Apple’s big bite: Billions USD gains - No justice to its iPad2 users


Apple Craze hit not just Philippines but all around the World

Computer and software giant Apple took a huge bite of profits recorded at a staggering $13.1 billion for its first quarter ending Dec. 31, 2011 – far above analysts' predictions. Total sales registered at $46.3 billion, almost double the $26.7 billion posted for the same period a year ago, with huge holiday sales of the iPad and the iPhone 4S attributed to the consumer electronic firm's windfall. Despite initial negative reviews, consumers snapped up the iPhone 4S when it went on sale a week after founder Steve Job's death on Oct. 5 last year. Many of the iPhone 4S buyers reportedly switched from other platforms like Android and Blackberry, and a renewed surge in the Apple smartphones' popularity saw them selling like hotcakes with 37 million units sold for the October to December period alone.

No doubt Apple is awash with cash, accumulating an estimated $97.6 billion and leaving its rivals struggling to keep up. The company's market value has increased to over $437 billion, putting it at the top of the pile in Standard & Poor's 500 Index. According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, they couldn't manufacture iPhones fast enough. The way things look; the same could be said with the Mac and the iPad, the other stars of the company. More than 5.2 million Macs were sold in the quarter – up from 4.1 million for the same period last year. On the other hand, 15.4 million iPads were sold for the period from October to December – proving that it is the most popular tablet – cornering more than 60 percent of the market.

More and more people are certainly appreciating the iPad with its breathtaking applications that have surpassed expectations. Even kids find it the most exciting tool for getting information from the net, with apps that make learning even more engaging. As a matter of fact, the Dubai Ministry of Health recently developed an iPad app for cancer patients, allowing them to link up with a doctor any time of the day – definitely making it easier for homecare patients.

One of the industries that has benefitted from the iPad is publishing – with interactive features that make reading more engaging than ever. In the Philippines, PeopleAsia magazine's iPad app version has been a great success – and it will be even more so since the app is getting an upgrade after the successful People of the Year awards night at the Dusit Thani Manila .

Shame on Greeks

Grappling with a debt-laden economy, the Greek government has launched a "name and shame" campaign to force tax evaders to pay up. Over 4,000 people figured in a list – which reads like a "who's who" in Greek society – finally released by the government after keeping it under wraps for months following a change in privacy laws. Greece has some $77.5 billion or 60 billion Euros in unpaid taxes – equivalent to 25 percent of its economy, and the 4,000 or so tax evaders owe an estimated 15 billion euros, more than enough to cut the Greek government's huge budget deficit.

In the Philippines, the BIR has been going after tax cheats via its Run After Tax Evaders (RATE) program, with the focus now on professionals and other self-employed individuals like doctors, artists and lawyers. According to the BIR, they are raising tax collection targets from these self-employed individuals to over P222 billion. Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima told us the tax collections last year have been below expectations but they are confident that more Filipinos will now be more conscientious about paying the right taxes. He admits there are still collection inefficiencies, but efforts would be focused on going after tax evaders, smugglers and all those who are not paying the right taxes.

Apple – No Justice for Apple users

Many apple consumers are complaining for the shift of focus of apple instead of "service to the customers" shifting into money from consumers. Though apple posted high gains for their iPhone and iPad gadgets; many are losing loyalty to apple for the less of justice issue to their consumers.

A customer in the Philippines who bought apple's iPad2 3G + WIFI admitted that his insufficiency of information as a big mistake of buying Apple's iPad2 3G+ WIFI  as he was convince the logic that if there is 3G means there is communication mobility that includes call and text or SMS but not exist in the iPad2 3G+Wifi.

"I chose the highest specs of iPad2 3G+ WIFI a 64GB plus leather cover because I believe that I could work even outside the office as long as I am connected to the internet but so disgusting because of limited compatibility of Apples software to MS Office, plus I could not receive call and text with my micro SIM inserted in my iPad2 3G+WIFI slot" this is a big regret he said.

"Apple fanatics must have to think many times because apple product is a thrill that hangs you in everlasting regrets . Para bang isang taong inutil, meron naman sana, Kompleto pero Hindi ma pakinabangan, parang taong baog at impotent na walang silbi, maganda lang tingnan sa panlabas pero Hindi Magagamit. Sinayang ko pa ang Perak o, I spent more than $1 Thousand USD para sa gadget na to plus oras ko para mag pa palit ng SIM ko from regular SIM into a micro SIM para magagamit sa iPad2 ko per laking pagtataka ko di matatawagan kahit naka 3G ang iPad ko" He added.

Apple's shift from giving value to its user's satisfaction over fashion and money into purely business might have a pitfall ahead that could lost its customer's loyalty.

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