the Best A honeymoon adventure? The Paradise Islands Philippines

Marriage is one of the most exhilarating adventures that a couple can plunge into, and what better way to start the wedded bliss than by going on a non-traditional honeymoon?

The Philippines is blessed with so many thrilling destinations, and now, with very competitive air travel rates being offered by the country’s fastest growing budget airline, Airphil Express, deciding on a honeymoon site has become a lot easier if one want to stretch his pesos for a longer, heart-pounding stay in paradise.

For beach lovers, the provinces have plenty of gorgeous shorelines to choose from. Worth noting are special spots like El Nido in Palawan where one can go on private sailing and diving trips, and Mactan in Cebu for kayaking through hidden coves and mystery-filled sea caves.

Camsur is a must-visit if one is both competitive and into aquatic sports: impress the spouse by doing backflips without falling off the wakeboard. Siargao, with its many surf spots that even surfers from abroad regularly visit, is another awesome honeymoon site with its pristine waters teeming with marine life.

When one leaves behind the comforts of the city, there is lot of options for land adventure like rappelling down cliffs or trekking along active volcanoes. Masbate offers rock-climbing activities, plus newlyweds can get a kick out of watching the bulls during rodeo festivities in the country’s cattle capital. At Southern Negros, a pleasurable time can be had by going jungle-hiking amid lush forests and waterfalls.

Or newlyweds can decide to take their marriage to literal new heights. In nature-abundant Bohol , spouses can fly over steep slopes on a zipline adventure or get an adrenaline rush by going bungee jumping there. If honeymooning in Coron, don’t leave the island without having experienced parasailing. For the ultimate once-in-a-lifetime thrill, Cebu is one of the places in the country that offer couples a chance to do tandem parachute jump.

These are just a sampling of what the Philippines has to offer celebrate love off the beaten track -- it’s high in passion and can bring newlyweds even closer as they discover more of each other while exploring exciting new frontiers together.

So numerous are the natural and man-made thrills here that it may not be enough to go on just one honeymoon trip. Airphil Express offers great airfare deals to encourage couples to get frequent action anywhere across the country.

Airphil Express is the only budget airline that grants perks up to 15 kg free baggage allowance, and an additional seven-kilo free hand carry. It also provides value-for-money travel services like web check-in, travel insurance, seat selector, and pre-paid baggage. If you are late of your flight then you could try another airlines such as Philippines’ Air Line, Cebu Pacific Air, Zest Air and other Domestic airlines.


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