Vietnam will conduct a live Fire Drill in the Paracels - June 13

China’s Claims with undisputable over Spratlys is true as it is baseless according to the UNCLOS

After the Philippines’ protests to the United Nations for China’s navy harassing Philippine Oil Research Ship in the Philippine Waters - UNLOS International Law of Seas 200 Nautical Exclusive Economic Zone of the Philippines, China pronounced their undisputable claim over Spratlys as it is 1000 Nautical Mile from their shore. China’s invasion is a purely invasion to the waters of the Philippines and Vietnam as they are not part to be called as having a reliable claim over the area.

The same word by “hong” (China’s Spokesperson)  to Vietnam as Vietnam and the Philippines have almost the same rights over Spratlys as part of Spratlys is Within Philippine Sea and other parts are within the Vietnam Waters.

For the common understanding to the International community it is  the right time for China to back off as they are not part of the Spratlys in the West Philippine Sea. The same thing with Vietnam to follow the UNCLOS and must not extend their claims to the Philippine waters so the peace will be re-established in the disputed sea.

Hong reiterated last June 7, 2011 that China has indisputable sovereignty over the South China Sea islands and their adjacent waters. His claim is very true because UNCLOS International Law of the Sea defined 200 Nautical Mile and China’s distance to the Spratlys is 1,000 Miles(One Thousand Miles).

What’s china did is just to bully the neighbors  and to annoy them as they have no rights and sovereignty over West Philippine Sea – The Spratlys.

Vietnam’ s Live Fire Drill in Paracel - June 13, 2011

A fall out over territory in the South China Sea escalated Friday when Vietnam announced a live ammunition drill in an apparent response to China's demand that the Vietnamese halt all oil exploration in the area.

The verbal clash between the two communist neighbors follows a similar one between China and the Philippines earlier in the week over another area of the South China Sea & West Philippines Sea, where several countries are eyeing potentially rich oil and gas reserves.

The disputes generally pit China against its neighbors and have pulled in the United States, which has said it considers some of China's sea claims to be an infringement of international waters and a possible damper on international trade.

Vietnam said it would carry out two exercises totaling nine hours Monday in an area off the country's central Quang Nam province in the East Sea of Vietnam adjacent to the Paracel . The announcement on the website of the state-owned Northern Maritime Safety Corp. warned boats and ships to stay out of the area. It was the first time Vietnam has issued such an alert about conducting live-fire maritime drills.

It came a day after China and Vietnam traded diplomatic punches, with each demanding that the other stay out of waters they claim.

China had accused Vietnam of endangering its fishermen's lives. Earlier Thursday, Vietnam slammed China for interfering with its seismic survey off the central Vietnamese coast, saying the Chinese fishing boat supported by two patrol boats had damaged an exploration cable of the Petro Vietnam a state-owned Vietnamese research boat.

Vietnam said it was the second time China had hindered the operation of an oil and gas exploration boat in two weeks, adding that its actions were "completely premeditated" and accusing it of flaring regional tensions in the South China Sea.

Hanoi says both incidents occurred well within the 200 nautical miles guaranteed to Vietnam as an exclusive economic zone by international law UNCLOS.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei said the Chinese fishing boat crew had instead been in waters around the Spratly Islands of the West Philippine Sea in the Philippine Waters, which are claimed by China and Vietnam and some other Asian nations. He said the crew had merely been protecting itself after being dragged backward for over an hour by a Vietnamese oil and gas exploration vessel - one, he said, that was "illegally working at the scene."

"The claims made by Vietnam are complete misrepresentations of the truth. As is known to all, China has indisputable sovereignty rights over the Spratly Islands and the waters nearby," Hong said.

"It needs to be pointed out that in illegally exploring for oil and gas and forcing out Chinese fishing boats from the Wan'an bank of the Spratly Islands in the West Philippine Sea, Vietnam has seriously violated China's sovereignty and maritime rights," he said.

"China demands that Vietnam stop all invasive activities," Hong said.

Last weekend, thousands of Vietnamese marched in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City in rare demonstrations demanding that China stop invading Vietnam's territory.

On Thursday, China denied an allegation by Filipino officials that Chinese forces had intruded into Philippines-claimed areas in the West Philippine Sea around the Spratly Islands six times since February and of firing shots at least once to Filipino Fishermen. Beijing said it would use violence only when attacked but the armless Filipino Fishermen were attacked by the China’s navy opposite from the liar Beijing.

Although the tension is unlikely to escalate beyond a war of words, the conflict could draw in the United States, which worries that the disputes could hurt access to one of the world's busiest sea lanes.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said last year that the peaceful resolution of disputes over the Spratly and Paracel island chains was in the American national interest.

One of the Legal ground of Secretary Clinton is the American – and the Philippines signed agreement to protect the Philippines from any invaders and the Spratlys is within the Philippine Waters in the West Philippines Sea 200 Nautical Mile Exclusive Economic Zone of the country which is America is obliged to act on every invasion. 


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