Philippines Worry: US' Betrayal to the Philippines - might be repeated in Spratlys

While the tension in the West Philippine Sea / South China Sea is still on the peak, Philippine Government consider the 1950’s Mutual Defense Treaty (MDT) with America and pronounced their confidence that the United States will support if there is an attack will happen in the Philippine Territory. This is in connection of China’s renewed claim interest of the island and waters in the West Philippines.

US Embassy spokesperson Rebecca Thomson commented the issue saying the United States will not Support the Philippines for Spratly Issues. USA is out of the Issue. A statement that never terrified the Philippines to stand up and fight alone if there is any invasion will happen without America regardless of MDT agreement.

After a week, opposite from the statement of Rebecca Thomson, the US embassy for Manila Harry Thomas Jr. give another speech that assures the Philippines that the USA will support the country for whatever will happen. “I want to assure you – on all subjects, we in the United States are with the Philippines. The Philippines and the United States are strategic treaty allies. We are partners,” Thomas said at the launching of the US-supported National Renewable Energy Program in Makati City.

“We will continue to consult and work with each other on all issues, including the South China Sea and Spratly Islands,” Thomas said

In the past experienced, the Mutual Defense Treaty (MTD) failed already as the USA did not support the Philippines inspite of their promised and signed MDT agreement. When the Philippines sent troops to the North Borneo to take back the land which was turned over by Britain to Malaysia as a gift of their friendship and alliance instead of turning it over to the Philippines as the legal owner of the land (North Borneo), there is no America in fact, the US betrayed the Philippines by accepting the enemy to use the airbase in Manila. The British company in the past signed a lease contract with the Sultanate of Sulu (Philippines) and when the britain grant freedom to Malaysia as their colony, they included the North Borneo, an independent Sultanate Government which belongs to Sulu, Philippines. The USA gives 2 times warning to britain that the North Borneo is not belong to the crown treaty and must not be turn over to Malaysia because the land belongs to Sulu (Philippines)but Britain did not listen to the USA. America ended up to warning only without any action to support the Philippines and worst is they welcomed the enemy british forces to use their the airbase in Manila to fight back the Filipino troops.

Furthermore, the Filipino troops which sent to the North Borneo to take back the land gain no support from the USA inspite of the signed agreement and promises that the US will support the Philippines. The Britain sent their aid troop to Malaysia and used the American Airbase in Manila which American allowed them to use the airbase in the Philippine soil. According to most Filipinos it is a betrayal of America to the Philippines and they were right, the America betrayed the Philippines.

Filipino netizens agree with the statement of Rebecca Thomson saying that the Philippines must not count the USA if there is an invasion in the Philippine Waters. Adding recommendations that the Philippine government must stand alone as being independent country and must not depend on American. In purchasing weapon, the Philippines will not just rely on American Made weapon instead, Russian and Ukraine made are also reliable and more affordable. Also, not to consult America what weapons to be purchase because the USA will only give limit on what kind of weapon that would not level the capability to destroy enemy as what they have. In fact, China buildup their arm without the USA and China is ready to invade any country around them. It could be unfair if the Philippines will rely on the USA and when invasion will happen, there is no Washington power will show up but it’s just a promise which made to be broken and another possible betrayal again. Poor Philippines to rely on America if they will not really support the country. The past experienced is a wake up reminder to the Philippines to make the independence into reality. Stop depending USA, move forward and buildup your arm to protect your own territory.

After the USA saw the reaction of the Philippines for their doubtful stands to support the Philippines or not which not affect the courage of the Filipino, suddenly US embassy for Manila Harry Thomas Jr. Speak out and assured the Philippines that the US will support the country for whatever will happen, thinking that their alliance with the Philippines will totally lost as Filipinos lost their confidence with the US power, but do you think that the US will really support the Philippines or will make another betrayal as what they did before?


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