Filipino-Chinese in the Philippines questioned and criticized the US Warship stranded incident in Tubbataha

I don't wanna take side between the US Navy and the independent World Wide Fund (WWF)'s issue for the recent incident of US minesweeper warship stranded at the world's most protected and most important reef, the Tubbataha reef of the Sulu Sea.

 Well, you may ask where is Tubbataha reef? The Tubbataha National Marine Park is located at the Central Sulu Sea, is a marine sanctuary containing a reef of enormous size. It was established on August 11, 1988 with an area of 332 km² (82,000 acres). A 98 nautical miles (181 km) southeast of Puerto Princesa City in the Palawan Province. The reef is made up of two coral atolls divided by an eight-kilometer (5 miles) wide channel. The South Atoll, the smaller of the two is five kilometers in length and three kilometers in width; while the North Atoll, the larger of the two is 16 kilometers (9.9 mi) long and five kilometers (3 miles) wide.(Knipp 22) Each reef has a single small islet that protrudes from the water. The atolls are separated by a deep channel 8 km (5.0 mi) wide. It is also nominated at the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

A Chinese origin Jose Ma. Lorenzo TAN, WWF-Philippines vice chairman and chief executive officer in the Philippines criticized the US Navy for diverting their trip to the Tubbataha marine park instead of going directly to Puerto Princesa.

Me, as a keen political issues observer and follower with an in-depth knowledge about environment issues, I am a bit concern of the 10 meter destruction of the corrals in the Tubbataha reef for the US Navy Mine sweeper incident because it takes hundred years  to replace them but I am very much concerned of Jose Ma. Lorenzo TAN's presence in the Philippines as he seems to be a defector and a communist china spy in the country.

What makes me worried of Jose Ma. Lorenzo TAN? Because this man is so quiet and never criticized the china's activity in the West Philippines Sea (South China Sea). Australian environmentalist are already voicing their concern of the effect of the heavy traffic at sea in the West Philippine sea that could have an adverse effect to the environment which could harshly affect the ocean waters living organisms, corrals and environment in the Philippines particularly in Palawan and the corrals adjacent to it which we could count the Tubbataha reef.

Why this Jose Ma. Lorenzo TAN is also so quiet for the continuous poaching of Chinese fishermen catching endangered species of green turtles in the West Philippines Sea and in Scarborough Shoal? I did not hear any comment from this Chinese Jose Ma. Lorenzo TAN criticizing china.

I could have the rights to question the US Navy for going there but I could not criticize them because it is part of their mission is to clear the waters in the Philippines for possible mines planted by any pirates, terrorist or even the communist china subs which we don't know if they are entering the country because we don't have radars to monitor our waters. This US Navy mine sweepers also need  to explore the water in the Philippines and be familiarize all the features so they would be ready how to defend this country from this communist china invader if they will extend  further their illegal occupancy of the Philippines territory from 75 Miles distant from Palawan, the Mischief or Panganiban reef to the Sulu Sea to the inner part of the country. Taiwan is really right. The Philippines is heavily bullied by china.

To all the netizens, if you have read many articles online, many Chinese are claiming that the world's most beautiful reef, the Tubbataha reef in the Sulu Sea was once part of china territory and they are planning to claim it back. Though their claim is not supported by the communist china government's publication but their communist government is fun of brainwashing their people and telling them lies that the Philippines was once part of china. I just wondering why the Sulu Sea is now included in the china's claim? Not in the history of the Sultanate of Sulu to be part of China.

The Inquirer Global Nation publication yesterday titled "US Navy ship stuck in Tubbataha: Why there?" really triggered my grave concern that some Filipino Chinese in the Philippines are starts depicting to support the communist china which these people are threats of this country and must be deported from where they really came from.

Inquirer: A US Navy warship that ran aground on the Tubbataha Reefs Thursday (January 17, 2013) did not coordinate with local authorities about its passage, something that the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) said was contrary to the protocol among foreign and local ships crossing the waters near the World Heritage Site in the Sulu Sea.

"Why were they even near Tubbataha? The Sulu Sea is so vast, and it takes 10 hours from Puerto Princesa to reach it. Why couldn't they see it when they had all the state-of-the-art maps and navigation systems?" said Jose Ma. Lorenzo Tan, WWF-Philippines vice chairman and chief executive officer.

"I understand that it was an accident. But it seems they are not showing good faith, considering we're supposed to be allies, and we even have the Visiting Forces Agreement," Tan said.

The ship "entered without a permit" in violation of Republic Act No. 10067, or the Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park Act of 2009, Angelique Songco, a protected area superintendent and head of the Tubbataha management office, told Rappler.

The Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park lies at the center of the Sulu Sea. It protects almost 100,000 hectares of high-quality marine habitats containing three atolls and a large area of deep sea.

Mum on damage to reefs

The US Seventh Fleet said the USS Guardian (MCM-5), a 68-meter minesweeper, grazed the reef and got stuck some 128 kilometers off Palawan as it sailed off to its next port call before dawn Thursday.

"The Avenger-Class ship had just completed a port call on Subic Bay, Olongapo City and was en route to her next port of call when the grounding occurred. The government of the Philippines was promptly informed of the incident," the Seventh Fleet said in a report posted on its website.

The Seventh Fleet said that "no one was hurt" in the incident and that the cause of the grounding was being investigated.

"The crew is currently working to determine the best method of safely extracting the ship. The cause of the grounding is under investigation," the US naval unit said.

The Seventh Fleet's report was, however, silent on possible damage on the Tubbataha Reef, an atoll coral reef hosting some of the densest concentrations of marine life and is known as one of the world's best diving spots.

Resupply, recreation in Subic

The ship, among US naval assets deployed in Sasebo, Japan, arrived in the Philippines and docked at the former American naval base on Subic Bay on Sunday for a routine refueling, resupply and rest and recreation stop.

The ship, manned by some 80 sailors, including Filipino-Americans, also made a brief visit to Puerto Princesa before heading off to its next port call early Thursday. No media coverage was arranged for the port call.

PH kept in dark

Tan questioned a US Embassy statement that the US Navy had promptly informed Philippine authorities about the ship running aground.

"The question is: Who did they inform? The governor of Palawan (Abraham Mitra) did not know. The Tubbataha Protected Area Management Board did not know. The Western Command (of the Armed Forces of the Philippines) did not know," he said.

Tan said the Tubbataha park rangers only knew about what happened when they spotted the ship.

"There were eight rangers on speed boats. And they could not even approach. The ship was on general quarters (alarm)," he said, referring to an announcement on naval ships preparing the ship's crew for battle or imminent damage.

10 meters of coral ruined

WWF is one of the partners of the Tubbataha Management Office, the implementing arm of the Tubbataha Protected Area Management Board (TPAMB), the agency carrying out day-to-day operations in the protection and conservation effort for the reef.

The ship might have destroyed "at least 10 meters" of coral reef serving as haven to countless species of marine life, according to Tan.

He said information relayed to him following an aerial survey of the site of the accident by the Philippine Air Force appeared to indicate that the USS Guardian rammed through at least 10 meters of coral.

"By our estimates, the size of the damage to the reef is at least 10 linear meters. Multiply that by the width of the ship and that could be the entire area of damage," he said in an interview by phone.

According to the USS Guardian website, the width of the minesweeper is 11.88 meters or 39 feet.

Tan said it was difficult to assess the extent of damage, as well as its implications in the marine life in the area, but it would definitely affect the fishing grounds in surrounding waters.

"It's possible that the corals will not grow back at all," he said when asked how long the reef would recover.

Pay fine

Tan said the US government must own up to its responsibility and pay the standard fines imposed by the Tubbataha Protected Area Management Board.

"They must do as Greenpeace did," he said, referring to the 2005 incident when the environmentalist organization's ship ran aground and damaged a reef in the Tubbataha, for which it paid a fine of almost P400,000.

The US Navy may be fined P12,000 per square meter of damaged corals.

National treasure

The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said the government was concerned about the damage the ship's impact may have caused on the reef.

"For the moment, our main concern is to ensure safety of navigation in the area and to mitigate this incident's impact on the reef, which is a natural and national treasure," said Assistant Secretary Raul Hernandez, spokesperson of the DFA.

Hernandez said it was coordinating with the US Embassy, the Philippine Coast Guard, the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Department of National Defense in investigating the incident.

No oil leak

In a statement issued late Thursday, the US Embassy said the ship that ran aground off Palawan was not leaking oil into Philippine waters.

"The extent of damage to the ship and the cause of the grounding are under investigation, but there are no initial reports of leaking of fuel or oil," the embassy said.

It further said that safeguarding the ship's crew and preventing environmental damage "are the US Navy's top priorities."

Questions raised

The militant Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (Bayan) questioned the presence of the US minesweeper, saying it "again raises questions regarding US military presence in the country" under the Philippine-US Visiting Force Agreement.

"It appears that the country is a de facto outpost for refueling, supply and rest and recreation, much like during the time of US bases, but minus the formality and absent a treaty," said Bayan secretary general Renato Reyes Jr.

The Philippines ousted US bases in 1991 but remains a steady defense ally of the United States, with a standing Mutual Defense Treaty for six decades.

Last year, US ships made 197 port calls in the Philippines, while some 444 American aircraft were cleared for landing in the country's airports, according to the DFA.


The incident followed the recovery of an unarmed US aerial target drone off the coast of Masbate earlier this month. The Philippine government ruled out any sovereignty issues in the incident as the drone was not launched within Philippine air space.

The US Embassy said the drone, the type used for military drills and not for surveillance, was launched from a US Navy destroyer in September during large-scale US naval exercises in Guam and was swept to the Philippine coast by ocean currents.


My compatriots let's keep an eye for the situations. These make me sleepless each night since the Scarborough Shoal Stand-off until the recent development in the West Philippines Sea which is really disturbing to the peace situation of the Asia Pacific Region. I am calling for unity. We need to discuss this matter seriously.

This is Prince Dan We, one of the editors of the Rebuilding for the Better Philippines. 
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  1. “I love you more my Philippines, I love you more and more each day. Oh! Majestic “Luzon Visayas Mindanao”, my beautiful LuzViMinda. I love you all and everything you have, even the dusts and smelly muds where your hardworking water Buffalo used to respite from the whole day plowing your golden soils. Soon you will rise again and your pearl will shine like a morning star that even those who forsaken you will come back and praise you with pride”

    Magic Jemelser

  2. Grrr ang Pangit na itong si Jose Ma. Lorenzo TAN... Hoy intsek bumalik sa sa china hindi mo lugar ang Pilipinas kaya huwag ka mag hari-harina dito.. wala kang karapatan mag enarte kasi illegal settlers ka alng sa pilipinas at hindi ka welcome dito.

    Mahiya ka naman. bakit sayo ba ang tubbataha reef na yan? kapal mo ha mas malaki pa ang damage ng chinese poachers sa mga green turtles natin bakit wala kang say.. baboy ka...

  3. Pede nyo bang e post ang mukha nag JOSE MA. LORENZO TAN dito para makita natin gugang mukhang na yan... Pag chinese poachers hindi aangal pag kano nag roronda at tumutulong sa pagbantay sa karagatan ng PILIPINAS aangal-angal pa LINTEK na JOSE MA. LORENZO TAN na yan.... sarap balatan ng BUHAY....

  4. "it is part of their mission is to clear the waters in the Philippines for possible mines planted by any pirates, terrorist or even the communist china subs which we don't know if they are entering the country because we don't have radars to monitor our waters. This US Navy mine sweepers also need to explore the water in the Philippines and be familiarize all the features so they would be ready how to defend this country..."

    I Agree with Mr. We, we do have the same thinking.
    Due to lack of naval capabilities, CH is most probably exploring our territorial seas on how to implement "Access Denial"

  5. Nakaka high blood itong hayop na intsek na si JOSE MA. LORENZO TAN pede ba mga NPA maging responsible naman kayo. Ito kaya iligpit nyo para hahanga ako sa inyo paminsan minsan.. salot itong si JOSE MA. LORENZO TAN ubusin nyo pamilya nyan para mabawasan ang mga traitor sa ating bansa

  6. Ikaw Prince Dan We, ang basa ng bunganga mo, ikaw din dapat na ma wala para matahimik itong bansa. Ang batas namin sino mang masyadong maraming alam ay dapat ng ilipit.



  7. I think spy yang JoMaLoTan na yan. Siguro kaya jan pumunta ang minesweeper na yan kasi natunugan siguro na may tinatagong lihim yang vp ng wwf-pinas jan sa tubatha rref, kaya nag iingay yang behong JoMaLoTan na yan baka kasi mabuking sa mga milagrong kalokohan nya yan jan sa nasabing lugar. Pwe!

  8. 中方有力证据:

  9. 菲律宾最大软肋:



  10. bakit may cheng.... cheng... kwang... kwang... baboy tikang-kang dito..... GRrrrrrrrrrrr........

  11. The ship might have destroyed "at least 10 meters" of coral reef serving as haven to countless species of marine life, according to Tan.

    10 meters lang ikabahala mo? ang invasion ng china buong isla anong masasabi mo? Hindi lang danagl ng mga pilipino ang nawasak kundi pati teritoryo nito.

    One sided ka at hindi ka fair TAN... dapat ikaw ay hindi naka upo diyan utak mo utak ahas

  12. HUH?! English please...I didn't understand what do you want to say/express...

  13. ALEEEEERTT!!!!!Some chinese pigs are TROLLING HAHAHAHA

  14. Masanay na kayo ang invasion ng intsek hindi lang sa Spratlys kundi pati na rin sa cyberworld. Nag claim sila ang ang Spratly island ay hindi raw kasama sa map ng Pilipinas noon. Noong 1997 lang daw ang philippines Biglang nag claim.

    Ang masasabi ko hindi nag claim ang Pilippine kasi teritoryo yan ng Pilipinas ang Spratly eh, bakit pa keylangan mag claim eh atin yan.

    Napilipitan nalang tayong mag formally claim na atin kasi inagaw na nga mga katabing bansa eh kahit malayo sila.

    claim nila uuninhabit daw?

    tanga ba sila? sa 7,107 island sa Philippines ilan lang ba ang may naka tira, alangan naman tirhan yan lahat sa dami nyan... at walang water supply.

    Kukuti gamitin, may naka tira man diyan o wala hanggat nasa 200 Nautical miles exclusive economic zone ng Pilipinas, sa Pilipinas yan.

    Very common logic hindi mga intendi itong mga hayop na yan


  16. Who did they inform? The governor of Palawan (Abraham Mitra) did not know. The Tubbataha Protected Area Management Board did not know. The Western Command (of the Armed Forces of the Philippines) did not know," Jose Ma. Lorenzo TAN said!..

    aha!!! Baboy na Jose Ma. Lorenzo TAN.. SINO KA BA, buset ka huh! Epal ka...

    Alam na ng buong pilipinas na paparating sa Palawan ang Mine Sweeper..

    Kung may utak ka, ano ba naman ang gagawin ng mine sweeper? mag sweep ng Gold sa Palawan at ipadala sa china?

    Wala kang utak!! trabaho ng mine sweeper ang suyurin ang buong karagatan para safe ang mga navigators na civilians o business trading ships...

    Alangan naman suyurin ng mine sweepers ang Puerto Princesa..

    at isa pa ha!! Jose Ma. Lorenzo TAN Apellyido mo pa lang Intsek ka na. Wala kang karapatan sa Pilipinas.

    Ito pa ha!!! alam ng sandatahang lakas na nasa paligid anytime ang mga bargko pandigma ng Amerika and at least 5 warship palaging nasa teritoryo ng pilipinas..

    Akala mo magawa mong baliktarin ang katutuhanan na isa kang traitor.. dapat ma e deport itong hayop na Jose Ma. Lorenzo TAN na ito.. bobo!! pano ka naka upo sa WWF kung wala kang utak? diploma mo bayad ng China?


  17. ang sabi ni MR. DAN WE magkaisa tayo at alamin kung bakit nangyayari ang mga ganitong bagay sa ating bansa at ano ba talaga ang pakay nila{CHINA AT AMERIKA}dahil kung babasahin mo ang pangyayari nagugulat na lang tayo na may nangyari na at kahit ang AFP natin ay hindi alam at hindi man lang sila nagpaalam sa higher authority natin at kung tutuo na talagang nagbabantay sila sa mga karagatan natin bakit hindi sila magbantay kung saan nadoon ang CHINA.halimbawa sa SCARBOROUGH ang lapit lang sa SUBIC nyan pero hindi nila napupuntahan kahit minsan.dba nakakapagtaka?


  18. This Jose Ma. Lorenzo TAN must be the one who smuggle the precious rare black corals and sell to the China for medicine.

  19. Translated:


    If you are in China Prince Dan, you can not expect free. You are a traitor communist government plans to.

  20. "菲律宾最大软肋:



    Your wrong of this!!!

    Philippines got the every old map with the Scarborough Shoal included in our very old map. Unlike your country, keeps on saying "Ancient Times" but no sufficient evidence and thus your claim remains "excessive" and "unvalidated"... BACKOFF!!!

  21. hindi lahat ng ginagawa ng AMERIKA sa ating bansa na kahit mali na at nakakasira na sa atin ay titingnan pa rin nating tama dahil walang ibang magmamahal SA PILIPINAS kundi tayong mga PILIPINO.kailangan paminsan minsan magtatanong din tayo sa sarili ng BAKIT NGA BA?


  22. Until NOW, CHINA CANNOT PROVIDE "ANCIENT MAP" to verify their CLAIMS!!!

    BOO!!!... SHAME ON YOU!!!

  23. eto ang mukha ng Hinayupak na na JOSE MA. LORENZO TAN

    Hanapin nyo to

  24. Check this link ito ang Hikot profile ng Taong si Jose Maria Lorenzo Tan (AKA) CHINA Spy..

  25. at ikaw na nagsusulat nang mga chinese character isulat mo sa maiintindihan namin para malaman mo ang mga sagot namin. HUNGHANG KA!!!!alam namin na ang lahat ng sinasabi nyo ay puro kasinungalingan dahil kung tutuo ang mga sinasabi nyo bakit ayaw nyong idaan sa UNCLOS ang usapin ng SPRATLY AT SCARBOROUGH.


  26. nahanap ko na intsek talaga hindi mukhang pinoy

  27. Demonyetang mukhang may sungay na naka ngiti itong hayop na ito. bakit may Profile sya sa Hikot sa mga pinoy lang yan hindi sa mga intsek.. Itong mga intsek pumapasok na talaga sa teritoryo ng mga pinoy hindi lang sa lupa at tubig kundi pati na rin a internet

    Di ko makalimutan itong mukha nito hayop na ito..

    Tingnan nyo.... dito oh... naka ngita pa kapal..

  28. Huwag na kayong magalit, Tabaho ni Mr. Jose Maria Lorenzo Tan ang nasasakupan nya. Ito naman kasing mga US Navy bakit sinira pa yang mga corrals diyan.

    Alam ko sinasadya ito ng mga US Navy para magka issue sila kasi hindi sila sisikat sa Pilipinas kung walang incident eh. Gusto nilang iparating at pa inggitin ang china na anytime pwede sila mag in and out sa pilipinas at anywhere pa.

    Ano ba itong pilipinas a piece of cake? or a piece of sliced cheese na gawing laru-an ni Tom at Jerry.

  29. hay... wg ng mag-away...
    Bk8 b my intsik n dto...
    dun cla s website nla...

  30. Google translate:

    The biggest weakness of the Philippines:Important map of their own country does not contain the Huangyan IslandIs the biggest weakness of the Philippines on the issue of sovereignty over the Huangyan Island: in several key documents on Huangyan Island are not classified within the territorial limits of the Philippines. Including the old colonists transfer sovereignty nature of the 1898 Treaty of Paris, the 1900 Washington Treaty, as well as talks with the United States and Britain in 1930, the 1935 Philippine Constitution, 3046, 1961 Republic law. These treaties and decrees are set out in detail the form of a clear latitude and longitude and polyline the boundary of the Philippines. Huangyan Island are not in these land boundaries within. Until 1997, the Philippines was suddenly claimed ... "

    What the fuk im reading?

  31. That's it. If you will search for the Old World Maps, you could not even see the Map of the Philippines because it is comprised of small thousands of islands as only

    So china claimed that they could not see the Map showing the Kalayaan group of island.. Of course.. yo could not even see the Siargao island and Mapun Island because the measurement of a smaller map is not enough to show the small dots.

    So they claimed the Spratlys... Look the Philippines is comprised of 7,107 Islands and it includes the Spratlys.

    They insist nobody living there?

    Of course for so many islands... no water supply how could the people live there..

    Supposed to be china will analyze first what are the reason before creating troubles because the 7,107 islands of the Philippines includes Spratlys.

    We did not claim until 1997? even if we make a claim in 2010 is it still valid.

    The Philippine claim is not for the island to be part of the new territory but to stop the other claimant because it is part of the 1,107 islands of the Philippines

  32. Ahaha... Even today, you cannot provide a map that the disputed islands belongs to you if you say "Ancient Time". Well in fact, we have the oldest map that those islands belongs to us, and the sultanate of sulu claimed that Spratly was originaly belongs to the sultanate of sulu during the "Ancient Time"

  33. Now because of our weakness, you take advantage of us. Ahaha!!!

    Thanks, but your telling that you are just and OPPORTUNIST, LIAR and those islands NEVER and COULD NEVER BE YOURS.

  34. The Philippines will continue to be the 7,107 islands country.

    CHINA is THIEF!!!

  35. kung babasahin nyo sa ibang site may punto naman pala talaga si MR.TAN dahil hindi man lang pala nagpaalam protocol pala yan sa tubbataha na ang lahat ng dadaan ay magpapaalam para mai guide at hindi man lang daw nagpakita ng kabutihan ang USS GUARDIAN bilang magkaibigang bansa.
    ang ibig sabihin nyan pwede sila pumunta kahit saang parte ng PILIPINAS kahit hindi magpaalam sa mga may katungkulan sa atin

    basta gusto nila walang makakapigil.parang ganon ang gusto nilang palabasin.

    at sa ibang pinoy hindi porke apelidong chinese ay kaaway na agad ang turing natin.
    maraming chinese na dito na lumaki ang galit din sa ginagawa ng china.

    at ang sumulat ng mga chinese character na yan 100% hindi yan si mr TAN


  36. I disagree with you. It is wrong. May aveso man ang US Navy o wala, alam na ng Western command na dadating sila kasi may communication in advance na paparating sila. Alam din ng Western Command na nag depart na sila from Subic heading to Palawan.

    Ang punto si Tan dito is trabaho nya yan at pag may masisira, sya din naman ang mananagot sa mga tao nya at sila din gagastos sa repair.

    Pero ang allegation nya an walang alam ang ating authiridad is WRONG

    My advance memo na pinadala ang US navy. at hindi nila pwedeng sabihin yan kung saan sila dadaan dahil na rin sa security issue and we coud understand them kasi sovereign country nga tayo hindi naman tayo nererespeto ng katabing bansa natin kasi we are not respectable kasi we are not capable and we do not deserves respect kasi wala nga kahit pa pasukin tayo in and out wala tayong alam kasi inutil ang nakaraang administrasyo at walang ginawa para maging competitive ang ating AFP

    Ngayon ang allegation ni Tan is not acceptable.

    We should have to understand the security situation in our country kasi kahit china pwede pumasok ng hindi natin alam.

    Kung may naka abang para e ambush ang mga US Navy ma pipigilan ba natin, diba hindi?

    Ang pag diverst nila ng route ay dahil na rin sa security issue. sabihin na natin na pwede sila nag explore pero may maraming dahilan.

    Nung mag depart sa Subic ang Mine sweeper alam ng Palawan yun at nasa loob na ng bansa ang warship na yan... may communications pero hindi sinasabi kung saan location nila.

  37. Our government should offer hep to the US navy on grounding incidents as allied country,..If we offer help to our enemy China when their Navy ship had also been grounded off coast of Palawan,..then I believe we should show more brotherhood to our allied adn not to critizised them,...How small is 10 meters damaged compared to the damged done by Chinise poachers for many years,.. Wake up Mr. President lend your help,...

  38. pauwiin na sana ang mga intsik sa kanilang bansa kasi wala namang karapatan magdakdak yan sa bansang Pinas......

  39. Iyan ang problem diyan nakapag tataka ang gibyernong ito. Nung ma stranded ang barko ng Chinese Navy, without informing the Philippines yun. Illegal talaga yun, agad-agad nag padala ng tulong ang gobyernong Pilipinas kahit hindi humihingi ng tulong.

    Pero ng ma stranded ang sa US navy, wala man lang plan ang Gobyerno na tulungan iot kasi hindi naman daw humihingi ng tulong.

    Kultura ba yan ng pilipino na hindi tutulong?

    Malakas ang kutob ko.. this is a conspiracy. May malalim na dahilan ito.

    Huwag mong sabihing gyera na kasi parang imposible yan

    Baka naman nahanap na ng mga Kano ang Yamashita Treasure na nabaon diyan for 3 meters deep. e-uuwi na yan sa America...

    O baka naman may itatanim na War weapon ang Kano diyan, o baka powerful radar.... para ma monitor ang pontential entry ng china submarine ng hindi natin alam.

    Alam ng America ang Atoll na yan.. Sinasadya yan may malalim na dahilan. this is a big conspiracy... tandaan nyo.. 2 lang ang dahila it is iether para sa Pilipinas or sa ika sasama ng pilipinas. believe me.

    Cute ako

  40. Kaya nga hindi mahulihuli yang mga chinese illegal poachers jan sa reef na yan kasi nga pag may dadaan na patrol boat ng pinas e kailangan pang ipagpaalam kay mr. tan, e di i-alert nya agad mga illegal tsekwa poachers para di mahuli...kaya nila iniinsist na mgpaalam muna. hay naku, may kanyakanyang dahilan. pero yung minesweeper, pustahan tayo, reason nyan e maglagay ng defense mechanism dahil alam nilang may milagrong nangyayari dyan sa reef. e kung ipaalam nila na may ilalagay silang defense mechanism dyan e di SIGAWAN lahan ng mga anti-US force na mga commies dyan sa atin.

  41. everyone makes mistakes.remember the cruise ship in italy or huge cargo ship that was also stuck in the shore of new sealand and lots more.things like this happened and besides some of the crews are also filipiono or filipino americans.this so called tan is just there waiting for this to happen.

  42. this so called Tan was just waiting for this to happen so,he would have reason to complain to goverment or American embassy.well what those chinese poatchers poatching indangered species and coral?

  43. Puking inang yan lumulubong na daw yung warship...masisira na ang tubataha reef!!!

  44. OA nyo! 10 meters lang iiyak na kayo? eh ang area ng tubbataha park is thousands square miles. arte. alin ang mas mahalaga tahanan ng isda o teritoryo natin laban sa pesteng china na yan!!! arte... pweeeeeeeeeee

    Hahit ba buong barko ng USA lulubig diyan hindi pa nila ma occupy ang area ng tubbataha kahi pa 100 aircraft carrier pa ang lulubog diyan

  45. May pa Pweeeee Pweeeeee ka pa....

    Pweeeet mo hahaha

  46. Dami mong alam!!!


  48. I hate the Philippine Media and Philippine Government Officials,..Imagine noong nasadsad ang barko ng Chikwa walang media na dumadakdak at hindi din umiimik ang mga senador samantalang tres passing ang mga Chinise Naval ship sa pagpasok ng teretoryo sa bansa tapos itong mga American Navy naman ang nasadsad eh paiimbistigahan daw mantakin mo pag iisip yan ng mga Senador at media,.. paano aasenso ang Pilipinas kung ang mga opisyal ng gobyerno natin ay mg bubo

  49. Nakaka lungkot isipin na mga bubo ang mga media at opisyal ng ating pamahalaan

  50. I am seaman and it is a normal incident kasi "human error" and no big deal,...ang pinag tataka ko lang eh bakit mas galit na galit ang mga media at gobyerno na nasadsad yung barko ng Amerikano samantalang napunta sila sa Pilipinas to protect our country from Chinise poachers samantalang ng ma grounding naman yung Chinise naval ship nila ay walang umiimik na media

    pinag tatawanan tayo ng ibang bansa ang gulo daw natin,..

  51. Mga kababayan.. dito nyo makikita paano nagpaka alipin ang Pilipinas sa China huwag lang magka gyera. Kahit marami ng kasalanan ang china sa pilipinas luhod pa rin ngluhod tayo sa kanila huwag lang mag ka gyera kasi kawawa tayo. alam kasi ng gobyerno nati na apg amerika, hindi tayo gegerihin nyan pero pag china, takam na takam na ang china na ma angkin ang Pilipinas.

    Iyan ang malaking kasalana ng Marcos na yan, Erap na yan at Hayop na Gloria Arroyo na yan.

    Kung inup-grade ang ating Armed Forces noon, hindi ma gawa ng china na ganyan sa atin kasi matatakot din sila na hindi na sila makaka uwi. Tulad ng Ginawa ng Japan.. ni Minsan hindi lumuhod ang Japan sa China... Hinarap nila at muntik pang ipitin ng dalawang Japanese Coast guard ship ang invader na barkong china na pumasok sa kanilang territory at doon na takot ang china kasi muntik na silang ma sandwitch kasi hindi takot ang japan kasi equipped sila.

    Eh dito sa Pilipinas.. mga barko ng China in and out dito sa mga isla natin mula palawan papuntang Davao at Mindanao pero tahimik ang gobyerno natin at hindi ibinalita sa media para daw hindi gugulo kasi mag welga na naman tayo.

    Kawawang kawawa kasi tayo ay lumuluhod na sa China. worry ako nito kung hindi tayo magka isa para itaas ang Bandila natin. Ang Gobyerno natin ay under control ng china kaya nga ang USA napansin nila na nanganganib na pala ang bansang Pilipinas kaya pinilit nilang gumastos at mag roronda para sa atin pero ang gobyerno natin ang kupad kumilos para pundohan ang AFP ewan ko kung bakit.

    Kawawang Pilipinas mga kababayan.. hawak tayo sa leeg. Ang china ang naghahari dito. di natin alam kung baka may hidden agreement na ang gobeyrno sa china kaya on the spot sila tutulong nung na stranded ang china warship sa Palawan islans pero hindi tumutulong sa Amerika parang plantalya lang na ally natin ang america pero kalaban pala. parang pantalya nalang din na hindi part ng CHina ang pilipinas pero isang bansa na pala kasi bakit sa CHina tayo tumutulong bakit sa US Navy hindi.

    Ang sakoit sa puso at isip na ganito ang kalagayan ng bansa natin

  52. eh papano, ma-luluki daw negosyo ng mga chekwa dito sa pinas.
    at mga gov officials na kurakot ay wala ng makuhang-pera galing sa mga chekwa.


  53. Si trilliones??? who knows baka bayad na 'yun.
    Eh mga chiness businessman daw ang kasama nun pumunta sa China.

    Masakit ang puso ko nito!

  54. Nagbabasa ba kayo o nakikinig ba kayo ng balita o talaga lang na sobra ang paghanga nyo sa amerika. Ang PHILIPPINE NAVY ay naka stand by malapit sa USS GUARDIAN at anumang oras na humingi ng tulong ang US NAVY kaagad nilang itong matutulungan. Ibig sabihin ayaw talagang humingi ng tulong ng mayabang at ng hinahanggaan nyong AMERIKA.dahil ayaw nila na mabalita sa mundo na tinulungan sila ng PHILIPPINE NAVY at ayaw nila ng ganon dahil ang alam ng mundo na mahina ang NAVY ng PILIPINAS na tutuo naman talaga sa ngayon.dahil baka sabihin dawn g ibang bansa. HI TECH tinulungan ng LOW TECH mapapahiya sila dahil ang tingin ng AMERIKA sa sarili nila “HARI”{nuon yun} at ayaw nilang humingi ng tulong sa itinuturing nilang “ALIPIN”{nuon yun}nagtataka ako sa karamihan ng mga PILIPINO kung bakit ganon na lang ang paghanga nila sa AMERIKA. Siguro dahil sila lagi ang bida sa mga pelikula,nasa kanila si superman,batman,captain amerika at marami pang mga super hero na puro tatak amerika at laging sila ang magaling pagdating sa mga pelikulang ganon nahulma ang kaisipan ng mga Pilipino{hindi ako kasama ha!}
    Lagi nating iniisip na ang amerika ay ganito ang amerika ay ganyan ang amerika ay kaibigan tutulungan tayo ng amerika,malakas ang amerika,mayaman ang amerika.ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!nakakasawa na!!!!!!! ay meron pa pala pupunta kami ng amerikaaaaaaaaan shit..

    BAKIT GALIT AKO SA AMERIKA siguro marami ang nagtatano ng bakit??pero hindi naman ako yung klase ng tao na idadaan sa pagwawala sa kalsada para sumigaw ng sumigaw na parang mga baliw na pag tinanong mo hindi naman alam kung ano yung mga isinisigaw nila.

    Ang tingin sa atin ng mga amerkano {nuon ALIPIN,AMERIKAN MONKEY IN ASIA,BUSABOS,}ang PILIPNO naman ang tingin sa AMERIKA{ KNIGHT OF THE SHINNING ARMOUR}
    Bago matapos ang WORLD WAR 2 halos 600.000 tonelada ng GINTO {YAMASHITA TREASURE] ang kinuha nila at dinala sa AMERIKA na dapat sana ay sa PILIPINAS dahil nung panahon na yun sila lang ang may gamit at kaalaman kaya ganon na lang nila winasak ang MAYNILA para I divert ang atensyon ng gobyerno natin
    Habang hinahakot ng mga amerkano ang yamashita treasure papuntang amerika.

    Nuon binalak ni PRES.MARCOS na kunin ang SABAH sa kamay ng MALAYSIA at humingi sya ng payo sa AMERIKA dahil kaibigan at kakampi ang turing nya sa AMERIKA at nuong lulusob na sa MALAYSIA walang kaalam alam ang PILIPINAS na ang mga BRITISH pala ay naka stand by na sa CLARK at SUBIC dahil sinabi rin pala ng AMERIKA sa mga BRITISH ang plano ni MARCOS “mabuti na lang at hindi natuloy dahil kung nagkataon harap at likod ang kalaban natin at galling pa mismo sa loob ng bansa natin”TRINAIDOR TAYO NG INIIDOLO NYONG AMERIKA.

    At ngayong BINU BULLY tayo ng CHINA ano ang STAND ng AMERIKA sa sitwasyon natin ngayon.dbat malinaw ang binitiwan nilang salita na “WALA SILANG PAPANIGAN”naiintindihan ko naman sila sa bagay na ito. Dahil sa napakalaking utang nila sa CHINA at maaaring yun ang hinihiling sa kanila ng CHINA ang wag maki alam o tulungan ang PILIPINAS. Ito ang ikalawang pag TRAIDOR sa atin ng AMERIKA ang hindi pagtupad sa MDT{MUTUAL DEFENSE TREATY}

    Unang una hindi natin pwedeng asahan ang AMERIKA na mag provide sa atin ng makabagong kagamitan dahil ang karamihan ng binibigay nila ay puro pinaglumaan at makabili man tayo ay lolo na rin ang idad at bukod sa matanda na tinanggal pa yung mga armas “yan ba ang kaibigan ?”

  55. At kung tutuo na nagbabantay nga sila sa ating karagatan bakit hindi sila mag bantay kung saan may STAND OFF para malaman natin kung tunay ba na nagbabantay sila o baka naman may iba talaga silang layunin.

    Tutuo ang sinasabi nyo na mas malaki ang problema natin sa CHINA sa ngayon dahil masyadong nagiging GANID ang DRAGON pero darating ang panahon na ang lahat ng ginagawa ng CHINA na pang bubully ay babalik din sa kanya at mas higit pa na maari nyang ikawasak.



  56. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!!!

  57. But these communist Chinese do not question or even criticize the presence of Chinese warships in the Philippines' maritime territories.

    Tsewka please go back to Mainland China.

    We do not need you here in our beloved country. Americans are ok. Why do we prefer going to USA working there and living instead of China - because Mainland Chinese leaders are not fair.

  58. 85% of fake products are from Mainland China. Beware!

  59. We do not need Communist Chinese to stay or do business in the Philippines. Please go back to Mainland China and make there fake products.

  60. Americans are more welcome in the Philippines than the Mainland Chinese.

    Stop bringing in illegal products, fake and pirated products, and illegal drugs.

    Ang mga instik sa Mainland China ang pasimuno sa mga paghihirap ng mga bansa sa mundo dahil they are not transparent.

  61. Americans, Australians, Canadians, Singaporeans, Indonesians, Vietnamese, South Koreans, Japanese, Europeans, New Zealanders are welcome to the Philippines but no to Mainland Chinese leaders and businessmen please.

  62. Do you know who the best employers are? Americans. They are far better employers than our Filipino Chinese,Spanish,Filipino businessmen.

    Whether you agree or disagree - this is a fact.

    Americans are the best employers in the whole world.

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