Rain - Ji Hoon Jung (비) joined the Korean Military Service

There's sunshine after the Rain's gone.

The South Korean singer-actor, whose real name is Ji hoon Jung (Rain), began his two-year mandatory military service on Tuesday (October 11, 2011). News photographs showed the 29-year-old pop star, sporting uncharacteristically short hair, saluting hundreds of fans (many of them sobbing) as he prepared to enter an army base near Seoul.

"Thank you for coming. ... Thank I'll see later," He said smiling brightly and bowing politely to about 1,000 Journalists and HIS Fans Gathering in front of the main Gate of the boot Camp in Euijeongbu, twenty-three kilometers North of Seoul, to see him.

Some of the Fans, Including Hundreds from Japan, Taiwan and China and other Asian Nations, burst into the singer walked into Tears When Bidding Farewell after the Camp.

The singer is scheduled to go through weeks of Basic Training at Eight about the boot Camp and Finish remaining His twenty-two-month-long period of Military service in another place.

All Korean men are required to serve in the military by the age of 35, although most fulfill their duty in their early 20s. Rain () said recently that he wished he had completed his service at an earlier age.

His career took off nearly a decade ago, and he quickly became one of Asia's biggest entertainers, playing to sold-out concerts across the region. He made his film debut in 2006 as a young man confined to a mental hospital in the off-beat Korean comedy-drama "I'm a Cyborg, but That's Okay."

He appeared in two Hollywood action films: "Speed Racer" in 2008 and "Ninja Assassin" in 2009. The latter won him an MTV Movie Award, and in a further sign of his clout in the U.S., Megan Fox called him a "Korean Justin Timberlake."

Rain made a handful of high-profile public appearances in the days leading up to his conscription. He appeared at the Busan International Film Festival late last week to promote his film "Soar into the Sun," which is scheduled for release next year. He partied late into the night with other celebrities at the Asia Pacific Actors Network bash in the Haeundae Grand Hotel.

On Sunday, more than 20,000 fans showed up to see him sing at an outdoor festival, according to news reports, a final performance until his military duty is complete.

Just this year, it's not only Rain join the military service but there are also few famous Korean actors join the compulsory 2 year military Service.

Last March 7, 2011, a Korean Actor Hyun Bin, 28 year old also joined the Marines for his military service in South Korea. He will take part in a five-week training in Pohang, North Gyeongsang Province, before being posted to a unit where he will serve for the next 21 months.

In the past years there are several Korean actors have joined their military service. Most of them have decided to join after the peak of their career which usually didn't have a good comeback for their acting career such as Rae Won Kim (August 2009), Gong Yoo (January 14, 2008), Jae Hee (August 4, 2008) Jae Won Kim (March 23, 2009) Jo In sung (April 6, 2009) Jung Hoon Kim (April 28, 2009)

Next year, another South Korean Actors planned to start their military service but not yet confirmed. 

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