Who is Aquino’s adviser on Sabah issue?

Philippine President Benigno Aquino asks Sultan Jamalul Kiram III to withdraw his supporters from Sabah during a press briefing at the Malacanang Palace, in Manila, on Tuesday. Photo: EPA

On Sabah, President Aquino several times spoke of peace. Yet, the language he used reeks of arrogance that could only come from ignorance of the root of the issue.'

IN his Facebook wall, Cotabato-based Fr. Eliseo Mercado of the Institute for Autonomy and Governance in Notre Dame University yesterday said, "After the President's press statement on the Sabah issue, I am continued to be deluged with the question: 'Who is the adviser of the President on the Sabah issue?'

"Sagot ko: Ambot... baka ang Malaysian PM. From the tone and the content would show that he/she is either Malaysian or Malaysian-Philippine."

In his statement, which came on the second week of the standoff in Lahad Datu, a seaside village in Sabah, President Aquino several times spoke of peace. Yet, the language he used reeks of arrogance that could only come from ignorance of the root of the issue.

He described the cause that the Sultan of Sulu Jamalul Kiram III and his younger brother Prince Rajah Mudah Agbimuddin Kiram, who is the leader of the group in Lahad Datu as a "hopeless cause."

Addressing Kiram, Aquino said: "You are a leader of your clan, and every leader seeks the well-being of his constituents. These times require you to use your influence to prevail on our countrymen to desist from this hopeless cause."

Does this mean the Aquino government has given up the Philippine government's claim on Sabah?

In his statement, Aquino seemed not sure about the legitimacy of the Philippine claim which was initiated in the 1960's. He said: "This issue is complex: from the basis of our claim, to the question of the rightful heirs, and even involving the translation of documents from an era when our grandparents weren't even born."

Responding to the President's statement, Kiram III, though his daughter Princess Jacel Kiram, said: "Mr. President, what more proof do you want us to show that Sabah is ours?"

This standoff came about because the heirs of the Sultan of Sulu decided to do it their way after Malacañang snubbed Kiram's request for a meeting.

Aquino revealed this in his statement: "Let me say to Sultan Jamalul Kiram III: I have just been made aware that a letter to me, from you, was sent through OPAPP in the very first weeks of my term, when we were organizing the government. Unfortunately, this letter was lost in the bureaucratic maze. Let me make clear that there was no intention to ignore your letter. Knowing this now, will you let your mistaken belief dictate your course of action?"

Aquino also said, "The avenue of peaceful and open dialogue is still available to us. Let us therefore sit down as brothers to address your grievances in a peaceful, calm manner according to our laws and according to correct processes when your people arrive home."

Yet in the same statement he warned Kiram that his patience is running out:

"As President and chief executor of our laws, I have tasked an investigation into possible violations of laws by you, your followers, and collaborators engaged in this foolhardy act. May I remind you as well that as a citizen of the Republic, you are bound by the constitution and its laws.

"Among your possible violations is Article II Section 2 of the Constitution, which states that the Philippines renounces war as an instrument of national policy, the enabling law of which is Article 118 of the Revised Penal Code, which punishes those who "provoke or give occasion for a war...or expose Filipino citizens to reprisals on their persons or property."[1] Thus, you are now fully aware of the consequences of your actions."

"We have not yet reached the point of no return, but we are fast approaching that point."

To which Kiram stood firm: "As far as we are concerned, we haven't committed a crime."

But he also talked about peace: "The sultan of Sulu's action is a benevolent aspiration and not a violent reaction to fight."

Will the real diplomats please take over? (http://bit.ly/ZA6W5l)


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  1. So simple kwestyon dificult to ansyer? simple! Money is the advicer. Money from Mlayasia (psst... its secret.. quiet.. Pres. Noy is receiving money the source is my dream.. whahahahah is Pres noy a corrupt leader? i think not )Its really fishy why Pnoy is so supportive to Malaysia is there any secret between the 2? boys? tell me... whats their secret?....

  2. maganda sana tatakbo uli si pnoy ng presidente para mananalo sya for president sa baranggay tanod yan ang dapat na position nya kasi sobrang duwag,buti pa magsanto papa na yan.wala sa ayus yan kumampi pa sa malaysia hindi sa sarili nyang mamamayan.tapos gamitin nya yung words na brother sa mga muslim?alam nyo na gagawin nyo mga kapatid na muslim wagna akyo umasa jan sa mga duwag,kami taga visaya support kami sa inyo goodbless.

    1. Kasi mga tulad mo utak hipon wala utak sugod ng sugod wala diskarte.. Bagay nga sayo.. Presidente matalino peaceful solution is big big win solutions..

  3. oo tama ka brod dapat hihiwalay ang visayas at mindanao sa luzon dahil nandon lang sakanila karamihan na project,kung mayroon man sa visayas at mindanao tae nalang yan sa project nila lol.

    1. Oo tama humiwalay na nga dapat mga tao katulad nyo mga tanga kaya nga pampasikip kayo SA Luzon balik na kayo SA Vizaya at Mindanao..

  4. I agreed with you president Noy na we renounce war as means of resolving any conflict. However, sa tagal ng panahon na walang umaksyon ng concreto sa issue na yan eh ano ba dapat ang gagawin? Siguro kong ang Dona Luisita ang ginanyan pinadala na ninyo buong AFP...believe na sana kami sa iyo eh kasi you sound like malaysian sa mga sinabe mo sa TV. As our president dapat wag mong ipalabas na takot ka sa malaysia o mas mahal mo malaysia kaysa mga kababayan mo...buti pa ang Sultan may balls..yan ang tunay na pinoy di takot ipaglaban ang tama..

  5. I though ur not a bum....

    If you cant protect your ctzen afting knowing that they r on the right side then better for you to step down...coz how more of our country ?sabagay scarbourough nga e nawala sa atin without any single shoot.

    A real Leader must have a concern to its country and citizen ...

    Pnoy we dont need a coward leader coz WE REAL FILIPINOS CAME FR D BLOOD OF MARTYR HEROs !

    Kristiyano ako taga Luzon at OFW ngayun tandaan mo Pnoy di kami bulag na mga Pilipino .Isan kang walang kwentang Leader at huwag mo ipag yabang na gumaganda ekonomiya dahil sa tuwid mong daan KUNDI DAHIL SA AMING MGA MILYONG OFW !
    Kung tuwid ka ngayun bakit ka lumiko ?
    Isa kang duwag.

    1. UNGAS wag mo pagyabang OFW Ka kasi ako OFW din tama ang Presidente umiiwas Lang SA posible siklab ng gyera peaceful solution is the best way to resolve the situation.. ginagawa ng Presidente yun dahil tiyak mamatay Lang sila pag nagmatigas wala naman sila sapat na SANDATA to face Malaysian security forces..Hindi pwede isakripisyo SA GYERA nakararami kaysa kapritso ng iilan lamang ayaw sumunod SA utos ng Presidente.

    2. Bobo nag iisip ka ba ?

      Di dahil sa ipaglalaban mo yung totoo eh meaning makiki pag geyera kana ..di dahil sa andoon yung mga kapatid na muslim sa Sabah eh makiki pag geyera na sila ...SA kanila ang Sabah nauunawaan mo ba yun at buong mundo ay alam ang katotohanan na yan..ngayun kung c Pnoy ay di duwag bakit di nya e support yung mga kapatid na mga muslim ?
      Ngayun anu kung OFW ka rin ?

    3. OO nag iisip ako, kaya nga peaceful solution ay pabor ako sa gusto ng Presidente..Buong mundo alam na ang sabah AY sa Kiram clan? Eh bakit ignore sila ng U.N sa pag claim nila ng Sabah? At ikaw UNGAS ka anong gusto mo support ng Presidente ibigay SA mga Kiram ang suportahan kahit makipag gyera? UNGAS they doing that for their
      own @isusuong mo SA gyera buong bansa para Lang SA kagustuhan ng iilan?palagay KO ikaw dapat ang mag isip..OFW ako pero mas may isip ako sayo yun ang ibig KO sabihin sayo.BOBO

    4. Bobo Philippines govt dapat e support nya ang eclaim ng sultun ng sulu sa sabh kc buong mundo alam nila na sabah is belong to the Philippines ..ang UN panu mo sinabi na support nila ang Sabah na mapa bilang sa Malaysia eh di pa nga umapela ang Phils govt sa UN dahil c Dilaw ayaw dahil nga sa dugo syang intsek at di dahil sa ipagLaban yung karapatan ng Pilipinas sa Sabah is makiki pag gyera na tayu isa kang bobo ´´´this is the fact here listen you fucking idiot "buong mundo alam nila na parte yan ng Pilipinas and Sabah ngayun kung makuha na natin support ng UN mapipilitan ang Malaysia na e balik yan sa atin else UN ang kanilang makakalaban and ofcourse magpapadala ang UN ng mga tao para sa peaceful mission..ganyan yan buang ka ..di ka nag iisip out of 10 Filipino ngayun ikaw ang 1 doon na nagpapaka bulag sa katotohanan..gago ! Ur nothing but a fucking shit.

  6. Anonymous says:
    February 27, 2013 at 7:35 PM

    economy is the secret, somewhat malaysia and philippinesis economically tied to each other, if Pnoy wants to compromise his hardwork on economy then he can just declare war in malaysia anytime he wants

  7. kaya lower down our pride a little bit, iba na ang panahon ngayon, oo mamatay ngang martir ung mga lalaban hanggang kamtayan eh panu nmn ung mga maiiwan? ano? mamatay lang sila sa gutom at hirap?


  9. Anonymous says:
    February 27, 2013 at 10:37 PM

    In Muslim world, being martyr means that to die fighting, iba-iba ang pagiging martyr kada relihiyon. In Buddhism specially in China Occupied Tibet, martyr set themselves on fire para ipakita nila ung hindi sila papayag na magpaalipin lang

  10. Anonymous says:
    February 27, 2013 at 10:58 PM

    additional info about sa to die fighting sa muslim, too generic ung to die fighting kasi all martyrs die fighting but what im trying to say is, ang Muslim hindi papayag ng hindi lumalaban or war.

  11. Anonymous says:
    February 28, 2013 at 12:04 AM

    WOW!! napansin mo? ang talino mo naman! galing! clap clap clap

  12. bakit hindi natin ipadala si pnoy na magiging ofw parang maranasan nyang mahirap ang kanyang buhay kong ayaw nyang ipagtaanggol ang kanyang kababayan. mabuhay!!!!!! ofw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!mabuhay

  13. To Anonymous
    February 28, 2013 at 1:21 AM

    Gumaganun ka pa! korny mo! Jologs!

  14. Anonymous says:
    February 28, 2013 at 1:48 AM

    lol ang talino rin ng reaksyon mo isa kang kahanga-hangang nilalang, haha

  15. Walang ngpaangat ng ekonomya ng Pinas kundi OFW lang wala ng iba, wlang produktong pang export kundi tapo o Pilipino, Karamihan kasi na Pinoy ay ugaling Spanish at chinese, Wala na ang lahing Rizal,Lapu Lapu at Bonifacio na face-out na, Until now paulit ulit lang mga lider na nasa Pinas kasi yun ang mga binuboto yung mga Pinoy wala kayong ISIP puro nuod lang drama sa TV, inuman, sugal, bulakbol sa eskwela, at tamad magtrabaho palaasa sa gobyerno. Yan ang lahing Pinoy ngayun. Mas mabuti pa si Prince Kiram na lang ang presidente or prime minister kaya nyang ipakita kung anu ang tunay na Pilipino na hinde ngpapa api kung sino man. SAD to say its time make war para mapalitan ang mga taong selfish...

  16. Death penalty to all corrupt government official ng Pinas at mga private companys na ngpapahiram sa nkakarami.

  17. paano na ung spratly island na pinag aagawan ng pinas at china?.... hmm right price o dahil sa constitution I give nya na rin? sana mag claim din ang US na kanila na ang pinas, at gamitin ni penoy ang constitution na sinasabi nya....

  18. Dirty politics or dirty personal interest.???

    Huwag na kayong pumalag diba... wala naman kayong magawa eh..

    According to the New Constitution in the Philippines...ammended by the Chinese Origin President..

    -->> NO war policy. When China invades the Philippines, do not fight china because "I" (the Chinese Origin President of the Philippines) is a chinese blood.. we must not fight against our mother land..

    Par. 2 "any one will disobey the president must be jail for 12 years

    The same policy to the Chinese dominated malaysia controlling North Borneo..

    Sultan jamalul Kiram III would be send to Prison so soon for 12 years.

    The Lumad of the Philippines have no rights to against the ORDER of teh Chinese ORIGIN President...

    An SO ORDER....

    ganda ng order ano? kulay PINK. (Pink na order, pink na lotion, pink na lipstick, pink na tooth brush, pink na combs.. all are made in china.. also new interesting Pink.. PINK AMERICAN FLAG made in china)

    1. WALANG KWENTA PINAG SASASABI MO.. Ikaw BA san BA galing lahi MO?

  19. Mga kaibigan, basahin nyo itong link;


    Sabi nya raw, ang problema nya ngayon "ay papano naging sultan itong si Kiram", kinu-question nya ang "legitimacy" ni Kiram as "Sultan". Pero sa ginawa nyo Pinoy sa pag-present ng Family Tree, pinatunayan nya lamang na ang Kiram "Clan" ay ang legitimate owner ng Sabah. Regardless kung papaano naging Sultan si Kiram.

    sa pagka-intindi ko;
    1. walang existing law ang Pinas kung papaano magin Sultan ang isang Muslim. So meaning, walang jurisdiction ang Pinas.
    2. Sa clan ng Kiram, kung sino ang "able" at "living" na descendant ay pwedeng gawing successor as "Sultan".

    Bali-baliktarin man ang Mundo, sa pagka-unawa ko.
    Pagmamamay-ari talaga ng Sultan of Sulu ang Sabah.

    2nd thing; Nung nagkaroon ng Peace Agreement, between Philippines-MNLF.
    Nabalitaan ko na ang PM ng Malaysia ay pumunta sa Souther Mindanao to witness the agreement as a broker of the peace deal. Ito pa, may nabasa akong news na ang PM ng Malaysia ay "allegedly" "offered RM10 million" for "oil ang gas exploration sa linguasan marsh"

    Opinion at idea ko lang.

    Hindi kaya nag-invest din si PNoy sa Linguasan Marsh? Or naka-tanggap narin ng pera?

    Why he is so concerned na masira ang Peace deal between Philippines and MNLF? While the fact na sa statement ni PNoy against Kiram, i believe it "raises eyebrows" ng mga MNLF at tahimik lang sila.

    800,000 OFW ma compromise ang pag-work sa Malaysia? I don't think so!!!
    The fact that, majority of Malaysians don't know the history of Sabah.
    And media blackout about Sabah so-called "invasion", where the fact that there was no "invasion" happen because Kiram clan just want to stay on their own land, and they didn't came for war, they came just to settle.

    Ngayon ang Kiram na ang nag-initiate to say "we are open for negotiation to Malaysia", instead na ang Philippine protectahan nila ang Sulta, the Philippines should initiate for doable and forever settlement of the issue.
    Ngayon dini-diin pa ni PNoy ang Kiram clan?

    I admire your leadership Pinoy, at sa lahat ng mga dumaang Presidente sa generation ko, masasabi kung medjo matino ka. Pero alam ng karamihan ay tainted ka narin ng corruption at may madilim na Hacienda Luicita kang issue.

    Tapos ito pang mga Senator, pina-pakita pa nga media na "they agree of what our President stand"... Ai Sus!!!... Diba kayong mga senators, na alam din ang katotohanan, kung against kayo sa ginawa ni President, takot din kayong pag-sabihan ng "no brainer"! Agree kayo ng agree dahil malapit na ang election.

    Pasensya na po! Opinion ko lamang po.

    1. Hindi idea or opinion yung sinasabi mo kundi isang tsismis at mapanghinala..haba haba sinabi mo mga pinagkukuhuha mo Lang sinabi mo SA balita SA radyo..hahahahaha

  20. tama ang daming bobo dito.. ang gusto makacomment lang... Unity is important... yan din ang dahilan kaya sa ano mang team sports hirap taung manalo kai walang team work. ihiwalay ang visayas at mindanao? ikaw ang humiwalay... humilay ang pag-iisip sa katawan. kung denify ng mga Kiram ang presidente, sa tingin mo basta na alng sila paa-under once na makuha nila ang Sabah? no, they will just make their own kingdom at hihiwalay na sa Pilipinas... mag-aral ka nga ng World History... bakit sa tingin mo pinapapatay ng ilag leaders and kamag-anak nila? o sinusunog ang ilang historical books China, It's not only for the sake of power but to stop the possibility of war dahil sa pinoprotektahan nilang history. Tingin mo mas l;oyal ang Kiram sa Pilipinas kesa sa kanilang sariling kingdom... think about it. Just let the president do his job. GRRRRRRR....

  21. Ngayon ang administration mo inaacuse mo si GMA na binenta ang Spratley sa China. Ngayon kung hindi mo maiayos ang gusot sa "daang matuwid", hindi malayong aa-kusahan karin ng sambayanang Pilipino na beninta mo ang dangal ng mga muslim at Pilipino.

    Sa ginawa mo, para mo naring sinampal ang sarili mo.

    Pasensya na po! Ito poy opinion ko lamang.

  22. To Anonymous February 28, 2013 at 10:01 AM

    "they will just make their own kingdom at hihiwalay na sa Pilipinas"...

    Eh kung ganon, bakit pa nagkaroon ng Peace Deal kung sa tingin hihiwalaya din sila sa Pilipinas? For what?

    HIndi ba pwedeng mag-bago ang isip ng tao along the way, kung nakita nila na matuwid na talaga ang takbo ng Pilipinas?

  23. I came from Mindanao and I knew better than anyone because I am even working with these Muslim Groups before..

    I think its not also a secret that if they could have Sabah, they will just separate from the Philippines.

    The MNLF voiced it clearly that they want to have an independent state which is free from influence of Christianity where pork are absolutely ban like Saudi Arabia etc.

    If Sultan Kiram will succeed, believe me, they will established their own kingdom for the better future of the Muslims in Mindanao and its good also so that the rebellion in Mindanao would be lessen because everyone could have livelihood, could have jobs and could become busy....

    It is true, Sabah would become independent state from the Philippines soon as long as the Kiram family will succeed. They would still be close to the Philippines but as as independent state of the Philippines.

    Its good also that we will support them so that the Jobless muslims in Mindanao who are keep migrating there could settle sabah legally. and it is also a national pride for a new success..

    We should help the muslim find their what they want to be called as their Muslim State so the rebellion will stop.

    Sabah is owned by Sultan Kiram's Family then we should help them so the responsibility of Manila Government for the jobless muslims in Mindanao and the rebel muslims in Mindanao would be ended.

    Lets support Sultan Kiram's Claim for sabah for the will of our Muslim Brothers in Mindanao and Sabah. Anyway, Sultan Kira,'s clan legally owned sabah but illegally squatted by britain from them.

    Lets help to correct the previous mistakes

    1. Ang babaw naman ng dahilan mo! Gusto maging independent state sila para Lang ma BAN ang baboy? Bakit pinipilit ba ng govt of the Philippines. Na kumain ng baboy ang bawat Muslim diba Hindi? Malaya ang bawat may sarili pananampalaya na kumain ng pagkain naaangkop base SA kanila relihiyon..unconvincing yung reason MO.

  24. Im a supporter of pres. aquino pero kung may nalabag na batas ang sultan of sulo dahil pinaglalaban nya ang alam nyang para sa kanila i think mas malaki ang magiging kasalanan ng pres. nten na hinde ipagtangol ang karapatan ng kanyang bansa at taong nasasakupan. its a mortal sin sa isang leader na hinde lumaban para sa karapatan ng bansa!!! Sorry mr. pres. sasalungat muna ako syo sa issue nato hinde muna ako makkipag away thru comments against you coz i think your in the wrong way!!!! But im still support you in other issues!!!

  25. Ako man ay suporter din sa economic policy ni Aquino pero sa Security and external threats "0" ang rating ko aky pres Noy. Anyway hindi naman pwedeng perfect sya sa lahat ng Bagay kasi hindi naman sya Sundalo pero ako kahit hindi ako Sundalo at pareho kami ng Discipline ni Pnoy in terms of education.. kaya ko makipag sabayan sa mga Sundalo kasi May ROTC din ako at advance unit at kaya kung e manage ang external and internal threat ng bansa.


  26. The questions running in my mind right now is that, why now? i mean why MNLF and Kiram now claiming sabah again after MILF peace talk? dahil ba halos hindi manginginabang ang MNLF at si kiram sa nangyaring peace talk sa MILF? can someone answer? i smell something fishy kasi, parang may ibang gusto si kiram bukod sa mabawi ang sabha

  27. nabaliwala kasi ang sultan of sulu sa peace talk agreement with milf kaya naghihimutok sya at nag aalala na sya na tuluyan nang mabaon sa limot ang pagbawi sa sabbah kya kumilos na sya on his own hinde kase maaasahan ang gobyerno kase parang tumatanaw ng utang na loob si pinoy sa malaysia. mali un i think sabihin na nating may utatang na loob tyo sa malaysia pero dapat seperate un sa issue ng sabbah!!!!

  28. we have ligal historical claime sa sabbah compare sa histotical claim ng china sa spartlys using thier fake maps. we have in flesh heirs sultan of sulu

  29. lets make nuclear weapon to gain respect to our neighbors!!!! lets do it

  30. Who owns Sabah? Philippines or Malaysia?

    Ask the Sultan of Brunei - I am sure he will have an answer.

  31. Hindi natin dapat pagtakhan ang posisyon ni noynoy sa isyung iyan, para na rin kasing namamana ang political/foreign policy. Sa panahon ng kanyang ina, wala rin itong ginawang tama, in fact nagmukha opa nga siyang fawn ng mga Malaysian at ang lolo ni noynoy ay isang kolaborador ng Hapon, siya ng nangulo sa KALIBAPI. Ano say nyo nasa dugo kaya yan?

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