USA to build new Military base in Spratly Islands -Negotiation with Philippines Government

Zachary S. Welch/AP - Two decades after evicting U.S. forces from their biggest base in the Pacific, the Philippines is in talks with the Obama administration about expanding the American military presence in the island nation, the latest in a series of strategic moves aimed at China.

Two decades after evicting U.S. forces from their biggest base in the Pacific, the Philippines is in talks with the Obama administration about expanding the American military presence in the island nation, the latest in a series of strategic moves aimed at China.

Although negotiations are in the early stages, officials from both governments said they are favorably inclined toward a deal. They are scheduled to intensify the discussions Thursday and Friday in Washington before higher-level meetings in March. If an arrangement is reached, it would follow other recent agreements to base thousands of U.S. Marines in northern Australia and to station Navy warships in Singapore.

Among the options under consideration are operating Navy ships from the Philippines, deploying troops on a rotational basis and staging more frequent joint exercises. Under each scenario, U.S. forces would effectively be guests at existing foreign bases.

The sudden rush by many in the Asia-Pacific region to embrace Washington is a direct reaction to China's rise as a military power and its assertiveness in staking claims to disputed territories, such as the energy-rich West Philippines Sea (South China Sea).

"We can point to other countries: Australia, Japan, Singapore," said a senior Philippine official involved in the talks, speaking on the condition of anonymity because of the confidentiality of the deliberations. "We're not the only one doing this, and for good reason. We all want to see a peaceful and stable region. Nobody wants to have to face China or confront China."

The strategic talks with the Philippines are in addition to feelers that the Obama administration has put out to other Southeast Asian countries, including Vietnam and Thailand, about possibly bolstering military partnerships.

The United States already has about 600 Special Operations troops in the Philippines, where they advise local forces in their fight with rebels sympathetic to al-Qaeda. But the talks underway between the Philippines and Washington potentially involve a much more extensive partnership.

Officials in the Philippines — which has 7,107 islands — said their priority is to strengthen maritime defenses, especially near the South China Sea. They indicated a willingness to host American ships and surveillance aircraft.

Although the U.S. military has tens of thousands of troops stationed at long-standing bases in Japan, South Korea and Guam, as well as the island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, it is seeking to solidify its presence in Southeast Asia. Some of the world's busiest trade routes pass through the South China Sea and the nearby Strait of Malacca.

Instead of trying to establish giant bases reminiscent of the Cold War, however, Pentagon officials said they want to maintain a light footprint.

"We have neither desire nor any interest in creating a U.S.-only base in Southeast Asia," said Robert Scher, a deputy assistant secretary of defense who oversees security policy in the region. "In each one of these cases, the core decision and discussion is about how we work better with our friends and allies. And the key piece of that is working from their locations."

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  1. wla n bng bagong news?

  2. Nag bakasyon yata ang Writer.. Baka Bumisita sa Spratly Island para makita kung gaano na ito ka damage pagkatapos ng intusion ng China's Warship Last December 11-12.

    Dapat lang din cguro malaman natin kung ano na talaga ang tunay na nangyari sa Spratly of Palawan province na dating under ng Sultanate State of Sulu na under na ng Philippines ngayon.

  3. This is a good idea as long as when the US builds/needs fighter jets, warplanes and armaments, there must be joint venture and transfer technology programs with local companies.

    The interest of the Philippines and her people must always reign - like 70 to 75% of the total bases manpower requirement should be filled up by Filipinos. Also, hiring the same percentage of Filipino manpower in the technical field of air and naval defense. Additionally, sourcing of locally produced materials, and local food products, etc.

    In line with this, as a reciprocal and mutual deal, the US Government should initially provide us 4 to 5 units of brand new Legend class cutter like the Bertholf, 4 to 5 units of DDG-51 Arleigh Burke Destroyer, 6 to 8 Oliver Hazard Perry Class frigates, 4 to 5 units of submarines, 24 to 36 units of F-35c or F-22 Captor fighter jets, 24 to 36 units of Apache AH64 attack helicopter, 3 to 4 units of B-2 bombers, etc. The Philippine government in acquiring these assets should get 50 to 60% discount and should be on lease agreement in 1 to 2 years and then paying them the discounted units in full.

    Also, as a mutual deal, the giving of USA visa must be given preferential to Filipinos. Likewise US companies should invest more not only double but quadruple in the Philippines and not in China. US encouraging US citizens to visit the Philippines.

    Lastly, when US military personnel is involved in a problem they must be tried in Philippine courts.

    God bless the Philippines!

  4. Ah hahaha a wishful man you are Yankees will never be tried in your courts no matter how they abuse your women in your brothels!

    You people are their puppets and your women their stuffing toys... That's how they like it.

    Why do u people persist to have foreign names when you are Filipinos? How can we respect a people who have adopted other peoples names,such as spanish and other stuffy all don't look western?

    Get some respect and use real real indegineous pinoy names that way we can be sure your all genuinely a soveriegn and independent country... Well come on ?

  5. All the hey joe's are welcome in this paradise islands of the Philippines.

  6. reply to The truth about people,
    This is a reply to a chinese troll saying just the negative. It may or maybe true. But its none of your business. In any part of the world the scenario that you are saying are actually happening. Even in china there is a lot of prostitution, white slavery happening. The chinese government and state controlled media just keep on hiding it. They just want the good news and hide the bad side of it. That's what we called hypocrisy! What we are talking here is national security. The creeping invasion of china will stop only if someone stronger than them will slap their face to realized the truth and legal basis, that West Philippine Sea is not under their territory. That someone will teach china a lesson on how to respect the territory of its neighbor.

  7. @the truth about people,We would rather be a puppet with a country who has a concern for humanity.Than to be a puppet with inhuman country whose the only concern is their own tummy,hhhmmmm.China is inhuman they are godless wicked and greedy country.SO AT THE TRUTH ABOUT PEOPLE, WE ARE THE PEOPLE HAS THE FREEDOM OF SPEECH,THE FREEDOM TO RAISE OUR DESIRE FAMILY AND THE FREEDOM TO THINK OF WHAT IS RIGHT AND WRONG UNLIKE YOU,CONTROLLED BY YOUR GOVERNMENT, BRAINWASH BY THEIR WICKED PRINCIPLE. WHO DO YOUTH INK HAS THE FREEDOM YOU OR US????? think!!

  8. this is great news!!! hope that it will be materials that this arrogant country should know how to bahave well.

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