Broken? Ohh! Made in china!

Identifying Product “Bar Codes”

Refer the first 3 number codes below to know which country the product is made

Warning for these codes are made in China!

6 9 0 – 6 9 5 are made in China

6 9 0 ********* Made in China

6 9 1 ********* Made in China

6 9 2 ********* Made in China

6 9 3 ********* Made in China

6 9 4 ********* Made in China

6 9 5 ********* Made in China

4 7 1 ********* Made in Taiwan (China)


0 0 - 1 3 are Made in USA

0 0 ********* Made in USA

0 1 ********* Made in USA

0 2 ********* Made in USA

Until 13 ***** Made in USA

3 0 to 3 7 **** Made in France

4 0 to 4 4 *** Made in Germany

4 7 ********* Made in Denmark

4 9 ********* Made in Japan

5 0 ********* Made in UK

7 6 ********* Made in Switzerland and Liechtenstein

6 9 0 – 6 9 5 * Made in China

4 7 1 ******* Made in Taiwan (China)

4 8 0 ******* Made in the Philippines

6 2 8 ******* Made in Saudi Arabia

6 2 9 ******* Made in United Arab Emirates (UAE)

7 4 0 to 7 4 5 * Made in Central American Countries

8 8 0 ******* Made in South Korea

Do not be confused! Be sure to read before buying. Do not buy china’s Back market products. For Countries surrounding China like South Korea, Japan and Vietnam, There are products which are actually design from their country but still manufactured in China for example the code 880 which is a Korean code product but when it is manufactured in china, it will appear as made in China.

For Filipinos, always buy product Made in the Philippines or made in other country except made in China.

4 8 0 ******* Made in the Philippines

It is always a big issue talking about made in china because of the burgeoning china’s economy is made of fake and substandard products which exported through smuggling system to avoid the quality classification of the country’s destination.

China becomes dominant in the world market for producing cheap products which lure buyers to but the product because of a very low price.

Many issues of buying china’s products being ignored because of their dominance in the market but buyers must supposed to be wise because buying Made in China products is a big loss in their part with respect to the quality.

A simple advice to the buyers not to buy electrical products which is made in china because it is proven about 96% cause of fire. Do not waste your money saving the cheap electrical products which are made in China that would burn your whole Million worth property.

There is no Original and genuine product in China

So many factor why not to buy Made in China. It is not just because of the very poor quality that could lead to shame and property destruction but also for piracy issue. Piracy is the highest issue for China made because China never manufacture product which is design from their own ingenuity. China is wise. They are not willing to spend for the research and development to discover a new product but just to copy and infringe the rights of the owner “PIRACY”.

China leads the world in piracy not just for small product like toys but also including bullet trains, ships, cars and even the defense weaponry.

The fake and pirated china learned how to develop a Stealth Helicopter after the death of Bin Laden in Pakistan and they are now in the move on how to manufacture a stealth helicopter like USA but it would take time as there are so many factors to be considered to avoid detection. It is not just measurements but also the materials and many other things.

The recent boasting of China’s bullet train is also a pirated version of the Japanese bullet train which even Japanese government suit china for the issue.

Smart Bro Wireless Internet in the Philippines is MADE IN CHINA

Made in china is not just a big issue in the Philippines but also the most hated label.  Filipinos are born to be to be peaceful, patriotic and jovial which issues of china’s invasion to the Philippines waters in the West Philippines Sea (South China Sea) the Spratlys alarmed the whole country and call for “Boycott Made in China”.

“Boycott made in china” could not be possible if buyers are not familiar with the  product codes because China tried to hide the label now. Most Product made in China didn’t show the label “Made in China” so the only way to distinguish is to check the first 3 numbers in the bar codes which starts from 690 – 695.

Techy and internet lovers in the Philippines; We would like to remind you that the “Smart Bro wireless internet” dongle is Made in China.

Few reasons that the ASEAN countries must not buy Made in China

1.      The more china’s economy will grow, the more they would become rich and they could develop more sophisticated war weapon to attack the ASEAN SEA (West Philippines Sea or South China Sea)

2.      The More you will buy china’s product, the more they could have power to invade the world including your land

3.      The more you will buy Made in China, the more you hurt your economy.

4.      The more you will buy Made in China, the more you will become fake like china.

5.      The products are Sub standard specially the electrical product. ASEAN countries are tropical countries which houses are usually made of light materials “Cottages” to avoid fire that would risk your lives, in your cottage, do not buy made in China.

6.      China is the leader of piracy. Do not buy Made in China to obey the anti piracy law

We encourage you to make research what are the products that are made in China and post them here so the people would be aware. We submit this article in this site because this site as we noticed gain thousands of visitors every day which means thousands of people would know this. DO NOT BUY MADE IN CHINA

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