MNLF: Thousands of Armed Muslims departed for Sabah to Support Sultan Kiram

The Philippine Daily Inquirer is reporting that thousands of Suluk from Southern Philippines have sailed to Sabah to join forces with the militants.

Tausug are called Suluk in Sabah in Sabah, North Borneo.

Quoting a source from the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) the report claims that many have made their way to Sabah in small boats to support the armed intrusion.

Habib Hashim Mudjahab, chair of the MNLF's Islamic Council Committee, told the Inquirer "Many of our people are going to Sabah to help the sultanate. They sailed in small numbers so they can easily penetrate Sabah unnoticed."

"The naval blockade is of no use" he said, referring to a naval blockade by the Philippine Navy and Coast Guard to ensure armed sympathizers do not joined the beleaguered men in Sabah as reinforcements.

"President (Benigno) Aquino kept issuing statements favouring the Malaysians, which made our people agitated. The President must realise that it is about pride and honor, and our people are ready to sacrifice," Mudjahab said.

Ajil Jaffar, 50, an oil palm plantation worker in Kota Kinabalu who was among those repatriated to the Philippines, said he wanted to return to Sabah.

"I want to help them. It's our honor to be with the sultan so that this deportation and abuses will stop," he said.

A retired educator in Tawi-Tawi, who asked not to be identified by name, said the sultanate of Sulu represents an extension of their rich heritage. "They are the first Filipinos. The sultanate of Sulu was already there even before Philippines existed," he said.

The Star online / Philippine Daily Inquirer 

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  1. kill all the malayshits. allahu akbar!

  2. This MNLF are experience in battle in decades you have advantages than the green Malaysia.

  3. Ajil Jaffar, 50, an oil palm plantation worker in Kota Kinabalu who was among those repatriated to the Philippines, said he wanted to return to Sabah.

    "I want to help them. It's our honor to be with the sultan so that this deportation and abuses will stop," he said.

    Mau ni epekto sa pag deport nila sa mga taga Sulu nga ang North Borneo teritoryo man unta sa Sulu..

    ngita ra silag gubot

  4. This is a lesson to both Philippines and malaysia not to deal with this SULUK ot TAUSUG people joking because they are not joking...... When this Tausug/Suluk believes to be right, then they will stand in their belief till death..... as life is nothing without honor for themmmm so be carefulll... if negotiation is need.. then negotiate other wise... you could be compromised as they will never backdown

  5. i am malaysian, to tell the truth the more you send troops the more will die in vein, you say that sabah is yours, why you have to use weapon, if you believe that sabah is really yours, why don't you bring that issues to the international court to decide, bring all of your paper and documents and our government will bring ours,

    and what will happen if more and more of your people die, and even your people who've got the Malaysian nationality and then become traitor also die.

    and why is that your so called sultan is not joining the troops as supposed and why he is sending other people and and not he himself carrying the weapon

    and why is that there so many people claim to be sultan of sulu? really? which is one is that and why some of the people claim to be sultan did not approve this move..




      FUCK! Sounds like HELL

  6. March 5, 2013 at 11:41 PM

    you idiot bastard malaysian!! why would the sultan go there if he has an army to do that for him self..
    You are just renting to the land which is rightfully ours!

  7. sabah adalah milik penduduk sabah. mereka telah memilih malaysia, itu adalah hak mereka. kerajaan malaysia hanya melindungi penduduknya.
    zaman sultanate sudah berlalu. banyak sultanate yang lebih besar telah hancur dan lenyap dari muka bumi. sulu bernasib baik masih tinggal. peliharalah dengan baik. sultan dipelihara hanyalah kerana simbol tamadun bangsa.
    sabah masih boleh bersultankan sulu tetapi kuasa tetap milik rakyat sabah. jika ada pejuang sulu yang terkorban kerana dasar sultan semata2 sia-sia lah kematiannya. kerana rakyat sabah bebas mengamalkan agama islam dan berdakwah.

  8. Fuck Malaysia!!!! You low life terrorist trainer country.

    We will reclaim what is ours. We will call it Banana Republic.

    Again fuck Malaysia!!! We will kill all of you I swear

  9. to that dumb ass malaysian who posted sabah is not a territory of my beloved phlippines. i have one thing to say to you. since the formation of your so called malaysia my beloved philippines had made several attempts on taking back sabah. we even sent a number of delegations to your former colonizer and even showed to them that their possession on sabah CANNOT BE TRANSFERRED TO ANYONE OR TO ANY NATION. it dates back to the first leasee, Mr Overbeck and english man. who worked for the crown of gb. we have the papers that will show ICJ who really owns sabah you piece of shit. and we are not afraid of you!. I together with my brothers will take back what is ours.


  10. I am a Christian and I sympathize to all Filipino muslims that we should get together as one-meaning unified no matter what filipino muslim tribes you belong to kill all the malaysians in sabah so we can have sabah at last because our president is damm ass dont care and he should go back to china where he belongs.

  11. revolution ang kailangan dian sa Sabah para mapanatili sa Pilipinas ang pagmamay ari dian sa mayamang lupa na yan....bakit nga ba ung mga oil wells ang take over at ng magka alaman sila...tutal Filipino nmn tlga ang may ari nian sa mga yan pero MAlaysia ang nakikinabang....

    dapat kung binabawi na ung lupa, dapat pati ung fruits, encumbranches and deposits and oils..lahat yan pag aari ng bansa ng mga tausug

  12. hatiin ang sabah, north n south, ang north s pilipinas ang south s malaysia, para m tapus n ito, para wala nang gulo, kung ayaw nang malaysia then lets go for war!!! bago p nila ubusan ang mga pinoy s sabah! war for sabah!!!

  13. ANg tanong papayag ba ang malaysia na hatiin o ang Sulu papayag kaya na hatiin ang teritoryo na sa kanila? nako mas tatagal ang gulo pag ganun....

    Buong North Borneo ibinigay ng Brunie sa Sulu pero nung ibinigay ng Brunie sa Sulu, may isang sultan na nag take over sa northern Part of North Borneo pero hindi yun sinaway ng Sulu hanggan sa ang buong North Borneo ay itinurnover ng Britain sa Malaysia.

    Ang ipinaglalaban ng Sulu is the modern times of their control in the Whole North Borneo not portion, not south, not north but the whole...bubuwis ba ng dugo ang mga Suluk or tausug kung hindi sila willing?

    Ipinangako na rin ng Sultan ng Sulu na sinumang tutulong sa Kanya para mabawi ang Borneo ay bibigyan nya ng mga Lupain at dahil most part of the North Borneo ay wala pang nag mamayari, gubat pa yon ibibigay yun ng Sultan para e develop nila at para magka lupa sila

    kaya hindi pwede portion lang but the Whole Sabah, the Whole North Borneo,,,,

    Let Malaysia spend mIllions of Dollar to wage a war... di nila mauubos ang mga warriors na yan..

  14. The reason why sultan of sulu using weapon because they know malaysian forces will kill them with or without good negotiation. They just push by malaysian in this situation and malayasia is using the advantage being a middle negotiator for peace talk with MILF so the Philippines have so called "UTANG NA LOOB" ?? You know what is that means malaysian????

  15. "Utang na Loob" Malaysian dont have that even sultan of sulu is being greatful to them using the land of sultan for the malaysian wealth and now look what you did malaysian you send the people of sultan of sulu to the mainland philippines. what was that malaysian???

  16. Yan ang tunay na mga warriors na mga filipino di tulad sa mga nasa manila government na puro papogi lang ang di naman wiling ibuwis ang buhay para sa tama. I SALUTE THOSE WARRIORS WHO ARE FIGHTING FOR WHAT IS RIGHT di tulad ng governo natin puro pa pogi points lang sabi tumaas ang GDP eh kandahirap nga humanap ng trabaho...kon magkatrabaho man tau pa rin ang sumusuporta sa mga mayayabang na officials diyan thru the captured taxes that we pay...PINOY BULOK STYLE PURO KAYO DUWAG...MAS MATIMBANG PA SAYO ANG MGA MALAYSIANS DAPAT DUON KANA NAGING PRESIDENTE...


    1. SAN KA NABIBILANG SA MGA MATATAPANG OR SA MGA DUWAG? Eh puro dada Ka Lang din dito..kahit saang bansa Ka mag trabaho obligation ng mamayan mag bayad ng TAX..GAGO.. Eh dapat kung ayaw. MO magbayad ng TAX dapat yang mga nilalakaran mo KALSADA magbayad ka sa pagdaan mo dyan dun Ka dumaan sa gubat para kahit dika magbayad ng TAX ok Lang..


  17. malaysian forces are very weak. they have superior war equipment but they didn't even know how to use them. let the tausug first fight the guerilla war until malaysia become bankrupt then we reinforced and kill all these pigs one by one. we will avenge the atrocities they did to our tausug brothers. death to terrorists supporter and trainer malayshits!

  18. Sabah belongs to the Philippines' Sultanate of Sulu, therefore it is best for Malaysian authorities to give it to its rightful owners.

    Britain and Malaysia must repent for the sins they have committed to the Sultanate of Sulu.

    Itong President Pnoy ang kinakampihan pa ay ang Malaysia. Ayoko na siyang maging President ng Philippines.

  19. Christian ako at favor ako sa ginawa ng Sultan of Sulu. Imagine kung iyong Sultan of Sulu ganito ang treatment na nakukuha niya kay Pnoy paano na lang ang millions of OFWs sa ibang bansa.

    Pnoy ganito ba ang turo ng mga magulang mo na si Cory at Senator Benigno Aquino. Wake up President Pnoy.

  20. Kailangan i pagpray si President Pnoy - marami siyang palpak na ginagawa.

    Sabi niya may economic growth pero ang nakikinabang lang ay iyong mga mayayaman. Remember electricity cost in the Philippines is 2nd to the highest in Asia.

    There is economic growth but there is no employment growth. Tapos sasabihin ng Management Association of the Philippines aral daw ulit so ang kikita na naman iyong mga schools/universities uli - wala nga trabaho, wala ng budget tapos aral na naman.

    Tapos kailangan competitive ang English proficiency mo aba eh kung crew ng fast food chain na nagluluto or naglilinis or nag aasist kailangan english speaking pa rin. Tapos pag medyo may edad ka na hindi ka na tatangapin.

  21. Paano makakabili ng mga pension plans ang mga tatanda para paghandaan nila ang pagtanda nila kung ang mga trabaho nga sa Pilipinas ay puro on contractual basis.

    Hindi lang putol ang payment nila sa healthcare pati na rin ang mga paghulog nila for their pension/insurance plans nila for their future pensions

  22. I am a Catholic and I am very much disappointed with President Pnoy on the way he handles the issue of Sabah.

    Pnoy it is better for you to go home to Mainland China.

  23. Ang pinagtataka ko ay para magkaroon ng peace sa Mindanao bakit kailan ng tulong ng Malaysia - iyon pala ang interest nila ay Sabah na in the first place hindi naman sa kanila.

  24. Nakita na natin ang tunay na kulay ni Pnoy, ni gloria, ni Estrada at ni Ramos - kaya maraming Pilipino ang minamaltrato dahil wala silang
    pagmamahal sa mga Pilipino.

    Their actions do not match what you say especially when election time comes.

    DAPAT TAMA lalong lalo na sa GAWA.

  25. Tandaan nyu mga kabayan sa eleksiyon ZEROHIN nyu dyan sa Pinas ang team PNOy alam na natin kulay nya..


  26. team pnoy at una zero.

  27. pnoy must learn how to think before he speaks. it sad that all he said regarding this Sabah issue seems to favor to mlaysian interests. As a pres. you must take the interest of your people and country first above and foremost.

  28. susuporta ako zerohin natin yung party ni pinoy dito nalang tayo makakaganti sa mga tao na yan..pati jan sa senado lahat na kaalyansa ni pinoy wagna nating tanan visaya bay,day..ayaw na ninyo iboto sa election ang kampo sa mga ong.goy nga yellow.we support sabah claim.

  29. after this Sabah crisis sana magkakaroon ng referendum sa mindanao, it's time na hihiwlay na tayo sa philippines dahil sino mang presindente sa pilipinas ay walang malasakit sa mindanao. Let us spend our taxes spend in mindanao, am sure in fw years mauungusan natin ang manila or boong luzon in terms of progress.

  30. Nagkakamali ang malasia sa pag aakala na matatapos ang problemang ito sa babah sa pamamagitan ng pagpatay sa mga sundalo ni sultan Kiram. He just opened the box of greed that will costs a hundred years of war and turmoil in the land of Sabah. Tausog muslims are very brave and very expert in wars, hindi ng malaysia ang mga tausog warriors. Stop the war ang negotiate now before total havoc will happen to malaysia,

  31. i want to say a big BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to aquino, i lost my respect in you. Shameful president.


    COMMENT FROM:.....

    Ang issues ngayon as posted in

    “But I thought people in the south of Philippines are usually dispensable,” I said, playing the devil's advocate. I'm also familiar with how (in general) some people in Manila perceive their fellow countrymen living down south.

    Ibig sabihin ng dispensable = NOT IMPORTANT (Not Important daw sa Philippines ang People from the Southern Philippines... kasi wala naman boses sa desisyon Making.. oo ng oo lang naman nakasanayan ng taga BISAYA at MINDANAO


    Eto pa

    Sabi ni PNOY

    “If we agree that the Sultan of Sulu owns Sabah, does that also mean that they own Sulu? If we (the sultanate) own Sulu, can we (the sultanate) suddenly say we are separate from the Philippines?” the president told reporters in an interview described as “free-wheeling.”

    So nalilito sya...

    Sinong may kasalanan?

    Kung naging Federal System ang Philippines walang dapat ika lito kasi sa Federal kahit pa mag form ka ng Ala United Nations na composed of Kingdom and Island State into 1 country no issue

    Pero sa systema ng Ating government ngayon an UNITARY at isang area lang ang may Boses which is Manila...

    Hindi nila pwede e recognize ang Sulu as a sultanate kasi labag sa UNITARY SYSTEM form of government

    Kaya nga nananawagan tayo for federal Government eh.. pero ayaw ng Manila kasi gusto nila UNITARY para sila lang ang may BOSES


    Napakasakit na malamang .... Dispensable pala ang mga Bisaya at Mindanaw.. Dispensable in other words.. NOT IMPORTANT... ano mga BISAYA at MINDANAO hindi TAO? MANILA LANG BA ANG TAO?


    Huwag nalang dibdibin yan .. aatakihin kayo sa Puso

    1. Tumakbo Ka Congressman at isulong mo yung sinasabi mo federal system of government.. Kung talagang gusto nyo mga taga vizaya at Mindanao ang federal system pag pinagsama kayo di hamak mas malaki kayo SA Luzon.. It means mismo mga congressman nyo SA vizaya at Mindanao aayaw ng federal system..IQ Lang bay..

  33. A Filipino contact I've not been in touch with for seven or eight years called me this week for coffee at a five-star hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

    I didn't bother to ask him why he wanted to meet me as the reason was pretty obvious. About 224 (this figure varies according to sources) of his countrymen (and women) are holed up at Kampung Tanduo, Lahad Datu.

    Over cafe latte, we discussed what was happening in Sabah and in Manila. My perception over what is in the mind of Malacanang Palace (the official residence of the president of the Philippines) changed after our conversation ended.

    The Lahad Datu standoff is a delicate situation for President Benigno S. Aquino III.

    “The president has to handle the standoff carefully,” my contact told me.

    “But I thought people in the south of Philippines are usually dispensable or NOT IMPORTANT,” I said, playing the devil's advocate. I'm also familiar with how (in general) some people in Manila perceive their fellow countrymen living down south.

    “No, the president cannot be seen to be harsh on Filipinos who are pursuing Philippine territory,” he said. “He wants a peaceful solution to the standoff.”

    There is also a fear in Malacanang that if there are casualties, the Filipinos would see them as martyrs who died fighting for the Sabah claim.

    The Sabah claim has become a political hot potato for President Aquino. If (self-proclaimed) Sultan of Sulu Jamalul Kiram III's call for Philippines to pursue the Sabah claim gains traction in his country, Aquino might have to take a less diplomatic stance on the issue.

    “This might jeopardize the good relations between Manila and Kuala Lumpur,” said the contact. “At the moment Malaysia is brokering the peace deal between Malacanang and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front.

    “My president has called your prime minister to ask him for a peaceful solution to the standoff,” he said. “That is why Malaysia extended the deadline several times.”

    The other worry that Aquino has is that he's leading Team PNoy (PNoy is a combination of two words — Pinoy and Noynoy, Aquino's nickname) in the 2013 mid-term elections in the Philippines. If the Lahad Datu standoff is not handled delicately, it might cost his team votes.

    At the same time, Aquino has also to worry about the broad implication of the Sabah claim. In an impromptu interview, the president spoke of his apprehensions over the situation.

    “If we agree that the Sultan of Sulu owns Sabah, does that also mean that they own Sulu? If we (the sultanate) own Sulu, can we (the sultanate) suddenly say we are separate from the Philippines?” the president told reporters in an interview described as “free-wheeling.”

    Aquino also said: “They have at least five people who are claiming to be the Sultan of Sulu. So that is one of my first problems - who actually represents the Sultanate of Sulu?”

    Aquino posed a question on the agreement the Sulu sultanate signed in January 1878 to lease part of North Borneo (Sabah) to the British North Borneo Co.

    That document had gone through “massive amendments” and had been translated into English, French and Tausug, he said.

    Aquino said: “There is a school of thought that says the translations are not faithful translations.


  34. “There were clarifications that even made the agreements confusing. So, if you ask, definitively, what's the basis of our claim ... (and) what are the documents that are existing to support the claim, the (story becomes) confusing.

    “Whether to keep the claim dormant or revive it is part of the (Sabah) question.”

    Some Filipinos have attacked the president for his less “nationalistic” view of the Sabah claim.

    On Twitter, I've been involved in several skirmishes with Filipinos who insist that Sabah is theirs. They also say that their president is “weak” in his stance towards Sabah.

    The other Filipino I was in contact with was Raja Muda Agbimuddin Kiram, brother of the self-styled Sultan Jamalul Kiram III, who is leading the “Royal Sulu Army” in Lahad Datu. I managed to get his 014-number.

    He sounded calm during the call four days before the gun battle between Malaysian forces and his men on Friday, where two policemen and 12 intruders were killed.

    The self-proclaimed Raja Muda reiterated what he had been telling the world that he was in Lahad Datu to claim Sabah.

    In my several phone calls to Agbimuddin, he remained defiant, saying he would not surrender and that he was not afraid to die for his cause.

    Since Friday's shootings, calls to his phone number went to voice mail that announced “the mailbox you are calling is full.”

    I suspect his phone — unless it is a sturdy Nokia — has become a casualty in the shootout.

    The standoff in Lahad Datu has turned into a “surrender or face drastic action” situation. But I'm told that Aquino is still hoping for a diplomatic end.



  35. no team pnoy, una and the oligarchs!

  36. sang ayon ako sa ginawa ni SULTAN KIRAM pero dapat din naman nating unawain ang pangulo na hindi basta basta ang pagdedesisyon sa mga ganyang sitwasyon lalo't marami ang apektado hindi iisa lang ang kargo ng PANGULO lahat tayo kargo nya.


  37. This war will not end in one year,..I expect a hundred years to come

  38. If u still want to carry on with this war. It is your choice. But remeber this one thing, YOU WILL NEVER EVER GET SABAH. KEEP ON DREAMING. we've feed your people for years. We give them money, shelter and you treated us like this. And remember Allah is looking everything that you've done to us. JGN BERANI2 MENYEBUT NAMA ALLAH KETIKA KAMU MEMBUNUH SAUDARA SENDIRI! KAMU SUDAH MEMALUKAN AGAMA ALLAH DI MATA DUNIA

    1. You malaysian really know allah?

      I dont think so
      if so,,,
      ur just using almigthy allah
      Hide your demonic spirit

  39. oh? you gave our fellow filipinos shelter and shit?. said no one ever bitch!. you gave the ph mnlf which ran atleast 4 decades of violence in mindanao funded by your shitty malayshit. now that sponsored group is now heading to lahad datu looking for pay back you dumb ass

    1. U dont know anything. So jst shut up. Let ur prime minister handle it. Go to the library. Prove tht sabah is urs. Theeeennn u can speak all you want. Oh! You can also show ur prime minister. Who knows it might help u to get sabah. It is proven tht sabah is malaysian's. We learned abt tht since we're 14. Go feed ur brain with knowledge bfore u talk. I bet u jst hear things frm others huh? SABAH BELONGS TO MALAYSIA!

  40. @Anonymous says:
    March 6, 2013 at 10:29 PM

    Are you kidding? lol!!!! you make the Suluks as Slaves do you think you could count that words? Where could you find suluks as Boss in Sabah? Lol.... wrong claim..

    Suluk must have the same venefits as sabah is part of the Sulu Sultanate but still you discriminate them

  41. If Malasia will not surrender the Sabah Island to Sultanate of Sulo,..more bloodshed is expecting to happen very soon and this war will never end in 50 years, I expect it will take more than 100 years because the occupation of Malaysia in Sabah is elligal.

    The war between the Philippine government and the Muslim community had indeed transferred to Malaysia and it is a very worst war ever happened in South East Asia

    1. Why would malaysia surrender sabah? U should surrender and leave malaysia alone. Why war now? Why not 10000000000000000000 years ago?

    2. FYI sbah is not an island palui.

  42. I bet they didnt teach you history at your place. It's already stated in black and white that sabah belongs to malaysia. and why in the hell you want to claim sarawak? sarawakians and sabahans dont want to be part of people like all of you. and the ceasefire? fuck off from our country. Allah will always protect malaysians.

  43. Mentang-mentang Sabah dah cantik banyak pembangunan baru ko nak rebut balik...Dulu yg Sultan Sulu pandai-pandai Tandatangan penyerahan Sabah dengan British tu apasal?

    Daripada ko pegi serang Sabah baik korang gi Palestin lawan Israel mati syahid kat sana. Cukup lah pakcik Kiram....Orang2 Islam kat dunia sekarang nih dah banyak masalah dengan musuh sebenar yahudi..Yang korang pegi serang orang islam kat Sabah tu buat apa...Kat Sabah korang mati katak je laaa...

  44. malayshit is now second to china as land grabber!

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