China’s puppet Cambodia one sided to China for Spratlys

China's influence to ASEAN neighbors remains strong that make the ASEAN countries divided. Cambodia a member of the ASEAN countries shows an approval of china for in return to have a huge investment from them.

Cambodia's economy is still lagging far behind with other ASEAN countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines and Vietnam but the support of Cambodia for the ASEAN decision in connection with the Spratlys dispute is still important.

Cambodia's Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Hor Namhong said that the territorial dispute in the South China Sea should be solved between China and the concerned countries by complying with the Declaration of Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea (DOC) and recent adopted guidelines.

His remarks were made during meeting with visiting Liu Zhenmin, assistant to Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi, at the ministry.

"Both sides agreed that the South China Sea issues must be solved out between China and the states involved in the dispute only," Koy Kuong, spokesman for Cambodia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, told reporters after the meeting.

"All concerned parties in the South China Sea have to comply with the (2002) DOC and adopted recent guidelines," Hor Namhong was quoted by Koy Kuong as saying to Liu Zhenmin.

DOC is called toothless by the DFA Secretary Del Rosario as he said even China the signatory of the DOC is violating it resulting to a heighten tension  in the West Philippines Sea (South China Sea)

DOC and UNCLOS Law will work together as both parties are member of the United Nations and inner conflict which could not be solve by the region must be push to the United Nations ITLOS.

Hor Namhong continued to say that all relevant parties in the dispute have to build mutual trust in order to solve the dispute in the spirits of mutual benefit, peace and friendship.

The Philippines have slacken off  its mutual trust with china after china invaded the Mischief reef near Palawan by building a "said" fishermen shelter then later converted into military garrison. Mischief reef is just adjacent to the Mainland Palawan and within 200 Nautical Miles Exclusive Economic Zone of Palawan, Philippines.

China and ASEAN in July adopted an agreement on the guidelines of implementing the DOC.

The guidelines include some principles that offer directions for implementing the DOC and map out procedural rules for cooperation in the future.

The oil- and gas-rich South China Sea is partially claimed by several Southeast Asian states, including the Philippines and Vietnam.

Meanwhile, Liu Zhenmin said the visit in Cambodia was to strengthen bilateral and regional cooperation in all fields with Cambodia and said China still continued its support to Cambodia in all circumstances.

Cambodia's commitment in supporting China reaped a promise of support and more investment. Cambodia's vulnerable stands for the ASEAN might lead into losing its support from its fellows when china's expansionism attitude diverts' it point to Cambodia to be the next annex state of China.

Both sides also exchanged views on the East Asia Summit in Bali, Indonesia later this month in order to enable the Summit to run smoothly and successfully as this year was the 20th anniversary of the establishment of China-ASEAN dialogue relations.

Liu arrived Phnom Penh on Saturday (November 5, 2011) and will leave here on Sunday.

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