160 years old “Pinoy Tanduay Rum” with a natural effect like of Viagra is coming soon to America

Tanduay Rum coming soon to the USA

Tanduay Distillers Inc. a 160 years of pinoy rum brand spirit has marked its foray into the export market after tapping a US marketing Consultant Company in a bid to export rum to the US market starting July 2013.

In a statement, Tanduay Distillers Inc. said it has tapped Brand Action Team, Beacon Beverage Imports and MHW Ltd. to drive the introduction of its rum product to the US market.

"As we began to lay the groundwork for making Tanduay a global brand, it was clear that the United States was an important, yet untapped market," Tanduay Distillers president Lucio K. Tan, Jr. said in a statement.

Rum exports to US will start next month, targeting an initial volume of 5,000 cases, said chief operating officer Wilson T. Young.

"This is our first foray into the export market," he said in a phone interview.

"We believe in the brand and that the world is ready for Tanduay. We chose the US market because it has a growing market for rum."

On Wednesday, LT Group president Michael Tan said that the brand is banking on its authenticity to expand overseas.

"Tanduay rum is known worldwide, and we're the authentic rum while others have flavored rum," he said.

Tanduay Asian Rum will introduce Silver Tanduay and Gold Tanduay in the US. The launch of these rums is scheduled this summer in select markets.

"Tanduay is a true Asian jewel. With more than 160 years of heritage pleasing rum lovers around the world, Tanduay is ready to hit the market. This is a brand that US consumers are going to love," said Brand Action managing partner Steve Raye.

Brand Action is a marketing consulting company specializing in helping spirit brands enter and grow in the US market.

Beacon Beverage will focus on distribution and key account management while MHW Ltd. of Manhassey, New York will be responsible for the administrative, regulatory compliance, transportation, logistics and other services related to the import and physical distribution of Tanduay in the US.

Established in the Philippines in 1854, with more than 160 years of heritage pleasing rum lovers around the world, Tanduay is ready to hit the US market. This is a brand that US consumers are going to love, and we're thrilled to bring this award-winning rum to America," Brand Action Team managing partner Steve Raye said.

Tanduay is the second biggest-selling rum in the world next to South American brand Bacardi, said the company.

With report from ABS-CBN, GMA News and Rappler.com

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  1. This rum must supposed to be introduce in South Korea, Singapore and Japan who's population is continuously declining because Tanduay rum as a magic.

    As what I experienced, if its true that Viagra could boost the man's vitality since I never tried Viagra in my life.. then I think Tanduay rum could be the same effect as viagra. At my age I am still the best with the magic of Tanduay rum. I want to ask other men here who have tried Tanduya if they still needs to buy Viagra :) For sure many of them will say no.. I am remain awake until dawn.. XDXDXD

  2. naks inedit pa yung title ha.

  3. Title pa lang interested na akong bumili ng Viagra ah este Tanduay rum pala.. hahahah

  4. Title pa lang interested na ang topic.. galingqsss.. me ganon! viagra lang nababasa ko agad but I'm proud for Tanduay at least pinoy.. akala ko noon ang tanduay is a spanish brand... pinoy pala... noted talaga ang lasa ng RedHorse Beer kahit saan, kahit sinong mga dayuhan makatikim lang redhorse hahanap hanapin talaga nila ang redhorse.. Ang tanduay masyado matapang at mainit sa katawan.. pero da best kasi pinoy brand eh..

  5. This news is tagged as R18 or for adults only. Strict Parental Guidance is Advised.. Below 18 is not allowed to drink hard liquor for both USa and the Philippines


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