Turkish hackers defaced Philippine Government Website like a soccer field

The Philippine Anticyber Crime law 2012 which recently enacted 3rd October 2012 gains hard opposition from local advocates for "Freedom of Speech" that invited international hacking enthusiasts penetrating weak government web infrastructure and defacing several websites since the law enacted.

Now, the Philippine government websites serves as a gaming field for local and  international hackers from Europe, Turkey and possible hacking fanatics from other side of the world who want to test the inviting anti cyber law of the Philippines.

There is a saying "He who builds firewalls invites destruction"

The recent hacking incidents make the Philippines as a laughing stock for the hackers for enacting the law without building a strong web infrastructure.

Just today, 3 Philippine government Web sites were defaced by hackers over the past two days for a variery of reasons. But Anonymous Philippines, which had earlier hacked into several sites to protest the recently-enacted cybercrime law, denies involvement.

Government site was defaced early Monday, with a Turkish hacker group appearing to be the culprit this time as reported by GMA News Philippines.

Visitors to the site of the Department of Transportation and Communications would see a flag taking the place of the image of the DOTC secretary.

"Turkish Hacker.. Ortak Operasyon… Hacked Metehan & AkS├╝VaRi Gandalf," read the hacker's message.

It also read, "The Turkish Republic will be happy, prosperous and victorious."

Also, On Sunday, at least two government websites were defaced. But Filipino hacker groups protesting the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 denied involvement in the hacks.

Hacked were the Maritime Industry Authority and the Maritime Training Council sites.

While the MARINA website appeared to be hacked and defaced by "Ablaze Ever," the MTC site was attacked by "Teamr00t."

The attackers of the MTC site said their hack was meant to protest rights violations.

Niether of the two sites were accessible as of posting time.

 Meanwhile, there was no indication that the vandalism was the work of hackers protesting the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012.

Furthermore, a hacker group allied with Anonymous Philippines, #pR.is0n3r, flat-out denied the collective was behind the latest defacements, reiterating Anonymous' pledge to halt attacks for now.

"May isang salita yan. Pag sinabi naming hindi kami aatake, hindi kami aatake. Di namin sisirain ang prinsipyo at pinag lalaban namin. Tahimik kami ngayon pero, Expect Us (We have our word of honor. When we say we will not attack, we will not attack. We will not break our word. We keep quiet for now but expect us)," said the hackers.

Ironically, #pR.is0n3r even called on government information technology experts to check and restore the hacked sites.

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