Communist China Don't deserved chair, power and authority in the United Nations

West Philippine Sea
The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) guaranteed 200 Nautical Mile Economic Zone for the Philippines, China, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia. UNCLOS did not show any China’s territory in the West Philippines Sea’s Spratlys. China’s limit is only until Paracel islands.  The Philippines recorded already 6 invasions by china to the West Philippine Sea as of June 16, 2011.

China’s Temporary Pedestal

Inspite of China’s temporary and limited power as they are not yet so powerful compared to America; they are already starts bullying the small neighboring countries around them. Just recently, we could see how the Chinese war planes browbeaten the Philippine warplane patrolling in the Kalayaan Islands Group (KIG), province of Palawan Philippines. 

China has been accused for 6 times invasion into the Philippines waters in just 4 months in 2011. It has been reported that China threaten and fired the Filipino fishermen in the West Philippine Sea, just few kilometers from the shore of Palawan. 

China also had been accused of invading the Philippine horizon in the Islands and waters of the West Philippine Sea. Further, they also conduct a research in the Philippine waters without asking any permission to the Philippines’ government. 

China insisted after the Philippines protest as they said it is within their jurisdiction rejecting the UNCLOS international laws of sea 200 Nautical Miles Exclusive Economic Zone of all the countries surrounding the area. 

Part of china’s dream to create a Chinese empire, they issued a new 9 dotted map claiming the Philippines shore, waters and islands in the West Philippines after the result of study and research that the West Philippines Sea ranked as the 4th largest Oil and Gas Deposit in the world in line with the Arab countries. Not only in the Philippines; China also harassed the government owned oil and exploration of the communist Vietnam (Petro Vietnam). 

They also want to claim the waters and islands of Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia.

Spratlys Islands of the Philippines

The Spratlys or also called as Kalayaan Island Group (KIG) or Freedom Land of the Philippines is composed of small islands, reefs and atolls. It is located in the West Philippines Sea (formerly called South China Sea) that links the Philippine Sea -Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. All its islands are coral, low and small, about 5 to 6 meters above water, spread over 160,000 to 180,000 square kilometers of sea zone (or 12 times that of the Paracels), with a total land area of 10 square kilometers.  

The Spratly Island is - whole or partially claimed by the Philippines as it is in the West Philippine Sea, within 200 Nautical Mile Exclusive Economic Zone (UNCLOS – International Laws of Sea). The Philippines is the closest archipelagic country in Asia with the same features of the Spratlys. 

The Philippines also is the first country legally pronounced its ownership to the world through a Filipino navigator Tomas Cloma in 1955.  With UNLCOS 200 Nautical Mile Exclusive Economic Zone[200 Nautical Mile or = 370.40 Kilometers because 1 Nautical Mile (NM) = 1.85 Kilometer and / or 1.15 Miles (mi)], the Philippines, China and Vietnam gains their rights to explore their seas with such International Laws of Sea limit. The disputed areas are just in between the Philippines and Vietnam’s 200 Nautical Mile EEZ but disputes arisen in the non disputed areas which most are in the Philippines' water when other claimants including Vietnam, China, and Malaysia overlapped their claim into the Philippines Waters. 

According to the UNCLOS 200 Nautical Mile Exclusive Economic Zone- the countries have rights over spratlys are only the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. For China and Vietnam their limit is just until the Paracels. In between the Paracel and Spratly is the international water which is disputed. The Malaysian claimed is based on the North Borneo which is called now as Sabah the old Sultanate of Sulu, Philippines which was turnover by Britain to Malaysia as gift for friendship and alliance. 

The Philippines still on their stake to take back the North Borneo and planned to void the turnover of Britain because Britain is not part of the country and they don’t have jurisdiction over the sultanate of Sulu, Philippines.

China, the 666; the beast in the phrase of the Holy Bible

China is not yet fully installed in the full power like America, but now they are start crawling to claim neighboring countries. Analysts and concerns asked- so how much more if china will become the powerful country in the world. China is also named as the golden dragon. The Holy Bible mentioned that time will come, the beast and dragon will rule the earth and the world slowly decrypts the phrases of the Bible which slowly pointing the communist china as the 666 dragon. In china religion is limited. China’s government will jail you if you will gather to praise Jesus Christ. 

The Bible mentioned about the Anti-Christ; and the existence of China as the golden dragon is performing the - what explained in the “Revelation” of the Holy Bible as anti Christ. If China will win over the Spratlys, it could be the time that china will take over the West Philippine Sea, and the dragon would have the potential to take over and rule the world as they would gain more power in the Oil and Gas deposit in the area of the West Philippines Sea. 

China might promote satanic act and 666 around the globe and might vanished the human rights law and control every breath of every living creature in earth. 
It’s not yet too late to boycott all products from china so the demon will stop growing. USA, the most powerful peaceful nation must start cutting the evil desire of china. 

Even the USA which is the most powerful country, they did not abuse their power and authority. USA promotes justice and human rights to the entire humanity as a good model to the countries of the world. Opposite on what happen in china, they are communist and anyone will against the government will die. Anyone will gather for their religions like Christianity will be jailed. USA is not like that. The America is a good leader with capability to discipline and educate other leaders.

If China will win against the battle for the Spratly of the Philippines, the world would have imbalance of power both economically and leadership. If the Philippines will fail to protect their sovereignty especially in the Kalayaan Island Group, it is not the only loss of the Philippines but it’s a big loss of the world as the anti Christ 666 dragon china will rule the earth and they could control everything. The loss of the Philippines is the loss of the entire humanity. The only “key” left to jail this dragon to remain its cage is the Philippines the country of the people of God dominated by Christianity. 

As United States of America a chosen country to protect the world from the evil desire of any country like China and their allies, USA have the role to protect the countries who exercise freedom and justice and they have the role to protect the “key” to remain the dragon in jail which is the Philippines. We could not change the destiny of the Earth but we could protect the world and its people from totally damaged. We can delay the phrases revealed in the Holy Bible of “The Revelation” the beast, the dragon and the 666 will rule the earth before the coming of Christ.

The Philippines and the MDT with USA

As part of the agreement between the Philippines and the USA (MDT) or Mutual Defense Treaty; the United States is obliged to protect the Philippines and the only way to do it is to restore the presence of the USA in areas of the Philippines. If the USA will install their airbase in the Spratlys, then they could discipline china’s rude illusion in the Southeast Asia that would affect the world. USA and allies must protect the countries which are the subject of the illusion of China that might result to spark the unexpected Third World War (WWIII). How comes the very far China with 1000 Miles distance of the east Asia will crawl to claim the Philippines of the Southeast Asia? .

The Philippines and China in the Ancient times

It is undeniable that before the invasion of the Spain to the Philippines prior the year 1300 China already makes business with the Philippines peacefully. SPAIN, USA and British is not there in Asia, China and the Philippines live peacefully and China even use some islands of the Philippines which is the Spratlys while conducting business with the Philippines. China usually has the stopover in Spratlys before coming and leaving to the Main Islands of the Philippines (Luzon, Mindanao & Visayas).  

China also continues their trading to Indonesia passing through the Philippine waters.  China now is slowly grabbing power both economy and leadership in the global community. What will happen if China will be fully installed as the most powerful country? China becomes greed and wants to betray the friendship with the Philippines that established since ancient time.  China must wakeup; if china wants peace then they must have to protect the still weakening friendship with neighbors because the reason of the recent conflict  is because of china’s illusion to claim the islands and waters of the West Philippines, and islands of the communist Vietnam in Paracel.

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