Hikot - Pinoy Social Network in its full blown like Facebook

Pinoy’s Social - Hikot aims to be better than Facebook

After the launching of the Philippines’ pride social network last February 14, 2011, it suddenly lost in space as their upgrade takes so long that deletes all existing accounts but recently their site, Http://www.hikot.com shows it full blown and perfect network; with a big congratulations aura in their recent upgrade.

We have tried to contact the administration of the Hikot if this is their full and final blown but until now, they did didn’t comment back. The recent look of the hikot is closely the same with Facebook but it shows more sophistication and dynamic feature which could not be found in Facebook. With this recent version of Hikot, it seems that they are trying to compete with Facebook’s global market shares of users.

The concept of hikot.com is not just a social network but also a market place where you could sell your products, post jobs, seek jobs, with interesting forum which you could like and would appear in your feed and a very sophisticated site which links to Facebook and twitter. They also a very dynamic site which you could post tourist spots, places, company, product or even promote yourself to find a better career.

The sociability of the Filipinos will never fade and it is a Filipino culture. Before the existence of social network site like Friendster and Facebook or even Hikot; Filipinos are already sociable reasons why the Philippines become the TEXT or SMS Capital of the World which is now added another title as the Philippines is the Social Network Capital of the World. Filipinos are willing to spend times just to be connected with their love ones from anywhere in the world. For more than 9 Million Filipinos living abroad which keep connected to their family and relatives in the Philippines; Social Network like Hikot or Facebook is really needed. From the old system of postal mail, to MIRC in 1990’s YM & (Yahoo Messenger) to SMS / TEXT and Email in 2000’ now it is Social Network Generation.

Though Hikot is still new in the Social Network industry, they are trying to do their best to gain percentage of users from around Asia as they commented on their launching last February 14, a heart’s day in 2011.

Hikot shows features which even better than Facebook. Compare to Facebook, Hikot features the following which could not be found in Facebook:

1.      Forum (A free forum which open to discuss anything under the sun which linked to the user’s feed and activity)

2.      Marketplace (A free classified feature which users could post jobs, seek jobs, sell products services which would appear in their activity and feeds)

3.      Blog (A Specialized feature by Hikot which could not be found in Facebook)

4.      Polls and Quizzes

Facebook and Hikot similarities;

1.      Notification bubble.  Facebook and Hikot share the same features. This will bubble up to notify user for an incoming message,  add friend request, and other online activity and feeds which notify the user while online.

2.      Live Chat Feature. Hikot and Facebook have the same features f Live chat

3.      Photo viewing, tagging and liking features. Hikot and facebook share the same concept but Hikot expanded its feature by liking it to the Twitter and Facebook. Once you will like in hikot’s photo it will appear in Facebook if you Hikot nad Facebook accounts are interconnected. 

4.      Commenting feeds. Like Facebook, Hikot offer the same features

5.      Other features are almost in common except for the features which exist in Hikot and not in Facebook.

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