International Survey: Philippines is the most Godly country in the World – Chicago

As published in the Washington Post, it shows that the Philippines is the most Godly country in the world with never fading faith and continuously believing and making God as the center of each lives.

Belief in God is slowly declining in most countries around the world, according to a new poll, but the truest of the true believers can still be found in developing countries in the Christian worlds and Catholic societies in the Far East.

The "Beliefs about God Across Time and Countries" report, released Wednesday (April 18, 2012) by researchers at the University of Chicago, found the Philippines to be the country with the highest belief, where 94 percent of Filipinos said they were strong believers who had always believed.

The Philippines is the home of the continuously emerging new Christian religions, the home of the highest Catholics and the only strongest-faith-Christian country in Asia.

At the opposite end, according to the survey at just 13 percent, was the former East Germany where people are majority non believer.

"The Philippines is both developing and Catholic," said Tom W. Smith, who directs the General Social Survey of the National Opinion Research Center at the University of Chicago. "Religion, which is mainly Catholic, is very emotionally strong there."

The report covered data from 30 countries that participated in at least two surveys in 1991, 1998 or 2008.

Filipino's faith in God has said to be keeps creating miracles, healing wounds & diseases, changing lives, creating ample of blessings and riches to the believers as acclaimed by Christian testimonies how they got healed, how they succeeded their career,  how they acquire riches and how they live happily and how God changed their lives .

In 29 of the 30 countries surveyed in 2008, belief increased with age: Belief in God was highest for those ages 68 or older (43 percent), compared to 23 percent of those younger than 28.

While overall belief in God has decreased in most parts of the world, three countries — Israel, Russia and Slovenia — saw increases. The report said religious belief had "slowly eroded" since the 1950s in most countries of the world.

Atheism and unbelief was most prominent in northwest Europe and some former Soviet states, with the exception of majority-Catholic Poland (just 3.3 percent).

Top 5 countries of Strong Faith and God believers

  1. Philippines – 94%
  2. Chile – 79.4%
  3. Israel – 65.5%
  4. Poland – 62%
  5. United States – 60.6%

The United States (60.6 percent) was ranked in the top five countries for people who said they knew God existed and had no doubts. Besides the Philippines, the other countries were Chile (79.4 percent), Israel (65.5 percent) and Poland (62 percent).

Some factors are seen that affect the faith in God for Filipinos are the calamity such as earthquakes, typhoons and natural disasters which Faith in God is their only way to remain firm and strong, and the said to be keep existing of mystical powers which is practiced by the natives and tribal groups in most remote areas.

Filipinos is also known to be the most sociable people in the world ranking number one for social network users. The sociable attitudes are also the effect of the religious activities in each sector which people will go out every weekend to go to church and meet people to do worships in God. If in the other country people will meet each other in the bar or in the dance hall, Filipinos will usually go out for prayer meetings, worships, & other church and religious activities as their rendezvous. 

Many Filipinos believes that the last judgment , the last paradise and the land of the Promise could be found in the Philippines when God return as promised in the Holy Bible.

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