Filipinos "Noynoying" are huge destruction of the entire Philippines & OFWs abroad

Noynoying mockery is a destruction with harder and more disparaging effect than the Fukushima earthquake in Japan

Point of view taken from the communist of Manila Bulletin from an economist, political analyst and businessman Andrew James Masigan, and from an independent writer, an international economist & OFW Denis Somoso.

Noynoying has going viral on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr which have its own Wikipedia page now and are images of President Aquino in various poses appearing dumbfounded, bored and confused. Beneath it is the caption, "Noynoying", a new term coined to denote one overcome by sloth, one who is intellectually challenged, or one pretending to be busy.

Mr. Masigan; an economist, political analyst said "I'm not sure if those spreading "Noynoying" images on the Net are aware of how much damage they are causing the country. In their minds, it is an amusing anti-Noynoy campaign. But in reality, it is like washing dirty linen in public". Whether we like it or not, the President is the embodiment of the nation's abilities and aspirations, at least in as far as the international community is concerned. Having images of "Noynoying" plastered on the Internet for the world to scoff at is like mocking our own competencies as a race and enjoining the world to follow the bash-fest. It is careless, irresponsible and the height of being anti-Filipino. It's disappointing that partisan politics, insular thinking and crab mentality are getting the best of the Filipinos again.

A self destruction is a suicidal and the sad thing is the negative effect of this is for the majority of Filipinos who approved the competency of the sitting president to uplift the country's economy and improve the living of the masses but a few are destroying the country's image that could affect the entire Filipinos around the world.

It is really unfortunate that this "Noynoying" nonsense has gone viral at a time when the country is just on the brink of turning its image around.

For the first time in 15 years, global financial institutions like the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank, the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the World Economic Forum, JETRO, etc., are finally taking notice of the advances made in the economy of the Philippines and how we've managed to maintain one of the strongest economic fundamentals in the region, despite the financial turmoil in Europe and the Americas. From the "sick man of Asia," we are now being regarded as a real economic contender.

In the midst of all this, our very own kababayans are the first to shoot us down; hence, the disappointment among many. To me, they are saboteurs who mock the efforts of all those making great sacrifices to put our country back on the road to recovery.

Unrealistic viral mass destruction

Mr. Masigan said; "I am by no means close to the President, but have been observing both his work ethics and thinking processes for some time now. If I were to describe his working style, two adjectives come to mind: thorough and stern. Ethically, I see him as being truly sincere in his quest to restore good governance in our institutions—a mission he pursues with the stubbornness of a pit bull. These are my personal impressions and I'm just calling it as I see it".

Lest anyone think that I am in any way connected with the Palace, let me clear the air and affirm that I am not attached to government in any way, shape or form. In fact, people close to me know that I supported another candidate in the 2010 Presidential campaign. I am no one's minion and I don't "kiss ass." My writing proves that I never hold back in speaking up when I think certain government policies are out of line.

Having said this, I believe that the "Noynoying" campaign and the connotations attached to it are both inaccurate and unfair. I hold the Palace's Communications group responsible for the mismanagement of the President's image on two counts.

First, they failed to "sell" the President for his strong points—his integrity, meticulous nature and vision for a morally upright government. From where I sit, it appears that they spend the lion's share of their time and resources defending the President's every move and those of his cabinet's rather than going on a media offensive to give the public reason to be proud of their Chief Executive.

Second, and more critically, the vision of the Aquino Government has not been clearly communicated to the public even after 20 months in office. Having a broad-based buy-in on a Chief Executive's vision is as much a basic foundation in government as it is in a private corporation.

What the Communications group fails to realize is that if they don't make "noise" on the President's vision and progress towards achieving it, only the noisy "Noynoying" side is heard.

There is much good news to tell. It's time the Communications group amps up its efforts.

Let the Numbers Speak

As for me, I couldn't care less whether or not our President is a genius or works himself until he's blue in the face. What's important to me is that he delivers results. What I care about is his competence in steering the economy and the speed by which he solves our greater problems of poverty and unemployment.

What people may not realize is that the economy is in a far healthier state today than it ever was in the last 15 years. As an economist and businessman, I can't complain about our progress. True, much still needs to be done, but we have certainly come a long way in improving the country's fundamentals.

For those who missed my economic round-up on this space last week, let me give you a brief summary of where we stand—then you be the judge.

The economy grew by a slow 3.7 percent last year on the back of weak government spending. This is probably the reason some people think P-Noy isn't making much impact on the economy. However, what they may not realize is that the greater part of 2011 was spent reviewing workflows of line agencies to purge them from loopholes that allow corruption to occur. It was an investment in self-improvement—something we had to go through to move forward with stronger institutions. Unfortunately, the Palace's Communications group did not explain this well enough.

For the most part, the purging process ended last October and massive spending ensued beginning the first quarter this year (again, this was not communicated). Fact is, as early as February this year, 91 percent of CAPEX (capital expenditures) budget appropriations amounting to R150 billion have already been released by the DBM to various line agencies. As a result, we expect robust growth this year, with more aggressive spending on infrastructure and social development projects. Sec. Paderanga of NEDA estimates a GDP expansion of between 5 to 6 percent, while Sec. Domingo of the DTI is more aggressive, predicting 7 percent growth assuming the DOTC delivers on its infrastructure projects. These are good numbers by any means of measure.

On the fiscal side, gross international reserves or the amount of gold and foreign exchange in our treasury stood at a record high last February with US$77.4 billion—US$15 billion more than our external debt. Inflation is better than target, standing at only 3.9 percent in January and 2.7 percent in February. National revenues are up, increasing by 13 percent last year without the benefit of new taxes. Balance of payment was in surplus territory, registering net inflows of US$10 billion last year and US$800 last January. Fiscal deficits greatly improved as well, from 3.5 percent of GDP in 2010 to just two percent in 2011. The banking sector is healthier than ever, with Non-Performing Loans (NPL) ratio of only 3.1 percent and Capital Adequacy Ratio at a healthy 17.4 percent.

All these point to another credit rating upgrade by international credit rating agencies Moody's, Fitch and Standard & Poors. To Juan dela Cruz, this means more jobs as investors are bound to respond positively to a credit rating upgrade. It also means more liquidity for government to spend on social projects, as savings will be generated on interest expenses.

As for industry, government is headstrong in developing the Tourism, BPO and Agro-processing industries as our top foreign exchange earners and job generators. Last year, 1.2 million new jobs were put online, 200,000 more than target. Trends suggest 1.5 million new jobs every year until 2016.

The numbers on our "Economic Report Card" speak for themselves, and something like this cannot be achieved by a lazy, intellectually challenged Chief Executive. This is why I stand in the President's defense on this score.

The People power and the Laws for self destroyer

People power is famous for regaining back the democracy of the country back 1986 EDSA revolution. The Philippines regains its democracy and freedom by the power of the people or the majority Filipinos which every Filipino is responsible in protecting the democracy and use it in the proper way not against the neighbor, the family, the country and not against the entre country.

The leniency of freedom in the Philippines is already abused by the few and self destruction or own country is also a crime or destroying own country is no difference from terrorism and bomb explosions that killed thousands of the masses.

Empowering the people as the most powerful body of the country; a law must be passed to punish the people who are destroying the country for their own interest. A freedom of expression would not be violated if it will not harm the majority Filipinos.

Noynoying is not just a mockery of the few to the sitting president but destruction to the whole Filipinos around the world. If Noynoying will affect only the the sitting president then there could be no issue on it for him to be more assertive but if the Noynoying is becoming viral and destroying the Philippines then it is the time to punish the criminals.

Do not click to Stop destruction

The destruction of Noynoying mockery to the Philippines President is even harder than the destruction of the Fukushima in Japan as the viral destruction will slowly eroding the Philippines credibility, the effect of the OFW in finding jobs, and the effect of all Filipinos as a whole that 1 day soon no one will accept Filipinos to avoid Noynoying habit which is far from the truth.

One day soon; these activist would realize that even them would be fired from their job or could not find a job anymore because of the noynoying habit that is tagged in their race as Filipino.

The brainless activist is trying to destroy not just the country but even themselves.

One day soon no more OFW will save the Philippines economy for a possible bullying and abuse from other host country because of the tagged "noynoying" to the entire Filipino race.

Its time to punish the destroyer and be responsible internet netizen. The destruction of the Filipino credibility is a betrayal to his won country and must face the people of the Philippines, must be sanction and must be jail.

Getting viral of a certain website or image is an effect of a click or searching of a particular topic or image online or posting it in any social network and gaining more clicks.

Your clicks is a virus that send signals to the giant search engines that such topic or image is getting famous. The concept is when a certain issue is click by many, it will create traffic in the information superhighway and it will infect other traffic resulting to become a top issue in the search engine.

Every click will create a viral effect to the online world so to avoid the viral topic, ignore it. Do not read about the issue, do not click and do not search about the issue so the spreading viral effect will stop.

Andrew James Masigan is an economist, political analyst and businessman. He is a 20-year veteran in the hospitality and tourism industry. For comments and reactions, e-mail andrew_rs6@ Follow Andrew on Twitter @aj_masigan. Denis Somoso is an International Taxation Specialist of the fortune 100 firm 2012, an economist, SEO, and Overseas Filipino Worker.  Follow Denis on twitter @Prince_Denison

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