lady Friend working in the intelligent units stumbled the hidden file and sends us the Screen shot of a short message.

We are giving warning to the Philippines. If we could not trust USA, we have Japan and Australia with good record of governance but before the bad fate will happen, WE must equip our Armed Forces so these giants' "users" will back off.

My compatriots, I would die would this exposé anytime but I am ready for it and I will take responsible of my words for my country. I want that all Filipinos will wake up that we are now in the brink of losing our country if we will fail to protect our territory. There is a conspiracy. We need to face the challenges, and we must help the government, we must love this country, we must defend our country and fight against these giants with our own resources without relying any other to defend us. WE NEED OUR ARMED FORCES TO BE EQUIPED WITH ENOUGH WEAPON TO DEFEND US.

Published in Voice of America Princeton University Professor Gilbert Rozman believes tensions over the South China Sea could cause problems between Washington and Beijing in other areas as well.

Rozman says Manila's decision to take the maritime dispute to the United Nations clearly escalates the standoff. He worries that it will put pressure on Washington to do something. As of now, he says, China is "blaming the U.S. for stirring up the trouble."

Simon Tay in the says the South China Morning Post Philippines' decision to take its South China Sea island dispute with China to UN arbitration will set in motion a legal process that, unless carefully managed, could lead to political fallout.

It seems that the international community blames the Philippines for trying to asked help from the United Nations as it would just be treated as escalation of the issue knowing that the Philippines is not capable to defend the territory then who will fight for the Philippines?

This is a shame to our country because until now we did not spend enough for our Armed Forces to have a good posture.

This is Prince Dan We, one of the authors and editors of the Rebuilding for the Better Philippines. My Compatriots, I could Die Today or Tomorrow for my bold criticisms to our government, to USA and to China but I hope you could forgive me that I just love this country more than my life. "Ang mamatay ng Dahil sayo"

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