Born: United States of the Philippines (USP) - CHA-CHA for the Federal States Philippines

The Federal States of the Philippines

Speaking at a briefing for reporters in Malacañang Monday, Leonen explained the ramifications of the agreement's provisions for a transition from the ARMM to Bangsamoro by 2016.

"Insofar as the major political commitments are made by this administration in that framework agreement, we see no necessity for now to amend the Constitution," Leonen said.

Charter Change is required to legalized the new autonomous State in the Southern Philippines.

The previous 14th congress resolution approved the proposed Federal States of the Philippines which could be seen in this link. Though several changes are expected but the planned Charter Change for the new constitution was approved by the majority member of the senate during the 14th congress.

Senate of the Philippines, 14th Congress, April 23, 2008, retrieved 2008-04-25 Aquilino Q. Pimentel, Jr.; Egardo Angara, Rdudolfo Biazon, Pia "Compañera" Cayetano, Juan Ponce Enrile, Francis "Chiz" Escudero, Jinggoy Estrada, Gregario Honasan, Panfilo lacson, Francis Pangilinan, Ramon "Bong" Revilla, Manuel "Manny" Vilar (23 April 2008), Joint Resolution No. 10: A Joint Resolution to convene Congress into a Constituent Assembly for the purpose of revising the constitution to establish a federal system of government, Senate of the Philippines.

The 12 States of the Federal Philippines (USP)

  • Federal Administrative Region Manila (MLA)

  1. The State of Northern Luzon (NL)
  2. The State of Central Luzon (CL)
  3. The State of Southern Tagalog; (ST)
  4. The State of Bicol (BIC)
  5. The State of Minparom (MIN)
  6. The State of Eastern Visayas (EV)
  7. The State of Central Visayas (CV)
  8. The State of Western Visayas (WV)
  9. The State of Northern Mindanao (NM)
  10. The State of Southern Mindanao (SM)
  11. The State of Zamboanga (ZA)
  12. The Sultanate State of Sulu and the BangsaMoro (SSB)

Federal Administrative State Manila (ASM) The area known as Metropolitan or Metro-Manila is  hereby constituted as a  Federal Administrative State. It shall comprise the following cities of:

  • Manila City
  • Quezon City
  • Makati City
  • Mandaluyong City
  • Pasay City
  • Pasig City
  • Caloocan City
  • Muntinlupa City
  • Las Piñas City
  • Para ñaque City
  • Malabon City
  • Marikina City
  • Taguig City
  • Navotas City
  • Valenzuela City
  • San Juan City and the municipality of Pateros, and all the barangays therein. Until provided otherwise by Congress, it shall be the seat of the Executive Department.

1.) The State of Northern Luzon (NL), Capital Tuguegarao City

The State of Northern Luzon (NL) shall comprise the provinces of llocos Norte, llocos Sur, La Union, Pangasinan, Batanes, Cagayan, Isabela, Nueva Vizcaya, Quirino, Abra,  Apayao,  Benguet, Ifugao, Kalinga and Mountain Province,  and  all  the  cities,  municipalities and barangays therein. Until provided otherwise by the State Legislature, Tuguegarao City shall be the capital of the State.

2.) The State of Central Luzon (CL), Capital Tarlac City

 The State of Central Luzon (CL) shall comprise the provinces of Aurora,  Bataan,  Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Pampanga, Tarlac and Zambales, and the Scarborough shoals  and all the cities, municipalities and barangays therein.  Until provided otherwise by the State Legislature, Tarlac City shall be the capital of the State

3.)The State of  Southern Tagalog (ST), Capital Tagaytay City)

The State of  Southern Tagalog (ST) shall comprise the provinces of  Rizal, Quezon,  Laguna, Batangas and Cavite and all the cities, municipalities and barangays therein. Until provided otherwise by the State Legislature, Tagaytay City shall be the capital of the State.

4.)The State of Bicol(BIC) , Capital  Legazpi City shall comprise the provinces  of  Albay, Camarines Norte,  Camarines Sur, Catanduanes, and Sorsogon, and  all  the  cities, municipalities  and barangays therein. Until provided otherwise by the State Legislature, Legazpi City shall be the capital of the State

5.) The State of Minparom (MIN) , Capital Mamburao, Mindoro Occidental  shall comprise the provinces  of  Mindoro Oriental.  Mindoro Occidental, Palawan, Romblon and Marinduque and the Island, Islets, shoal and reefs that are collectively called the Kalayan Islands or the Spratlys, and all the cities, municipalities and barangays therein. Until provided otherwise by the State Legislature, Mamburao, Mindoro Occidental shall be the capital of the State

6.) The State of Eastern Visayas (EV) , Capital Catbalogan City shall comprise  the  provinces  of  Biliran, Leyte,  Southern  Leyte,  Northern  Samar, Samar  and Eastern  Samar and  all the cities,  municipalities and barangays therein. Until provided otherwise by the State Legislature, Catbalogan City shall be the capital of the State.

7.) The State of Central Visayas (CV) , Capital Toledo City  shall comprise the provinces of  Masbate, Negros Oriental, Cebu, Bohol  and  Siquijor and all  the  cities, municipalities and barangays therein.  Until provided otherwise by the State Legislature, Toledo City shall be  the capital of the State.

8.) The State of Western Visayas (WV) , Capital lloilo City  shall comprise the provinces of Aklan, Antique,  Capiz,  Guimaras,  Iloilo  and Negros Occidental and  all  the  cities, municipalities and  barangays therein. Until provided otherwise by the State Legislature, lloilo City shall be the capital of the State

9.) The State of Northern Mindanao (NM) , Capital Cagayan de Oro City  shall comprise the provinces of Camiguin, Misamis Oriental, Bukidnon, Agusan  del Norte, Dinagat Island, Surigao  del  Norte, Lanao  del  Norte,  and  all  the  cities,  municipalities  and  barangays therein. Until provided otherwise by the State Legislature, Cagayan de Oro City shall be the capital of the State.

10.) The State of Southern Mindanao (SM), Capital Davao City  shall comprise the provinces of Agusan del Sur,  Surigao del Sur, Compostela Valley,  Davao,  Davao Oriental,  Davao del  Sur,  South Cotabato, Sarangani, Cotabato and Sultan Kudarat and all the cities, municipalities and barangays therein. Until provided otherwise by the State Legislature, Davao City shall be the capital of the State.

11.) The State of Zamboanga (ZA) , Capital Zamboanga City  shall comprise the provinces of Zamboanga del Norte, Misamis Occidental,  Zamboanga  del  Sur  and Zamboanga Sibugay,  and  all  the  cities,  municipalities  and  barangays, islands, and reefs therein. Until provided otherwise by the State Legislature, Zamboanga City shall be the capital of the State.

12.) The Sultanate State of Sulu and the BangsaMoro (SSB), Capital  Isabela City, Basilan or Marawi City shall be the capital of the State shall comprise the provinces of Lanao del Sur, Maguindanao, (Shariff Kabunsuan)', Basilan, Sulu, and Tawi-Tawi and all the cities, municipalities and barangays therein. Until provided otherwise by the State Legislature, Isabela City, Basilan or Marawi City shall be the capital of the State. 

The old Sultanate of Sulu comprise the North Borneo, Palawan, Zamboanga Peninsula, Basilan, tawi-tawi, kalayaan Group of Islands (Spratlys) and all island, islet and reefs in the Sulu Sea and North borneo


CARMONA, CAVITE -- Senate Minority Leader Aquilino "Nene" Q. Pimentel, Jr. (PDP-Laban) today said he has completed the draft of a resolution calling on Congress to amend the 1987 Constitution to pave the way for the adoption of a federal system to replace the highly-centralized unitary system of government.

Pimentel said the federalization of the republic is meant to accomplish two main goals: 1. Cause the speedy development of the entire country by unleashing the forces of competitiveness among the component federal states, and 2. Dissipate the causes of rebellion in the country, particularly in Mindanao.

"The federal proposal will hopefully provide a just and lasting redress of the grievances of the powerless and the neglected sectors of society, like the Moro peoples of Mindanao," the opposition senator said in a keynote address at the seminar on federalism hereunder the auspices of the UP Center for Local and Regional Governance/National College of Public Administration and Governance (UP CLRG/NCPAG) and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Manila Southwoods, Golf Country Club, Carmona, Cavite.

Under the 63-page resolution, Pimentel proposed the creation of 11 federal states out of the existing political subdivisions of the country, and one federal administrative region.

To be established are the federal states of Northern Luzon, Central Luzon, Bicol and Southern Tagalog in Luzon; the federal states of Minparom (Mindoro-Palawan-Romblon-Marinduque), Eastern Visayas, Central Visayas and Western Visayas in the Visayas and the federal states Northern Mindanao, Southern Mindanao and Sultanate State of Sulu and the Bangsamoro in Mindanao.

Metro Manila will be converted into a federal administrative region along the lines of Washington D.C. in the United States, New Delhi in India or Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

"The move to federalize the country is not simply a 'political' undertaking. It is also an economic effort. By creating 11 federal states and by converting Metro Manila as a federal administrative region, we immediately establish 12 centers of power, finance and development throughout the country," Pimentel said.

In contrast, he said that under the existing unitary system that has characterized the government for centuries, the country had only one center of power, finance and development - Metro Manila.

Pimentel said the boundaries of the federal states will cut across the present regional boundaries. He said he has recommended that the component states be constituted out of bigger political territories to provide the environment for competitiveness and sustainability rather than create states and provinces that in many instances might simply be too small to survive as a state.

The resolution defines the territory of the proposed Federal Republic of the Philippines and unequivocally includes the Scarborough Shoal as part of Central Luzon and the Kalayaan Islands as part of the Minparom region.

Pimentel said the resolution disperses the seats of power of the three major branches of government. Thus, the executive department will hold offices in the Federal Administrative Region of Metro Manila, the legislative department in the Federal State of Central Visayas and the judicial department in the Federal State of Northern Mindanao.

"By doing so, the two other geographical regions of the country, the Visayas and Mindanao will now fully appreciate that they are important parts, and merely appendices - of the Republic," he said.

In terms of allocating the resources of the Republic, Pimentel said a formula is provided in the resolution: 30 percent will go to the Federal Government and 70 percent to the component states. Of the 70 percent accruing to the states, 30 percent will go to the state governments and 70 percent to the provinces, cities, municipalities and barangays.

The resolution will require the revision of 14 of the existing 18 Articles of the Constitution and the addition of two new Articles. It was prepared by Pimentel upon the request of some of his colleagues in the Senate and House of Representative, some local government officials and friends from the non-government organization sector.

Senate of the Philippines

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  1. Dapat Separate States ang palawan at ang Capital ay Puerto Princesa kasi malaya yung Maburao at hindi Kilala. Dapat may changes pa kunti. But we are interested of this. This is exciting

  2. O yeah subukan nmn natin ang gnito . Mbabawasan ba ang pulitiko ? Governor nlang mgmanage sa bawat state? Pwede bang mag create kayo ng org.chart ?

  3. Approved na pala ito sa senate, kelan ito e implement.. Yehey!!! Ganda ng Posisyon namin , Federal Administrative Region - Bagong Silang, Caloocan City.

    My New Address:

    Robin Pab***a
    No. *** ***** Street,
    Bagong Silang, Caloocan City,
    United States of the Philippines

    I like it...


  5. They Should include the Sabah to the Sultanate of Sulu.. and the Kalayaan Islands to MinPaRom and the Panatag too where the province of Zambales belongs to. It's the right time to bring back our ow terrotories!.

  6. Sabah is already covered as North Borneo....we will support this....pagkakataon na eto na bawasan ang mga pulitiko...ang liit nating bansa pero may 24 senators tayo at naparaming congressman at gobernador...governor na lang ang mamahala sa bawat estado (states).Malaking tipid sa pamahalaan...

  7. Sabah is under the Sultanate of Sulu so don't worry it is covered in the Federal States of the Philippines...

  8. North Borneo that is Sabah!

    Its the reason why malaysia is sobrang takot kung ma federal ang Philippines kasi ma restore ang Sultanate of Sulu an mayari ng North borneo (Sabah)

    Go go go Anong State kayo under?

  9. Hayaan nyo na muna ang sabah churo pagmaunlad na USP ang mga tao sa sabah baka umaklas na pra sumalu sa atin para wLang masyadong envolved sa gulo let the sabahpinoys to rise up against them. Ok people of the USP? Bkit hindi ito lumalabas sa main news channel?

  10. Si Senator Miriam Santiago nag voice out na pero parang under thinking pa yata mga news channel kasi takot sila bka ipa shutdown site nila kasi ayaw ni noynoy ng Charter Change...

  11. Dapat ganyan ang mangyari para naman ang bawat probinsya ay magkaroon ng improvement at porgreso,di yong naka focus sa metro manila kaya subrang congested na at marumi ang maynila.mabawasan pa ang pulitiko na subrang kurakot na

  12. Wow... GRABE na to..... ito talga ang hinihintay namin dito sa mga taga VISAYAS at sa MINDANAO....... sana matuloy na nga ito para may FREEDOM kami sa MANILA GOVERNMENT....... mga CORRUPT kasi kayo....... THANKS to SENATOR SANTIAGO.....

    SOBRANG EXCITED TALAGA AKO...... yooohoooooo..... nanlamig ako sa nabasa ko parang hindi kapa-kapaniwala........

    So..... every state bah... may iba't ibang FLAG.... to sybolize their state?

  13. bakit kaya hindi cebu city ang capital?

  14. third to the last anonymous... tama kai.. meron ngang ganun na term.. may nabasa ako na isang proposal, every state will have their own name like state of new york, state of california, etc.. hindi naman ata necessary na un talaga ang name na nakasaad sa itaas.. kasi, the state governor has the power to create the name of the state, capital, etc... lahat, may freedom tayo to have our own,, parang we are exercising our own country lang, but still, pilipinas pa din tayo...

  15. pagkakataon na ninyo ito sa mga taga SULU....... GIRAHIN na ninyo yang MALAYSIA na yan.... BAWIIN ninyo ang dapat na sainyo....... malaki pa kikitain ninyo pag magbawi ninyo ang SABAH at huwag din ninyo payagang makuha ng mga INTSIK ang SPATLYS......... pinag bigyan na kayo ng ating gobyerno.... sana PEACE na ang LAHAT...... sana UNITED na TAYONG lahat.... FILIPINO naman tayo.... kahit iba ang ating kinalakihang kultura......

    FROM..... LEYTE..... GOD BLESSS!!1!1

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. oo nga bakit hindi CEBU CITY????? akala ko pa naman CEBU CITY ang magiging STATE CAPITAL sa CENTRAL VISAYAS

  18. OO nga pero may Changes pa Yan Cebu City could become a capital for sure, may meeting pa yan eh

    Cebu City Talaga maging Capital... promise pa...

    Pero bakit iyan ang propose ng Senate Hindi Cebu City ang Capital

    Read here

  19. Di ko nga alam anong meron sa Toledo at hindi yan sikat baka maliligaw tayo pag pupunta tayo diyan...

    Baka ang Cebu parang maging Administrative City parang Manila

    Pero bakit ang Davao City ay Capital sa State nila?

  20. oo nga shocking talaga..... akala ko nga TACLOBAn CITY ang magiging STATE CAPITAL..... parang mas maganda ata kung TACLOBAN CITY or ORMOC CITY or BAYBAY CITY or hindi ba kaya MAAASIN CITY..... kayo ano sa tingin ninyo

  21. May changes pa ito kasi approved proposed States Capital yan eh ibig sabihin Proposed.. may changes pa hindi pa final


  23. To: Anonymous October 9, 2012 4:18 PM

    Huwag mo nang galawin ang Davao City.
    Kung hindi ka taga-Davao City ay wala kang alam sa Davao City.

    Kakaiba ang Davao City kung ikukumpara sa ibang City sa Pilipinas.
    Mag-research patungkol sa Davao City at para malaman mo.

  24. Yehey!!! A Dream come true!!! Hopefully ma-materialized na ito talaga sa darating na panahon.

    Pero please, huwag nating tawaging "United States of the Philippines".
    Parang nang-gagaya na naman tayo. Mas maganda kung tatawaging "Federal States of the Philippines" or "Federal Republic of the Philippines".

    At symbolo ng totoong pagbabago sa Philippines, i-revise natin ang desenyo ng ating "Philippine Flag". Dahil ang lumang flag natin ay naba-hiran ng masamang politika at corruption.

    God bless Philippines.

  25. Hoy bakit mo babaguhin ang lumang flag ng Pilipinas ,
    tandaan mo saan ka man magtungo anu man tayo ngayon dahil yun ay bahagi ng nakaraan.
    OFW ako at yan ang pananaw ko sa buhay ....maging proud ka ,huwag mong iwaglit ang masamang karanasan kundi gawin mo yan na inspirasyon para lalu ka pang tumatag.

    Mabuhay NORTHERN LUZON !
    Mabuhay Federal State of the Philippines !

  26. To: Anonymous October 9, 2012 5:52 PM

    Hoy bakit ka galit? Suggestion lang iyan, and beside hindi naman ikaw ang mag-approba. Anong magagawa mo kung maiisip 'yan ng gobyerno?

    Tandaan mo saan ka man magtungo anu man tayo ngayon dahil yun ay bahagi ng nakaraan, kaya nga kung pwede i-revise ang Philippine Flag, symbolo ng totoong pagbabago at walang masama dun.

    OFW ako at yan ang pananaw ko sa buhay...mas maging proud ka.
    Hindi ko sinabing iwaglit ang masamang karanasan bagkus matuto, gawin mo yan na inspirasyon para lalu ka pang tumatag.

    From: Anonymous October 9, 2012 5:19 PM

  27. Huwag ka mag comment dito kung ayaw mo na may magbigay rin sayu ng feedback.
    Nagbigay ka ng opinion mo ,ganun rin ginawa ko ,sagot sa opinion mo...nakuha mo ba ang punto ko?
    Kung ang pagbabago andyan na yan ,at di yan nakukuha sa pag iiba ng watawat...
    Ang watawat na yan maramin ng pinagdaanan at marami ring buhay ang isinugal dyan.Subukan mo kaya mag research tungkol sa sinabi ko at tingnan ko kung maisip mong bagohin yang watawat na yan.
    Kc sa opinion mo para mo na rin sinabi na iwaglit na yung nakaraan para sa panibagong buhay....maganda sana kaso di buhay ang usapan dito kundi ang history narin ng bansa na naka paloob sa bandila na yan.

  28. PLEASE VOTE FOR THE online plebiscite for the Federal States Philippines – Charter Change

    The 12 States of the Federal Philippines (USP)
     Federal Administrative Region Manila (MLA)
    1. The State of Northern Luzon (NL)
    2. The State of Central Luzon (CL)
    3. The State of Southern Tagalog; (ST)
    4. The State of Bicol (BIC)
    5. The State of Minparom (MIN)
    6. The State of Eastern Visayas (EV)
    7. The State of Central Visayas (CV)
    8. The State of Western Visayas (WV)
    9. The State of Northern Mindanao (NM)
    10. The State of Southern Mindanao (SM)
    11. The State of Zamboanga (ZA)
    12. The Sultanate State of Sulu and the BangsaMoro (SSB)

  29. Well, HAPPY that Zamboanga City is the Capital of region IX. :)

  30. Bakit, nangahulugan bang kalimutan ang History kung I-revise ang "Philippine Flag"? Hindi po!!! 'yan ay isa sa simbolo na totoong bagong Pilipinas. Gets mo na sagot ko? Even ang pag-revise ng flag, eh matatawag ng "historical move" ng Philippines. Hehe... Gets mo na sagot ko? Kung nag bago ang government form natin, na walang "blood shed" nangyari just to change the form of government diba historical din... Gets mo na sagot ko? Ano pa ba ang pwede mung itataas sa lumang bandila? 3 stars? Eh, 12+1 stars na tayo. Sa tingin mo, mare-recognize mo pa ba ang Luzon, Visayas at Mindanao? Eh, simbolo yan ng lumang gobyerno natin. Hindi na tayo 3 stars kapatid. Gets mo na sagot ko? :) pasensya na kung Hindi mo nagustuhan ang idea ko.

  31. Been thinking about the allocation of budget. Would it affect (lessened) the current budget of different institutions (i.e. Depart of Education) if this takes place?

    The same for the defense budget (AFP Modernization program).

  32. I think wlang problema 'yan. Baka natignan na 'yan ng gobyerno natin at magagawan ng paraan. Ang importante meron tayung concretong baseline law na susundin as a whole nation.

  33. Ang Budget na automatic after implementation na P 100 Billion every states dun yun kukunin sa nasabing source at yung mga portk barrel na yan wala na yan kasi diretso na ang fund sa States Coffer

    Isipin mo for 12 States 100 Billion wh di 1.2 Trillion.

    Magkano ba ang yearly budget di ba abot ng 3 Trillion.. wla yung 1.2 Trillion sa annula budget ng Philippines na more than 3 trillion...

    Yung remaining sa Education, Armed Forces etc marami pang fund

    Target nga ng BIR in 1 Month ia 1 trillion na.. napakaliit ng 1 Trillion pag maka pag collect ang BIR ng 1 Tillion each month

  34. Pag nag federal ang bansa ang defesne makita nyo parang jet yan sa bilis ng pag asenso pati budget malaki.

  35. Korek kasi alam naman natin na ang buong sambayanan gustong madaliin ang armamment upgrade natin eh pag si Aquino lang mag decide lahat, maraming balakid kasi sya ang bubuntungan ng galit ng ibang opposition

    pero pag Federal na, bawat State minister or State Governor will decide for the budget of the armaments upgrade kaya hindi na nag iisa si president na bubuntungan ng galit besides mababawasan na rin ang opposition kasi mas powerful na ang governor or state minister para e govern ang nasasakupan nya at may boses na sya para sa bayan

    Kaya boto ako sa Federal States...

  36. I would expect and call the 1,361,500 viewers in this site to vote for the Federal States Philippines.

    I am happy to see that this information is possible read or seen by more than 1.3 Million viewers. this 1.3 Million could already make a difference for the Philippines

    Lets support the Federal States Philippines

  37. i support the federal states of the Philippines....mabuhay....

  38. ito na simula para sa bagong pilipinas...

  39. at anonymous October 9, 2012 7:04 pm.... Hindi kami proud Zamboanga City ang maging capital city ng state of Zamboanga kung ganun man lang wag nalang... ang daming kaguluhan sa Zamboanga City, bombing kadalasan mangyayari, yan ba ang Capital City ng isang Estado tsk... tsk.... i prefer Pagadian City is the best Capital City for Zamboanga Region panu makakaakit ng Torista kung puro kidnapping at bombing ang magaganap sa isang Capital City.... hay naku pride lang ata ang ipinapairal ng mga taga Zamboangueño ahhh.... Tandaan nyo mga taga Zamboanga City naging prosper ang Pagadian na hindi tinutulungan ng Zamboanga City.. kaya ng Pagadian na mag independente sa Zamboanga City.... mark my word Zamboangaño yabang lang ang sa inyo...

  40. thanks for sharing..

  41. I prefer a separate state for NEGROS ISLAND... OMG...

  42. One Island, One federal state.


  44. The State of Zamboanga (ZA) , Capital Zamboanga City

    shall comprise the provinces of Zamboanga del Norte, Misamis Occidental, Zamboanga del Sur and Zamboanga Sibugay, and all the cities, municipalities and barangays, islands, and reefs therein. Until provided otherwise by the State Legislature, Zamboanga City shall be the capital of the State.

    YES... Soon the Official language of Zamboanga are Filipino, Chavacano and English..

    Sa waka matuto ankong mag Chavacano... Asian Spanish wow.... sana ituturo sa skul... para pag pupunta ako ng Spain.. Spanish din ako

  45. We're tired of crossing the strait for decades as Iloilo is our regional center.

    why not create a state for Negros Oriental and Negros Occidental and place the state center between Mabinay and Kabankalan.

    no need to cross the state. Negros should be for the Negrosanons. With a combined population of almost 4 milloion we deserve to be an island state, if not, a separate region

  46. Ang isa din na tinitingnan is the economic feasibility. Ipag palagay natin malaki at maraming populasyon ang isang Probinsya hindi yan ang dahilan na pwede sya ma candidate as state.

    Dapat economic feasible din. Dapat capable mag raise ng fund para sa kanyang sariling government finances

    Kung afford ang Negros at may kapacidad then.. yan e raise natin ang argument para maliwanagan ang lahat.. Join tayo at mag vote tayo sa petition at e voice out natin ano ang gusto natin. Proposal pa naman to eh so ibig sabihin marami pang discussion ang mangyayari

  47. With respect to Zamboanga City, isipin nyo rin na Dati ng naging Republic of Zamboanga and Zamboanga City as Capital.. wala pa noon ang Pagadian City.

    I came from Sindangan Zamboanga del Norte and I traveled around the Zamboanga Peninsula. Ang Pagadian City is not a good place to be a capital of Zamboanga Peninsula kasi makita mo naman ang land formation, worry ako pag nagka lindol matabunan ang buong City diba? alam nyo na ang structure ng lupa ninyo.

    Hindi sa Proud ng Zamboanga yan..Ako bilang Lumad at Bilang Subano trobe member.. kapakanan rin ng lupain ng ating ka ninunuan ang ating iisipin hindi pride.

    Zamboanga Peninsula is originally settled by Subano tribe alam nyo yan di ba?

    Pag na Federal Sates na never think of bombing kasi peaceful na ang Mindanao kasi mga muslim may sarili na silang States okay? wala ng gulo.. be positive..

    so in that sense.. Uunlad na ang Zamboanga City..

    Maganda din ang Ozamis City, Dapitan City, Dipolog City at hind irin naman pangit ang Pagadian City may lakewood pa..

    Pero mas maigi na ang Capital is Zamboanga City at mag unite tayo

    Iisipin mo pang mag capital sa Manila embis na malapit na sayo ang biyaya ayaw mo pa kasi gusto mo mag manila na aabot ng 3 days and 2 nights na byahe by ship?

    Mag isip ka naman, mag pa pirma kalang ng document aabot na ng 2 weeks pag pupunta ka pa ng Manila.

    Samantalang pag Sa Zamboanga City, 2 hours lang nasa City kana, maka uwi ka pa pag dating ng hapon.

  48. OO nga ano... pwede rin naman naman ang isang malaking isla na maging isang STATE kasi mahirap ang transportation sa VISAYAS kasi PURO ISLAND... dapat CEBU and MACTAN STATE....BOHOL STATE...... LEYTE StATE..... SAMAR STATE.....NEGROS STATE.....PALAWAN STATE......PANAY STATE...... kasi malalaki ang mga ISLAND sa VISAYAS REGION

  49. Nice move! Go First World Philippines!

  50. tagal na ata to? sayang nman okay sana..

  51. Will... kahit anu pa ang gusto mo gawin Capital City ng Zamboanga hinding-hindi papayag ang kaming mga Pagadianon magpaulila sa mga Chavakano... nag process ako ng pertinent papers ko sa Zamboanga City loko-lokong chavakano ang tanging sagot nila sa mga tao na hindi taga Zamboanga City ay bukang bibig nila "KOSA NOY" alam nila na hindi taga Zamboanga City at tinatawanan nila pag hindi naka intindi ng chavakano HAY NKU.... yan ba tatro ng mga chavakano sa mga hindi taga Zamboanga City.... Kaya kaming taga Pagadian City mas prefer pa namin mag process ng documento sa Cagayan de Oro instead na sa Zamboanga City... ubod ng yabang kasi, will subanen mahangin din yan walang pinag kaiba sa Chavakano ng yabang hehehehe...

  52. United States of the Philippines

    See on Wiki

  53. dapat united federal states of the philippines. masayado naman tayong gaya-gaya sa USA. kulang nalang gawing peso ang dollar e. philippine dollar "PhD". ang corny. tama na ang "UFSP". pero sa pananaw ko kung hanggang front lang 'yan. kung ganun pa din ang way thinking, way of life na corrupt, tamad, madaliang kita, naghihilahan pababa. e useless ito kahit pa "USP" yan. dapat magsimula sa sarili ang pagbabago tungo sa iisang direksyon ang pag unlad ng BAYAN at SARILI. BAYAN MUNA BAGO ANG SARILI

  54. Pwede na pero the point there is UNITED not separated.. Nagkakaisang Estado sa Pilipinas.

    No worry of even having a PHD PH$ ang mexico United States of Mexico din eh..

    Basta huwag Independent State of __________ ang bawat States.. Stick to i super united..

  55. Dapat Pagadian City ang capital ng State of Zamboanga....sobrang layo ng Zamboanga City nasa dulo ng peninsula.....Cities na under ng State of Zamboanga: Zamboanga, Dipolog, Dapitan, Ozamis, Oroquieta, Tangub at Pagadian City. Ilang oras pa ang biyahe sa layo ng ibang cities. If you look on the map, Pagadian City is a stop-over for traders who ply the road between the Zamboanga City and other bigger towns to the north of the Zamboanga Province. PAGADIAN CITY should be the capital of STATE OF ZAMBOANGA

  56. Mas Maganda pag ang 12th State ay Royal Sultanate of Sulu & Sabah!!!

  57. Hindot nyo pangAlan plang ngtatalo na mga mokong! Ni hindi nga nbabalita sa medya ito !

  58. Kung ayaw ng Negros Occidental na maging bahagi ng Western Visayas, mas gugustuhin ng mga taga Panay at Guimaras na hindi sila kasali sa rehiyon. Maliban sa malaking populasyon at sa naghihingalong sugar industry, walang maipagmamalaki ang Negros Occidental kaya, wala sana silang karapatang magmalaki.

    Hindi kakayanin ng Negros Occidental ang magsarili. Sa ngayon, approximately 75% ng kita ng kanilang mga LGUs ay panay IRA shares lamang at mga 25% lang ng kanilang kita ang locally-sourced income.

    Pilit idinadamay ng Negros Occidental ang Negros Oriental sa kanilang kayabangan, subalit halata naman na ayaw sumama ng taga-kabila sa kanila. Masaya na ang Negros Oriental sa Central Visayas. Katunayan, halos hindi kumikilos ang Oriental sa kahibangang "One Island Region".

    Kung hindi dahil sa malaking populasyon, halos patay na ang mga negosyo sa Negros Occidental. Kailangan mo lang maglakad sa sentro ng Bacolod para makita ang mga commercial establishments na halos walang tenants. Maliban sa Lacson St., maramimg patay na kalye Bacolod.

    Sa kabilang banda, kayang-kaya ng Panay at Guimaras na tumayo sa sariling paa, bilang bread basket ng Visayas, top tourist destination, at lugar ng maraming OFWs. Malaki ang middle class ng Panay at Guimaras. Patunay dito ang nagsusulputang mga high-rise condominium projects sa Iloilo City. Ang Negros Occidental ay napakaliit ng middle class at napakalaki ng lower class. Pasanin lamang sila ng Panay at Negros.

    Let Negros Occidental separate from Western Visayas.

  59. I am please with what will become...God Bless IF IT WILL BE a... USP!!!!

  60. To the people residing in Pagadian,PLEASE STOP STEREOTYPING zamboanguenos. Hinde po kame nambabastos ng mga tao. Ganun lang makipag usap ang mga tao dito. Masyadong matigas at mayabang pakinggan. I guess Pagadian City is too far for being a capital of the state.

    First, Zamboanga City is a very rich city. We have more than 50 banks and others are still building. We are the sardines capital of the country. Plus, Zamboanga City is one of the biggest city in Philippines. We ranked 5th.(1. Davao City 2.Cebu City 3.Manila 4.Cagayan 5.Zamboanga City)

    Second, We have the main offices here specifically the government offices. We also have Universities wherein, its globally competitive. Ateneo, Universidad de Zamboanga, Western Mindanao State University).E sa inyo naman ay wala akong naririnig na ibang schools. Karamihan pa e pumupunta dito sa Zamboanga City para mag aral.

    Third, we have complete transpo services. We have INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT. Soon, magiging dalawa na ang airport namin. We also bus station wherein it is already under construction. We also have two sea ports here.

    Fourth, Zamboanga City is commercialized. We have many hotels and some are still under construction. We also have malls here and some are still for proposal.Kung hinde na si Lobregat ang Mayor, mas marami ng malls dito. May Lot na ang Robinsons dito and matagal nang gusto ng SM tumayo.

    To the Pagadian posters here, wag nga kayong umasta na parang kawawa kayo sa mga Zamboanguenos. Stand firm! Nagmumukha tuloy kayong outcast.

  61. Policy to Recover Sabah from Illegal Occupation of Malaysia

    Our policy as Sabah landowner supported by the MNLF is to recover Sabah from the illegal occupation of Malaysia and to use the resources of Sabah with an annual gross domestic product of over US$60 billion to develop and assist our people in Sabah, Sulu, Tawi-Tawi, Basilan, Zamboanga and Palawan, to provide free hospitals, free education and assisted free housing, drinking water supply systems, refuge for the orphans, widows, elderly, destitute and underprivileged and other much needed infrastructures for our people.

    Sad to say, these services and infrastructures are non-existent in the dominions of the Sultanate of Sulu. We urge Malaysia to pay the correct amount of rent based on the current market value of Sabah amounting to US$6 billion per year rental fee corresponding to 10% of Sabah’s annual GDP of over US$60 billion and/ or agree to a “joint administration” of Sabah and split the income derived between the Sultanate of Sulu and Malaysia.

    This offer of joint administration is also offered to all the Sultans of the Federation of Malaysia to be the joint venture partners of the Sultanate of Sulu to resolve the Sabah issues. If these two proposals are not acceptable then Malaysia must vacate Sabah and return Sabah to the Sultanate of Sulu.

    Sulu Sabah Genuine Autonomous Region (“SSGAR”)

    To reunite the Tausugs of Sulu dominions and the Tausugs of Sabah who for centuries were together as one people we propose the creation of the Sulu Sabah Genuine Autonomous Region (“SSGAR”) as part of the Philippines with taxes, resources and riches sharing between the Philippines and our SSGAR, with a Parliamentary Monarchy with us and our heirs and successors as the Reigning Sultan in our dominions of Zamboanga peninsula, Basilan, Sulu, Tawi-Tawi, Palawan and Sabah as the SSGAR territories similar to Aland Suomi autonomy of Finland enjoyed by over 65,000 Alanders since 1921 that has its own parliament, own government administering services to its people, own police force, own law courts, own passport (with Sulu and Sabah on top and Philippines below), own flag, own symbol, and can accept foreign direct investment (“FDI”), as well as being a member of ASEAN and other regional groupings of nations similar to Aland Suomi as member of Nordic Council and a veto on international agreements of the Philippines that can impact on the welfare and well-being of Sulu and Sabah people and finally the SSGAR is guaranteed by the Philippines and the United Nations (like Aland Suomi guaranteed by Finland’s Constitution and U.N.), and provided however that the SSGAR shall enshrine the Royal Commission Against Corruption (“RCAC”) to guard against the “improper and corrupt conduct of any government personnel to assure that the taxes of our people are used solely for the their intended services and well-being of our people of Sulu and Sabah.”


  62. I like this idea!
    Go go go Federal States of the Philippines!

  63. Hoy! tangek! nabalita ito sa Media lahat ng TV and news papers tingnan mo ang approved document from the Senate 14th congress.. Kulang ka lang sa utak para mag basa ano?

    This week Senador Santiago tried to pushed this federal system again but others are quiet because Aqunino is not sure to discuss this if the people or ang mga masa ay hindi interested in it..

    the action of the mass ay hinihintay ni aquino kung gusto nila or hindi

  64. To Anonymous says: October 12, 2012 12:55 AM, stop bragging what your city has. Even Cebu City and Baguio City are not chosen as the capital of their respective states. Why? Because I think the government is more on decentralizing the development. Zamboanga is already a developed city. If you look at the component provinces of the supposed "State of Zamboanga", only Zamboanga City speaks Chavacano, the rest speaks Cebuano (Ozamiz, Pagadian, Dipolog, Zamboanga Sibugay etc.) Besides that Zamboanga City is located too far at the tip of the Zamboanga Peninsula while Pagadian is more central. I think there's something behind agenda. PAGADIAN should be the capital of STATE OF ZAMBOANGA.

  65. Ah na approve nga pero di pa nga na materialize nag aaway na kayo kasi puro kayo gusto kayo ang capital.

    Hala Capital na kayo lahat.. nag maging masaya na kayo.

    Hoy e absorb ng Cagayan de oro ang buong Zamboanga peninsula kasi the poorest province kaya ang Zamboanga at di pueding gawing states..

    Mangarap kayo diyan..

  66. Kung hindi tayo gagalaw at kung hindi tayo tutulong na maipatupad itong charter change ay hindi ito mangyayari.

    Kailangan natin ng at least 11 Million Votes kaya e share nyo at ipa vote nyo sa lahat ng friends and kapamilya nyo

    Kelangan ng mass action para dito ng sa gayon mabigyan ng pansin ng malakanyang ang isyong ito kasi hindi sila gagalaw kung kakaunti lang ang sumusupurta

  67. Its not bragging about the city. Its killing the ignorance of the people here who keeps on insisting that their Pagadian City should be the capital of the state. Geographical location is not an issue to spoil here. The population of Zamboanga is even miles larger than Pagadian. Read your notes before acting your "know-it-all" attitude.

  68. Mag handa handa na kayo mga kababayan bka papayag na si Pnoy na magkaroon ng Charter Change at least alam nyo na saang bahagi ng States ninyo ang supurtahan at unang palaguin para maramdaman natin ang biglang pag boom ng economy natin.

    Pag ma implement na ito wow.. grabe di ko maisip paano lalakas ang Pilipinas lahat.. pati mga little barios cgurado magka shopping mall na rin

  69. Dapat CEBU CITY ang capital ng state of central visayas..hindi kami approved basta hindi yan mababago..most progressive city kaya ang cebu dito sa pilipinas..pero tayo na sa Bagonh Pilipinas

  70. Ang pag pili ng Capital ay nasa inyo na yan kasi kayo ang constituent.

    7.) The State of Central Visayas (CV) , Capital Toledo City shall comprise the provinces of Masbate, Negros Oriental, Cebu, Bohol and Siquijor and all the cities, municipalities and barangays therein. Until provided otherwise by the State Legislature, Toledo City shall be the capital of the State.

    Ibig sabihin ng "until provided otherwise" pweding hindi pa provided so negotiable ang lahat kasi kayo ang respondent and may boses sa states.

    Hindi naman ang Manila ang mag desisyon sa inyo eh.. mag uusap usap ang mga leaders ng Central Visayas and mag votation sila kung saan ang mas magandang maging City.

    E voice ninyo yan sa online plebiscite kasi sa online plebiscite nabasa ko Cebu ang proposed Capital eh,... dun kayo amg vote din at mag voice out

  71. Bakit po Wala sa State of BICOL ang Masbate? At bakit ang Ligaspi ang Magiging capital Naga City ang Cpital Ngayon!

  72. Maganda ito at sana ma implement na ito as earliest as possible .... matagal ko na ito hinihintay kaso lang yung mga pulitiko kasalukuyan ngayon naglilingkod eh! ayaw nila ito maging federal states ang pilipinas at alam nila na mabawasan na nilang power at lalo na sa pork barrel sa kanilang bulsa ... yun nmang ang totoo ....

    Federal States of the Philippines mas maganda .... pangit yung United States of the Philippines pakinggan .. gaya-gaya .... Go.... go.... go..... unite filipinos ....

  73. Umutot nalang kayo mga nagtatalo-talo may tono pa...sobra excited naman kay suggestion palang yan nagtatalo-talo. N.a. Kayo gawin man federal states or one country kung ganun parin mindset ng mga Filipino alisin ang crab mentality para umunlad ang isang bansa.

  74. Yang mga pinagtatalunan nyo yung may akda nyan wala na sa position isa na private citizen ng pilipinas kaya useless kayo mag debate about federal States of the Philippines"over react naman kayo mag isip naman yung iba dyan bago mag react.

  75. Hi! Vote kayo sa online plebiscite para matupad na ating matagal ng pagbabago para mas mabilis tayong umunlad..

    kelangan ito ng majority support ng mga mamamayan otherwise aabotin to ng 20 years...

    kelenagn daw ng at lest 15 Million vote online

  76. United Islands of the Philippines dapat

  77. I wonder when will PNoy break his silence on the Sabah issue.

  78. state of central luzon and the capital is tarlac city . yeahh . hometown .

  79. unsa naman ni?! hilom naman!! PAITA pud...


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