Our Tanned Horse Pet; The Philippines

The Philippines is like our pretty “tanned horse pet”. We ride in her back and move along to our journey of life. Many Filipinos said that "I don't care about the Philippines, if they are corrupt, then that's what they are!" many people said I am not willing to pay taxes because they will just steal it. Many people say I am ashamed to claim as Filipino because my government is known to be one of the most corrupt governments in the world? On the other hand, other Filipino believes that the government will change and drive against corruption is so soon for the Administration of Noynoy Aquino.

Do you think that the above ideas are right? The answer is somewhat "wrong or right". Read carefully why? … , or you may lose your land, your house and even your life. This is a warning.. You would lose it all if you will not analyze these very well.

What to do?

We are riding at the back of our "tanned horse pet" the Philippines. Since she is our pet then we must have to take good care of her. Clean her, gives her a nice bath with shampoo, and "kills" the lice and all form of parasite sucking her blood to keep her healthy or in a local terminology “Patyon and Lusa ug Kuto”. Why we must have to kill the lice and parasites? It is in order to avoid the parasite from coming back.

So for the case of the Philippine Government, do you think that people must have to kill all corrupt department heads and commissioners?  The answer is “Supposed to be they would be injected with lethal chemical” but the law abolished it, then they must be jail until the last day of their life.  

 So it means, we must have to pay taxes as it is the food of our "tanned horse pet" make her full always to resist from parasite and live longer. If we will stop feeding our "tanned horse pet" then she will die together with us because we are riding at her back.

Do you want to die now? Of course we work and we eat in order to live. My simple illustration is very clear which even an uneducated person could understand it.

For the Aquino Administration, many lice is trying to say let’s just move forward without killing the "karapata" “Kuto” “Lusa” lice and parasites, then what?

In order for them to multiply and make our "tanned horse Pet" ill? Of course not! In order for us to move on is to organize and overhaul all everything. Clean our "tanned horse pet" and kill the parasite sucking its blood.

Many people said "Ang Kapal ng mga mukha ng mga yan! Magnanakaw. Hey! Allies of the previous corrupt government! Think of it, are you crazy to protect the lice and parasite ? . . or because you are parasite too. Mahiya naman kayo, mga kawatan.! May mukha pa kayong humarap sa buong mundo to preserve the lice and parasite? Ano ka hilo? Mahilo ka nga at malunod nalang, Caramba! Mag pakamatay nalang kayong lahat!  These are the common bold street words of the mass who were the victim of hardhip in life because of the corruption during the past administration.

If I could lead this country, consider my genocide plan to these all parasites. Why are you scared to be questioned if you are not doing mistake, if you are not stealing the government money, prove it to us! This is not revenge but just to clean the fact that our nation needs to be clean, heal the wounds and make our "Tanned Horse Pet" grow. My God's gracious, Holy Father in heaven, Let me be the judge and I will punished them all with my iron hand. Source of this article

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