May 11 Labor Day Salary Hike for 690% is required by the Philippines to Patch-up the Gap between the Rich and Poor

The 2010 Lowest salary of Php 198.5 per day must be upgraded to Php 1,371.00

The Philippines is in battle on how to patch up the gap between the rich and poor and the government is not yet on the move or even planning how to do it because the issue is very sensitive considering that the Philippines is still lobbying to international investor to invest the country to create more jobs.  According to the data of the National Wages and Productivity Commission (NWPC) / Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE)  the lowest salary rate per day is 198.50 or $4.5 USD a day which is very low compare to other countries in Asia. This is one of the factors why many Filipinos lived below poverty line.

A 690% increase of this salary rate is required or from Php 198.50 to Php 1,371.00 per day to patch up the gap between the rich and poor and Filipinos could afford to build a better house, good food in the table, and to live in a modest life. This research could be unrealistic but if the government will find a strategy on how to do this, then the issue between the gap between the rich and poor would be resolve.

Considering that the Philippines open its market to global competition, then the salary rate also must be competitive enough to like the rates given by the other countries that are competing globally.

Millions of Filipino bright are hired by global competitor to compete back with the Philippines by giving a good salary rate reason why the Philippines itself is almost deprived with Filipino geniuses as the competitor pirated them.

If the Philippines salary rate will increase dramatically giving a 690% increase from the current rate, then probably Filipinos will not work abroad and countries like middle east, Taiwan, and many other countries who are dependent in the Philippine OFW workers would be paralyze and investors would be forced to invest to the Philippines to hire experts and high skilled & professional Filipinos.

The Philippines government’s role for the transition is required. Ordinary Filipinos could not do this alone.


After reading this article, we hope that rallies which are funded by china to destabilize the Philippines government will not be happen. The procedure in resolving the issue is just within the issue and rallies are not required.

Previous rallies that destabilized the previous government are funded by China to weaken the Philippine Government. One of the most popular China funded rally is to oust the American Military Base in the Philippines “Shouting as the Philippines is Tuta or puppet by the USA” those activist are betraying the country to support the dream of china.

The china won the game. The US Military is ousted and now the China is on the move to bully the Philippines and to take over the Spratly island and the whole Philippines.

The China will not stop until they will take over and control the entire Philippines, a strategy which Filipinos are blind and deaf because of hardship in life but I hope the Filipinos are awaken now that China will take over the Philippines soon if the Philippine Government will continue weakening by rallies of many Filipinos.

Dapat managot ang mga traydor na mga rallyista na yan. Whatever happens to the country, the Activist communist group Filipinos must be culpable and must be sentenced to death  after betraying the country by supporting china to create rallies to destabilize the Philippines Government.  

Filipinos needs a salary hike but Filipinos must have to love this country, the Philippines.

Now I hope this issue will not trigger again for another rallies. Filipino must not accept any bribe from China to rally against the government because the China want to take over the Whole Spratly or Kalayaan islands of the Philippines (200 nautical Mile Economic zone)

The issue on salary hike would be resolve peacefully. Do not be a puppet of China Filipinos to preserve the Philippine Republic or else china will take over the whole country and Philippines would become  a communist state of China.


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