When USA refused Jew refugees; brought back to Germany and killed but Philippine opens to save 100,000 or more

On June 21, 2009, a monument to Manuel L. Quezon was unveiled at the 65-hectare Holocaust Memorial Park in Rishon LeZion, Israel's 4th largest city located south of Tel Aviv. The monument, designed by Filipino artist Junyee, is called "Open Doors". It is a geometric, seven-meter-high sculpture rendered mainly in steel and set on a base of marble tiles shipped from Romblon, showcasing three doors of ascending heights.

  • Telltale Signs: Philippines – a Jewish refuge from the Holocaust
  • To the members of his own Catholic Church who were prejudiced against Jews, Quezon asked: "How can we turn our backs on the race that produced Jesus Christ?"
  • The untold Stories in the Philippines. Why was this noble deed hidden from the Filipino people and omitted in Philippine history books?
  • The Philippines as the first country to recognize Israel as a state

The world knows about Austrian industrialist Oskar Schindler and how he saved 1,100 Polish Jews during WWII by hiring them as workers in his factory because of Steven Spielberg's Schindler's List which received the 1993 Oscar for Best Picture. This month, the world will know about Philippine Commonwealth Pres. Manuel L. Quezon and how he helped 1,305 German Jews escape Nazi persecution in 1939 by providing them with visas and safe shelter in the Philippines because of a documentary, Rescue in the Philippines: Refuge From the Holocaust, being shown in PBS stations throughout the US. It will aired again on KQED on Sunday, May 5, at 6:00 PM.

The significance of Quezon's actions can best be appreciated in the context provided by another Hollywood movie, the 1976 film, Voyage of the Damned,based on the true story of the 1939 saga of the luxury liner MS St.Louis, which left Hamburg, Germany with 937 Jewish passengers bound for Cuba. When the ship landed in Havana, the Jews were refused entry, as the Nazi authorities expected. The ship then headed for Florida where the US government also refused to allow the Jews to disembark. After the ship was refused entry in other ports, it returned to Germany where its Jewish passengers were forcibly removed and dispatched to concentration camps for extermination. A Nazi official in the film declares: "When the whole world has refused to accept them as refugees, no country can blame Germany for the fate of the Jews."

But at least one country can. In the year when the MS St. Louis was rejected by all the countries where it sought refuge, the Philippine Commonwealth accepted 1,300 Jews and was willing to accept as much as 10,000 more if the US State Department had allowed its commonwealth to do so, and as many as 100,000 if Pres. Quezon had his wish.

The Washington Times first reported this news on December 5, 1938 ("Quezon Urges Jews' Haven") when it announced that "the possibility of a haven for Jewish refugees from Germany was broached today by Pres. Manuel Quezon" who said "I am willing to facilitate entrance of such numbers of Jewish people as we could absorb…I favor large scale immigration to Mindanao, if well financed."

The untold story of the Philippine rescue of Jews was first prominently recounted by Frank Ephraim in his book, "Escape to Manila: From Nazi Tyranny to Japanese Terror" (University of Illinois Press, 2003), which was based mostly on his own eyewitness account as a child who was one of 1300 Jewish refugees who arrived in Manila in 1939.

According to Ephraim, the history of the rescue begins with the decision of the Frieder brothers in 1918 to relocate its two-for-a-nickel cigar business from Manhattan to Manila, where production would be cheaper. Alex, Philip, Herbert and Morris Frieder took turns overseeing the business in the Philippines for two years each joining a community that had fewer than 200 Jews. At its height, the Frieder brothers' tobacco company in Manila produced 250 million cigars in a year.

The genesis for the Jewish exodus to the Philippines came in 1937, when 28 German Jews who had earlier fled Germany for Shanghai were evacuated by the Germans to Manila after fierce fighting erupted between Chinese and Japanese troops. The Jewish Refugee Committee in Manila, headed by Philip Frieder, was formed to help them settle in the Philippines. From these refugees, the Frieders heard first-hand accounts of the Nazi atrocities in Germany and of the uncertain fate of the 17,000 Jews still stranded in Shanghai.

The Frieders decided to seek the help of their poker buddies to get the Philippines to become a haven for the fleeing Jews. But these were no ordinary poker buddies. One was Paul V. McNutt, the American High Commissioner for the Philippines; another was a young officer named Col. Dwight D. Eisenhower, the aide of Gen. Douglas MacArthur, then Field Marshall of the Philippines; and then there was Manuel L. Quezon, the president of the Philippine Commonwealth.

In their late night poker sessions, as Ephraim recounts it, the buddies hatched a plan for the Philippines to accept as many as 100,000 Jews to save them from persecution in Germany.

McNutt had served as National Commander of the American Legion and as governor of Indiana (1933-37) before Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt tapped him to be the High Commissioner of the Philippines in 1937. McNutt's task was to convince the US State Department to grant visas for Jews to enter Manila.

Col. Eisenhower's task was to organize a plan to bring Jews to settle in Mindanao. In the Rescue in the Philippines documentary, Susan Eisenhower, President Dwight Eisenhower's granddaughter, reflects on his involvement: "It's one thing to sit around a card table and talk about a worrisome situation—even a dire situation. It's quite another to actually take some action, and I think that's why this is a story for all time."

Pres. Quezon faced the formidable task of winning over the anti-Semitic members of his own cabinet as well as those in the political opposition led by Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo who viewed Jews as "Communists and schemers" bent on "controlling the world". In a letter written in August of 1939, Alex Frieder wrote of Mr. Quezon's response: "He assured us that big or little, he raised hell with every one of those persons. He made them ashamed of themselves for being a victim of propaganda intended to further victimize an already persecuted people."

To the members of his own Catholic Church who were prejudiced against Jews, Quezon asked: "How can we turn our backs on the race that produced Jesus Christ?"

In the Rescue film, Manuel L. Quezon III ponders his grandfather's reason for helping the Jewish people: "I think for my grandfather, it was perhaps that simple. You have a country. You have a little authority. You have an opportunity. Someone has asked for refuge—which is the most basic humanitarian appeal anyone can make. You answer it."

At the April 23, 1940 dedication of Marikina Hall, a housing facility for Jewish refugees that was built on land that he personally donated, Quezon said: "It is my hope and, indeed, my expectation that the people of the Philippines will have in the future every reason to be glad that when the time of need came, their country was willing to extend a hand of welcome."

Quezon's expectation of how future generations of Filipinos will feel about the rescue of the Jews during their time of peril had one drawback: the future generations of Filipinos were never informed of their country's noble deed. After the Rescue documentary was shown at its April 7, 2013 San Francisco premiere in Japantown, a question and answer forum followed. One elderly Filipina from Vallejo stood up and identified herself as having been a public school teacher in the Philippines before immigrating to the US. "How is it possible that I never heard of this Jewish rescue when I was a student in the Philippines, when I was a teacher there, all the way until I watched this film tonight?" she asked.

 The answers provided by other Filipinos in the audience ("because it was not taught in Philippine history books") begged the question of why this significant event in Philippine history was omitted from the Philippine history books.

 I went to elementary school at Letran College in Intramuros, Manila. Every day, for the 8 years I was there from kindergarten to 7th grade, I passed by the imposing bronze statue of Manuel L. Quezon, the school's most distinguished alumnus. We were taught everything there was to know about Quezon at least until I read Frank Ephraim's book in 2005 and learned for the first time about Quezon's role in saving 1305 Jews in 1939 and wrote about it then.

Why was this noble deed hidden from the Filipino people and omitted in Philippine history books? Strangely enough, what is recounted in the history books is that on November 29,1947, the Philippines was the only Asian nation to support the partition resolution at the United Nations creating a Jewish State in Palestine.

The Filipino people and most of the world may not know what Quezon and his poker buddies did to save 1305 Jews in 1939 but the people of Israel are aware of it. On June 21, 2009, a monument to Manuel L. Quezon was unveiled at the 65-hectare Holocaust Memorial Park in Rishon LeZion, Israel's 4th largest city located south of Tel Aviv. The monument, designed by Filipino artist Junyee, is called "Open Doors". It is a geometric, seven-meter-high sculpture rendered mainly in steel and set on a base of marble tiles shipped from Romblon, showcasing three doors of ascending heights.

Speaking at the dedication ceremonies on behalf of the Philippine government, Tourism Secretary Joseph Durano said: "the monument celebrates the Filipino heart, a heart that touches others with compassion, a heart that makes one a blessing to the world."

But that Filipino heart desperately needs to be informed about the noble act that made it a blessing to the world.

The education of that Filipino heart has begun with the release of Rescue in the Philippines: Refuge From the Holocaust and its public airing TV stations throughout the US. This will soon be followed by another documentary,  "An Open Door: Jewish Rescue in the Philippines", which is being produced and directed by a Washington DC-based filmmaker, Noel "Sonny" Izon.

In his film, Izon seeks to "explore the rare confluence of the Pacific and European theaters. It juxtaposes momentous events in history such as the passage of the Nuremberg Laws on September 15, 1935 and, exactly two months later, the inauguration of the Philippines as a Commonwealth of the United States. One door closes and another opens…the story of a deep and improbable, international friendship borne of common adversity and intense love for freedom. Together, Filipinos and Jews struggled, endured and ultimately prevailed against overwhelming odds."

Izon has a personal reason for making his film. He was born in Manila in 1946, the year after his "deathly ill" father was saved at a Manila hospital by Dr. Otto Zelezny, one of twelve physicians among the 1300 Jews who found safe haven in the Philippines. This film is his chance to thank the good doctor from Berlin who "made my life possible".

James R. Busis of the American Jewish Committee believes this story should be told beyond the Filipino people: "This unique story, of an Asian country that wasn't even really a fully independent country and had no special ties to Jews, is part of that fabric of history that has been largely neglected and deserves the same level of 'telling' as many other Holocaust stories receive."


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  1. To the People of Israel who discriminates the Filipinos in your Country, I hope after reading this you would put in your heart that the Filipinos are not your enemy but friend.

    Last time I read the Israel News website, many Jews in Israel called the Filipinos as “opportunist” living in their land and their government must BAN the entry of Filipinos to ISRAEL. I feel so pity to the other Filipinos in Israel as they also seem to be in a holocaust while JEWS wants them to be ousted. I admit some of the Filipinos are living in Israel with no sufficient documents or expired visa which is wrong but it’s enough I think that they are also like a refugee seeking a place to survive as the Philippine government for several presidents failed to address the Philippine social problems.

    I hope you Jews will be nice to Filipinos because whatever you will do, the Philippines could not afford to fight back or stab back your race who Produce our Jesus Christ…

    Filipinos would be also humbly serve and respect you whatever you do. Pity Filipinos … my tears fall down… (Born to be always bully, abused and always a servant)

  2. The untold Stories in the Philippines.

    Why was this noble deed hidden from the Filipino people and omitted in Philippine history books?


    Because USA also refused the entry of the Jew Refugees. Even USA did not owned the Philippines, they even bar the request of Quezon...

    Ex President Quezon wants 100,000 or more or ALL JEWS persecuted would be send to the Philippines as the country's door is open for those who are in need of Shelter but USA only allowed 10% of the 100,000 request of Quezon..

    Thousands of Jews were Exterminated like termites (Anay) like animals in Nazi Germany... Philippines saved more than thousand and Austrian also saved more than thousand.. the others are like animal junked in the corner of nazi germany then burn them all... so Heartless that Nazi is.

    Only the Philippines in the world could not afford to see that the blood of where jesus Christ's fore parents would be burn and exterminated like pests.

    I'm proud to be a Philippine national for such genuine heart but I am not Proud of the Philippine Leaders from Marcos down to Arroyo who makes the Philippines a beggar.

    USA?.. until now, I am still in doubt of your sincerity. until this modern times you still have the Cuba prisoners of war jailed without case... Respect the International Law and Human rights USA.. your true color is still as clear as a looking glass.. there is a burning hell of fire inside...

    You Jews.. we often called it (DIOS) or (GOD)

  3. Dakila ang ating lahi noon sana maging dakila ulit tyo. Malaki ang naiambag pala ng ating bayan at mga ninuno sa kasaysayan ng mundo. panahon na para umangat tyo at mag pakilala sa buong mundo kung ano ang PINOY sa mundo. hinde na dapat tyo inaapi ng ibang lahi. palakasin ang ating bayan!!!

  4. Its right. I realised if we could polish everything like corruption, killings, etc, then we could be more cleaner than the US Government. That time the world will respect us like how they respect the other countries now and they will stop abusing our compatriots.

    For the Philippine nationals around the world (OFW or Non-OFW) be an ambassador of our country. Do not make any shame to our country in your host countries now. Do the best thing for you and for our country. be always kind hearted...

  5. after kong mabasa to.. ibang level ang pakiramdam ko.. proud to be FILIPINO...

  6. Isipin nyo na lang kung si Jesus Christ eh hindi tinatanggap ng mga Jews paano pa kaya tayo na hindi naman mga Jews,..

    Read the Bible,..God tell that he is angry of the Jews because they are boostfull race since the beginning But he still loves the Jews because of their forefathers,..

    Bear in mind that what Manuel L. Quezon has done for the Jews will be a blessings to our entire nations,.. "GOD BLESS THE PHILIPPINES",..

  7. "Kung ano ang iyong ginawa sa iyong mga kapatid ay siya ring ginagawa mo sa akin" ...What you did to your brethren is the same as what you did to God.

    (My tears is falling down)

    If Nazi Germany killed or burn the Jews then the same as what they did to GOD (DIOS) JEWS

    But God said "Forgive them because they dunno what they are doing" then Nazi Germany has been forgiven...

    God had forgiven everyone all the sinners including you... me, we...

    What I did to the person I love so much is the same thing I did to God..

    My Question is I tried to fool that person just to have my flesh desire because I love that person.. and that person got angry to me, or mat at me and that person did not talk to me anymore.....

    I'm sorry Lord... this body, these earthly flesh got mistaken but its the only happiness as far as I know that I could give to this flesh....

    I hope its not wrong to be happy even once in a year...

  8. we Filipinos must not abandon or against the nation of Israel but rather Love and Support it, so that God will Bless our country (Genesis 12:3 And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.) Israel is God's APPLE or PRECIOUS in his Eye (Deuteronomy 32:10 He found him in a desert land, and in the waste howling wilderness; he led him about, he instructed him, he kept him as the apple of his eye.)(Zechariah 2:8 For thus saith the LORD of hosts; After the glory hath he sent me unto the nations which spoiled you: for he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of his eye.) what ever happens we must support Israel because when Jesus comes back again into the earth, he will Judge all the nations who against Israel, like the Islamic countries who hate Israel. God bless Israel! and God Bless Philippines! (Regards Jericho)

  9. Sad to say but Israelis are now full of themselves. I remembered when I read a comment. One Israelis said "We killed Jesus and we are proud of it".

    No wonder Hitler kick their ass.

  10. yes that's true because they are in the Spiritual Darkness now, but Jesus is not done yet to them, he have a plan of salvation for them in the last days all Jews will become Christians, read (Revelation chapter 7 and 14) in the end the Jews will recognize their Messiah Jesus, and they will be save. God loves the Jews so much, Jesus Died for them first and 2nd we the Gentiles. and when Jesus comes back again into this earth he will rule in Jerusalem in Israel and rule all the nations. (Regards Jericho)

  11. Any link for this video? Where can I watch it? It is look like interesting

    I watched the introduction in youtube but I can't find the full video.

  12. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnxbe4X3I5M) heres the link, Walid Shoebat on Prophecy about the Islamic Antichrist, the Nation of Israel and the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ.

  13. I am not talking about this prophecy.

    I am talking about the documentary about the jews and Quezon.

    I am interested in what really happen not in fucking prophecy and religious cults.

    I am atheist by the way

  14. Atheism is a religion too, there are so much in this world that an Atheist cant explain and have no evidence, one of them the Theory of Evolution, and they believe in Aliens that never exist. Atheism is a belief, faith and theory also. if you choosing religion between Atheism and Christianity, choose Christianity because its a lot more sense than Atheism, in Christianity we are all special creation than the animals and if we die there is Heaven waiting for us. and in Atheism you are only came from Bacteria and you are the same level of the animals and trees, and if you die thats it, nothing.

  15. Well we are modern now. For me religion is just a guide or a reminder that
    if you do wrong doings someone will punish you.

    For me I believe only in principles that if I do wrong doings I will get bad results. We have different view in life. Some of you are conservative but me I am open minded.

    I am not an expert or a great person but I will give you an example.

    during Medieval era they believe that the world is flat. After hundred of years we laughed at them when they discovered that the world is not flat.

    During my high school. Our science subject only discuss one solar system.
    But now the there are a lot of solar system out there in galaxy.

    Maybe hundred years from now. The next generation of humans will laughed
    at us because what we thought about aliens are man-eating-ugly species.

    Who knows what will happen.

  16. then why not apply the same principle that maybe there is God? and maybe there is Heaven and Hell? I tell you now there is Hell, and you will believe when you go there, unless we will humble to God and repent of our sins and accept Jesus Christ as our savior, we will surely go there.

  17. Religion=corruption

    Look on those Indonesians. They are pushing there muslim fanatics to make a Jihad in Myanmar because of religious conflict.

    In Roman Catholics even though they are not pushing a war in terms of military. They are corrupting people by teaching them that RH bill is anti-life.

    Aside from race. If there is no religion. People will not fight for their differences and beliefs.

  18. sa panahon pa nang pananakop na mga kastila naging mabuti mabuti tayo sa kanila pero inabuso ang kabaitann atin.......

    mga americano at hapon tinanggap natin sila

    then meron pa palang jews na tinulungan ng mga PINOY dati

    sad naman ako :( na pati sila dinidiskreminate nila tayo ngayon huhuhu

  19. Ibahin nyo ang Spain, America, at Japan sa JEWS kasi iba ang layunin nila sa pag punta sa Pilipinas.

    Ang Spain, America, at japan pumunta sila sa Pilipinas para agawin ito at nag tagumpay nila.

    Ang Jews pumunta sila sa Pilipinas para sumilong sa panahon ng malakas na unos kasi wala silang mapupuntahan...

    Hindi alam ng mga pinoy at ng buong mundo ang ginagawa ng na kabutihan ni Quezon kasi hindi ito ipina- alam ny gobyerno kasi ayaw ng america na malaman ng mundo iyon kasi sila mismo ay tutol sa ginawa ng pilipinas.

    Mapapatawad niyo rin ang mga JEWS (ISRAEL) sa ginawa nila kasi hindi nila alam na may bansa palang kumikilalla sa kanila at tumulong sa kanila kasi hindi nila alam noon ang kabutihang ginawa ng pilipinas kasi rin hindi ipina alam ng gobyerno...

    This is what Cindy's prophesy to the Philippines that everything would be expose.... expose.. expose..

    Hindi ipina alam ng Pilipinas at America pero ang mga tinulungan ng Pilipinas mismo ang tumayo at mag pasalamat sa Pilipinas... for more that 1300 soul save by the Philippines it will multiply many times after 60 years.

  20. Mga ungas! Sa mindanao niyo na dinala, pinaalis niyo pa. Eh di sana mas mestisa pa sa cebuana ang mga mindanaoan mala natalie portman! Nabawasan sana ang pangit sa pinas. Mwahahahaha! Oi!

  21. I wish today's generation will have a role model like Quezon and not some celebrity who f*cks someone on hidden cam or some ill breed politicians who bad mouth each other on national tv...if Quezon is alive, I bet he will be dismayed of today's generation.

  22. kahit ano pa sabihin at gawin nyo di kayo tutulungan ng israel pag ginyera kayo ng china. di na rin masama maging proud dahil nakatulong kayo sa mga jews pero sarili nyo tulungan nyo ngayon dahil wala na kayong magagawa. kuha na ng mga tsekwa ang west philippine sea. pinoy talaga mahilig at proud sa history at past samantalang sa present bokya. ahahahahahaha.

  23. Bokya dhl s mga taong 2lad mo na wlang gnwa kundi mag yaw yaw at puro sat sat. Umalis k n dto hnd ka kailangn ng byan,

  24. This is just one story of how we Filipinos relate to those who are poor, abused and are the minority. This also proves our great sense of hospitality is; no matter who, what and where you are from you have a place here in the Philippines.

  25. Bless Israel and you will be blessed. The good book say so, so we need to bless Israel.

  26. the good book says: Happy are those who consider the poor, the Lord delivers them in the day of trouble.

  27. I am not hypocrite but We dont need Israel to fight with the Philippines against China because there is no war to happen. China even scared of it because they will become poor again as who they were. But of course China will never stop slowly killing the Philippines... the mischief reef, then the Scarborough shoal then... the Reed bank and the Palawan island.. Good bye el nido..

    This will really happen if the Philippines will keep sleeping and will not develop its own anti china weaponry.

    Yeah Israel could help by selling their modern weapon but I know they will not help. Arabian countries who hate jews are more powerful than china if their power are combined.. Israel have their own problem to come over to help the Philippines ...

    We dont need Israel Anyway.. because we have so many crook in the Congress they are their to be use as shields.. they will just accept bribe from china and china could take over the country as simple as that....

  28. @Anonymous says:
    May 4, 2013 at 2:16 PM

    One crook detected!!! yan ang nagpapatunay na hindi matanggap ang katotohanan. isa rin yata sa mga kurakot ang kolokoy na to eh. kailangan mo na talaga ng pagbabago toy baka magising ka isang araw mandarin na kailangan mong satsatin.

  29. The Epitome of the Filipino Hospitality... Sigh. LOL

  30. Anyone who go against Israel means you are going against the God of Israel who is the Creator of heaven and earth.

    You do not want to suffer like the rest of those who were against the God of Israel.

    If you repent then you will be forgiven. Be careful of what you write and say.

  31. Just remember this - Bless Israel and you will be blessed!

  32. The Iron dome of Israel is really excellent!

  33. Why this was not taught in Philippine History:
    So that pips would not go around again saying proud to be pinoy about this too much... LOL! I'm Filipino by the way

  34. Tingnan nyo nang mga panahong iyon! mga Pilipino!
    Yun din ung mga panahon na pang 3 lang ang Pilipinas sa
    mga pinaka malaking Ekonomiya sa Asia. "di nga lang nagtagal"

  35. We never been taught this since we were in grade school but for me its only a matter of history, what we want to do is to forget the past and look forward for tomorrow.

    Just forget what our country leader did to that people just take it as humanitarian issue in order for you to realize that every man nor Christian or none Christian believer it is your account to God not Israel
    time will come that every one of us for those believer shall give account to God of our work in this earthly life for those unbelievers the white throne of judgement will waiting for you.
    so before its too late think it by yourself when you die this physical body your soul going to where in hell or in Heaven the Bible says if no Christ in your heart you will be in hell and Christian will be in heaven.

  36. Thank you very much for sharing this information. I'm touched after reading this. I am more proud of being a Filipino.

  37. matagal ko ng nabasa ang tungkol sa bagay na to.mga 20yrs. na siguro at yung mga kwento nila tungkol sa atin ay talagang maipagmamalaki mo ang pagiging filipiino mo.mababait daw ang mga pilipino mahilig kumanta at maganda ang boses masayang kausap.


  38. Salamat sa balitang ito...

  39. We are great country and rational nation before but now only few remains as that. Nationalism was lost long time ago after marcos. We are very slow in progress and our culture is dominated by more of stupdity and irrational thinking. Our polotics is a joke and our laws is unlearned. We have nothing to be proud of but only our glorious past..

  40. We Filipino are bound with loving culture. We put God as first above everything. we always think of our fellowmen and that's why the saving of the Jews had happened. Personally, the Jewish Americans has to do why it was never told in the Philippine history about the humanitarian act that our former President Manuel L. Quezon did. The Jewish hypocracy rules and they look down on the Filipinos.

  41. The Philippines may just be so gallant in helping others reason why they did not publish significant event in Philippine history and was omitted from the Philippine history books.

    Or Could be USA is not interested to publish this during their control in the Philippines because its embarrassing to them for refusing the refugees. Imagine if USA is a very respectable country in the world how comes they could not afford to accept the Jews refugees?

    Think what had happened to all Jews who were refused by Cuba seeking refuge then forwarded to Florida (FLA) USA but US government refused also the Jews refugees to disembark then after the ship was refused entry in other ports, it returned to Germany where its Jewish passengers were forcibly removed and dispatched to concentration camps for extermination. A Nazi official in declares: "When the whole world has refused to accept them as refugees, no country can blame Germany for the fate of the Jews."


    OMG. Where is the heart of the country leaders in the world? They are not able to accept the JEWS refugees. If other Jews killed Jesus Christ then it is not the SIN of their entire RACE. If some are criminals other are not. If Abusayaff in Mindanao kills and behead people, they are only a fraction but majority of the People of Mindanao are not Abusayyaf and they do not kill and behead people. So Why should we generalized a certain group of people? For example in Mindanao, the 19th biggest Island in the World have 25 Million Population, the fact is 24 Million in Mindanao are Christians of different Christians classification (Roman Catholics, Philippine Independent Church/ or Aglipayans/ Filipinista, Iglesia ni Cristo, Baptist fundamentalist, Born Again Christians etc) and 1 Million Islam. For 1 Million Islam in Mindanao who concentrate the Place like Maguindanao, Marawi and Sulu, only around 200 are abu sayaff… So how could we generalized the Islam community in Mindanao if they have only 200 wicked abusayaff?, How could we generalize also the 25 Million of Mindanao are abusayaff?

    The same case happened to the Jews Refugees… that somebody said other jews were so proud that they Killed Jesus Christ.. well, only few Killed Jesus so the curse must not be given to all but for the few only.. The Jews must not be subject for killing their entire race

  42. "Gallant Philippines" in Helping other countries... just count also how the Philippines helped South Korea to rebuild after the Korean War? The Philippines used the Tax payer's money to Build government building in Korea like for example the most notable "Jangchung Arena" which was the first ever indoor Sports Arena built and funded by the Philippines.

    Is there any publication taught in the Schools about it? Of course none.. nothing at all...

    I think still there are so many good deeds before which just never leak until the death of those leaders... but I realized that publishing what you did is also good so the world would learn to help you when you are in need because if you didnt publish it, nobody cares for any ties and friendship between your country with them... Something good must be done first before any ties would form .

    The Philippines is seeking now recognition from the Israel Government for what Quezon did to their race... Though Israel vocally Recognized Quezon but its just like slightly... so what the Philippines needs now?

    It is clear.. the Philippines needs Military ties with Israel and promised to help the Philippines by Providing War weaponry if being bullied by any invaders... so in that sense its easy for the Philippines to acquire Armaments from Israel if the Military Pact or ties is established.

    Well, good luck Philippines.. and you Israel, I hope you could understand what the Philippines wants... The Philippine culture is not frank of asking something but this demand of recognition means the country needs something from you like your iron domes and other technologies needed by the Country's security

  43. @Anonymous Says:
    May 04, 2013 at 5:41 pm:

    Brad mas muka kang crook dahil sa negative na dinadala mo sa bayan. isa lang masasabi ko syo umalis ka dito at isama mo yung mga taong tulads mo para naman mangat ang bayan namin!

  44. President Quezon should be forever remembered for this. His decision to rescue the Jews who were at that time persecuted by Germany's Nazis have saved precious human lives.

  45. isa po ang aming lugar na naging pansamantalang tirahan ng mga Jews dito sa Pilipinas. ito po ay ang Tubabao island na matatagpuan sa Guiuan Eastern Samar..

  46. The decision to create Israel as a state has fallen under UN war crimes, however still passed under the need for England to secure the river in Egypt and for the US to maintain a watchdog in the region. This state will always remain illegal and represent a monument of betrayal to the people of Palestine from not only the Philippines but its Arab brothers as well. A reason worth omitting from our history books.

  47. The Philippine government must look into Iron Dome and Rafael Spotter system as these two systems may be a game changer.

    Israel and Philippines joint venture to produce these in the Philippines would be an excellent accomplishment by President Pnoy administration. When we have these technology, China and Taiwan will stop bullying us.

    Calling President Pnoy and his economic,military and spiritual military advisers?

  48. Bless Israel and you will be blessed - this is the command of God of the Universe. If you curse Israel, you will also be cursed.

    I rather obey the command of the God of the Universe that go against his command. Sino ang mananalo sa Creator of Heaven and Earth sa Creator of the Universe?

  49. Filipinos bless Israel. We love the our jew brothers.

    God bless Israel po.

  50. Filipinos bless the Jews. We love our jewish brothers.

    God bless Israel po.


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