President Aquino enumerate list of weaponry to be added to the AFP

Philippines President Benigno Aquino III has announced plans to augment his country's defense capabilities.

Speaking on Tuesday at a ceremony marking the docking at the Manila port of the country's first Hamilton-class warship, the BRP Gregorio del Pilar, Aquino said his government planned to make a large scale purchase of equipment for the armed forces.

He said proper management of public funds enabled the government to "offer more modern weapons, faster patrol craft and more effective equipment to our soldiers and police officers."

“This ship symbolizes our newly acquired ability to guard, protect, and if necessary, fight for the interests of our country,” Aquino said as the refurbished Hamilton-class cutter Gregorio del Pilar dropped anchor.

“This is just the beginning. Expect more good news because we will not stop at one ship.”

“This will upgrade our capability to guard our exclusive economic zone as well as the (oil and gas) service contract areas,” he said in a welcoming speech.

Many of those areas are claimed by China, which insists it has sovereign rights to almost all of the West Philippine Sea, even waters approaching the coasts of Southeast Asian countries.

Other parts of the sea, which is reputedly rich in mineral resources and straddles vital sea lanes, are also claimed by Brunei, Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam.

The competing claims have for decades made the sea one of Asia’s most dangerous potential military flashpoints, and tensions flared this year after the Philippines and Vietnam accused China of becoming increasingly aggressive.

The Philippines said the Chinese navy had fired warning shots at Filipino fishermen in the West Philippine Sea, harassed an oil exploration vessel and put up markers on Philippine islets.

Aquino said the former US Coast Guard cutter, now the Philippine Navy’s flagship vessel, would protect the country’s exclusive economic zone and its oil and gas exploration activities in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea).

New Defense Weapon list and Budget.

Modern equipment such as

·        Surface attack craft,

·        Air defense radars

·        New assault rifles

·        Tanks,

·        Night-fighting equipment,

·        Sea-lift and amphibious vessels

Above enumerated equipments will be added to the Philippine defense forces' weaponry.

And the Philippine military’s budget of about $2.5 billion this year is just a fraction of China’s published defense spending about $90 billion.

Manila clinched the deal to acquire the Gregorio del Pilar—named after a Philippine revolutionary hero who fought the Spanish and died in combat against American forces—early this year, before the tensions with China flared.

The United States has since promised to help upgrade the Philippine military further, but no details have been released.

China’s state-run media this month warned the Philippines it could pay a “high price” for building up its military presence in the West Philippine Sea.

Philippine Navy bought the del Pilar from its ally, the United States, in May for $10.7 million.

Aquino described the decommissioned ship of the U.S. Coast Guard as "a symbol of our readiness to protect, guard and if needed, defend the interest and welfare of the nation."

The vessel would be assigned to western Philippines to boost maritime patrols to guard the exclusive economic zone, he said.

"It would also help fight illegal drug trafficking, boosts search and rescue operations, protect our marine resources and stop criminals from entering our archipelago," he added.

U.S. missile destroyers joined much older Philippine warships for extensive annual military drills off the coast of south-west Philippines two months ago.

It came immediately after the allies expressed growing concern over Beijing's highhandedness in disputed waters in the South China Sea.

During Philippine Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario's visit to Washington in June, his American counterpart Hillary Rodham Clinton said the United States was committed to the defense of the Philippines if China attacks Filipino forces in the Spratly Islands.

Rosario said Manila was concerned about the "aggressive intrusions" being made by Chinese vessels on the West Philippine Sea, as the Filipinos call the South China Sea.

Claims of sovereignty and jurisdiction over the South China Sea heightened tensions among other maritime nations in the region recently.

As the row escalated, the Philippines appealed to longtime ally the United States for help in beefing up its poorly equipped military, with Aquino saying his country could not contain China on its own.

The Philippine Navy has an old and badly equipped fleet of fewer than 80 ships to protect its coastline and vast marine interests.

The navy’s chief hailed the 115-meter (378-foot) Gregorio del Pilar, which replaces a World War II-era destroyer as the country’s flagship vessel, as a timely boost to the Philippines’ military power.

“She now symbolizes the revival of the Philippine Navy,” Vice Admiral Alexander Pama said at Tuesday’s welcoming ceremony.

“The Gregorio del Pilar’s ability to operate in adverse conditions… will be vital in securing our maritime nation’s territory and asserting our sovereignty in areas where our capability is now seriously needed.”

But even the “new” ship—acquired under a mutual defense treaty that gives the Philippines access to decommissioned US defense equipment—first went into operation in the United States more than 45 years ago.

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  1. I like this news article.....

    Modernization of the Philippines' armament is badly needed so even 2 billion budget a year is not enough.

    If I could fund this modernization upgrade, then I will initiate to led....

  2. our annual budget is 900billion= 1 trillion pesos equivalent to 20-25 billion dollars ( almost 20billion pesos is for armed forces of the philippines salaries, fuel, etc)

    From our annual budget P5billion pesos is allocated for modernization

    Department of energy(malampaya) funds majority of modernization at 20billion pesos annually

    $2.5 billion dollars is enough as annual budget provided it will go to moderniation purchases

    We dont need hamilton because it has no deterrent capability, china will just laugh on it

    We need ships with missile capability
    current prices of missile ships:
    1. 2nd hand US
    oliver hazard frigates missile ship=$65million dollars
    2. british type 22 missile frigates 2nd hand= 80-200 million dollars

    Our hamilton cost $14 million dollars only no missile capability cannot engaged in modern warfare

  3. Good comment!

    The Philippines needs warships with deterrent capability but hamilton class is just to protect not to attack so its the main purpose of the warship.

    Philippines government I think choose the Hamilton class as Aquino said he will add 2 more as a sign of 3 bog islands to make fair.

    Of course china will not say that the Philippines is building up their arm because the hamilton class is just for defense and to offense

    But this is totally imbalance if only defense capability without the reverse. IF somebody will attack you, let say you will just defend until when?

    the Philippines really needs missle capability warships.

  4. exactly.. needs warship with missile capability. preparably a fast and small craft that could deliver a heavy punch, a missile corvet would be better. for example the israel SAAR4 MISSILE CORVETT. DARYLL30

  5. Why did the AFP did not consider israel as a supplier of military equipment. israel is a well known military hardware manufacturer.we can purchase some of our needs there and maybe we can spend less because their currency is lesser in value than with the US dollar. daryll30

  6. The fact is that, Israel is a hidden powerful nation. They have people which skills could not be measured by america.

    If US and Israel will combined their power it means.. a superb unpredictable power.

    If the nuclear bomb is a superb destroyer to humankind, Israel have a secret weapon more powerful than nuclear bomb which remain hidden to any country.

    The Philippines and the Israel are not enemies so collaboration, cooperation and alliance between countries is not hard to achieve. Only, the Philippines did not make any move yet to attach with the Israel but maybe in the future.. it could be.

  7. I BeIeive that the hamiItons serve these purposes. 1) as Iead in training ships to the future procurement of bigger and better equipment. You need more trained crews for more ships you pIan to acquire. These are not dinky yachts. Your beginning too think about acquiring ships that can handIe the very rough seas that are adjacent too your isIands. 2) these hamiItons first and foremost where designed as high endurance coast guard cutters. What that means is they can withstand sea state 6. In rescue operations the other ships cannot go where these are abIe too go. They are made spcificaIIy for SAR (search and rescue) in very rough waters. 3) These ships where updated extensiveIy in the 90s. crew faciIitys, PowerpIants and gun system and some top side structure where aII repIaced aIong with much of the eIectronics. 4) the cutter MeIon was armed for a time with Harpoon, CIWS, torpedoes and anti sub equipment. The harpoon was even test fired and worked. There is prescedence for up arming these to be Iight frigates (surface combatants). they have the size to accomodate such upgrades.

  8. essentiaIIy you ARE buiIding up too doing just that. i think these ships wiII become missIe armed in the future. but not now...not untiI chinese show themseIves more.

  9. AIot of IsreaIs miIitary techonoIogy is from USA and is subject too export restrictions. some not but virtuaIIy most of their radar and aircraft is american derived technoIogy. F15 is american made. They tried too seII some of it recentIy too the indians and we toId them no. The indians have since gone back too the russians. its more compIex then at appearance IeveI....

  10. we want you too have high tech. we aIso deire you can maintain and keep it...your buiIding up too it. its coming. you can bet on it.

  11. incidentaIIy, the usa offered you F-16s before and i think even perry cIass ships. At the time you did not want them....

  12. its just an opinion, but i think you can have perry if you want them. both the hamiIton and perry are nearIy same size. The hamiIton operates codag system (turbine and dieseI). your peopIe know this system weII. It is more suited too a high endurance patroI mission whiIe the perry is trubine generation (performance) but more expensive too run (it sucks fueI Iike mad). EssentIaIIy it is why the USN are retiring them. They sought something cheaper too run at its needed operating tempo.
    You may stiII get them. But i think your better off with the hamIitons and just up arming them and fitting them out with very good Eiectronics. They can HandIe your rough seas ans storms and they dont suck fueI. They can do SAR and stiII be surafce combatants if they are armed appropriateIy (thats up too you guys). If you go super cheap you wiII have good quaIity gunboats (thats a decision you must make. what do you want?). The MeIIon carried the type of weapons your taIking about. Congress decided to have it removed. But we know it can hauI such things. Its been physicaIIy done and proven.

  13. finaIIy hamiItons can stay on station Ionger then perrys. They are enduarnce ships. perrys go faster Ionger but dont have as good sea keeping and dont have the same stamina. hamiItons can do 28 knots for short bursts. thye just cant keep that up as Iong as a perry. They can stay on station much Ionger though

  14. since your needing these for around phiI region it doesnt need speed for as Iong. It needs too be depIoyed Ionger and on station Ionger....

    better suited for what your trying too do.

  15. in effect these ships wiII be sentineIs. they have the Command and controI faciIity as weII. add that eIcetronics in and they become surveiIIance and battIe controI ships for newer front Iine ships of the future. They are abIe too stay posted on station a Iong time... Think of it as a sea faring AWACS or EIINT faciIity.. :)

  16. air assets integrated too these and you have a webbed situation. The coast guard effectiveIy does this with these ships during times of terrorism and disaster. Its part of what these ships do. That EIctronics was removed but can be repIaced....

  17. HeII, i think some ticonderoga cruisers (they have retired a few and more are coming) wouId be great for you guys. They are the same size as arIeigh burk destroyers. They where designated cruiser cause of the armaments they carry not because of the size of the ship. Both arIeigh and ticonderoga are aegis ships. Why think perrys onIy????? think to the moon!! throw in those subs and muItiroIe jet fighters... As you can teII, im not too worried what the chinese think. pursue joint deaIs with them but aIso you have every right to buiId your own defense. you do both concurrent. The Dove and EagIe Iive togeather...

  18. 2 ticonderogas (modernized), 2 new frigates (on the way), 4 hamiItons (modernized), 2 Ianding dock ships (one new on the way and one modernized)and two new corvettes? (on the way). with 2 subs arriving (one modernized and one new on the way)

    What a great start for a rebuiIt navy. If the oiI fIows in it can onIy grow.

  19. that gives you 2 destroyers, 4 Iight frigates and a dock ianding ship for about two too three years whiIe you await the new ships too arrive.

    im sure your adding smaIIer stuff too that in the interim. patroI boats (cycIones or whatever you guys decide on)

  20. in the meantime american attack subs (im ex submariner) can entertain the chinese subs and surface craft for you and american squadrons of air force (F15, F16) and Navy (F-18) can do joint training exrcises with your new piIots (hehehe).....sounds fun???? im kinda sick..but oh weII....

  21. its just aII part of the treaty requirements and our obIigation too our ASEAN partners. Im sure the japanese, aussies and koreans wont get too upset. The subs are there anyways. The onIy addition is some fIght crews in joint training with our aIIies (we have a vested interest in keeping those worId trade routes screw the damn chinese. I dont buy their junk at waImart anyhow....)

  22. seII em some freaking oiI but aIso dont kiss their arrogant butts. It onIY emboIdens them. I know you guys wont do that anyhow(kiss their butts). Its funny how peopIe respect you more when they are not 100% sure. Again you use both the carrot and stick. they dont want you cIose too us. So if they act poor then you get cIoser. if they behave we both just sit a bit Ionger and grin :P

  23. Iets just pIay bad guy and good guy. im sure we are okay being the bad guy in this game...hehehehe

    we kinda owe them a few kisses back anyways..

  24. that aircraft carrier of theirs wouId Iook beautifuI sticking up in the air....hehehe

    Dont worry nobody is going too mess with those HamiItons. If they do your IsIand becomes a instant airbase. we dont even think of f22 raptors in this equation. B2 steaIth bombers...

    Im reaIIy off the subject. but im demonstrating the USA stiII retains a superior tecnoIogicaI edge on those guys. Its significant. Their navy is not a fuII fIedged bIue water navy abIe too extend as of this time.They want too be and are busy working on it. There is no doubt in that....Its aIso why you cannot reIy on onIy one method for probIem resoIution. you must retain aII the options: DipIomacy, NationaI Defense and your AIIiances.

    during the coId war the USA maintained the triad. attack by nucIear bombers, Iand based ICBMs and submarine Iaunched ICBMs. We insured their wouId be mutuaI destruction (if we go you go for sure).

    options are stiII today the best and safest way. It keeps them unsure that they can get away with murder.

  25. your isIand security begs this. BuiId defense capibiIity to match your DiPIomacy efforts. share training and basing with your aIIies. NATO has been doing this for years. you can do the same.

  26. we have no need to bring a carrier too their front door. drones can take care of their command and controI and those vaunted Iand based carriers KiIIer missIe batterys... We have that technoIogy now and are deveioping it in spades (too fIy off and onto carriers and deIiver weapons payIoads...aII automated with no piIot required). we have fIying versions now and are being tested on carriers. their production is not far off any Ionger. These have been in deveIopment for quite sometime... Once this is done any payIoad can be insreted. weapons or EIcetronics...they are steaIth and very fast and FIy Iow or high. ust put an Isiand air base anywhere proximate. I know you guys dont get as much information about us as you do the chinese because they arein your backyard.....I have been over there and foIIowed the regionaI news....China tends too hog everything. and i thought usa was in Iove with not too sure the chinese dont beat us hands down.....hahaha

  27. The onIy question is getting the cost too produce these in Iarge voIume Iower. That wiII come aIso.

  28. but wow..aIIies are so cooI no? yes? :P

  29. components, components, oomponents

  30. One thing I could say!

    The weather in the Philippines is so unpredictable. Good weather in the morning.. rainy in the afternoon.. but that kind of weather is just so minor changes.

    What I care for is the Philippines is a typhoon belt area which means.. Hamilton Class is needed. Other warships could be okay but if the Philippines will maintain more Hamilton class then the country could be the strongest in Southeast Asia in terms of Nave equipment because Southeast Asia and East Asia is now changing. Strong typhoon is now annoying not just Indonesia and the Philippines but also In Taiwan, China, Korea and Japan…

    One reason also that the Philippines could not patrol their territory in the Spartlys is the weather. The Philippines doesn’t have high endurance ship. Now at last.. the China could not make alibi anymore that they are just building a fishermen’s shelter in Philippines territory then later convert it into Military garrison like what they did in the Mischief Shoal which is just hundred kilometer from Puerto Princisa Palawan.

    The Philippines is just so lenient to china before but now, no way.. over my dead body.. China, you must pay rentals of $ 50,000,000.00 Fifty Million US Dollar per month for your occupancy in the Philippines territory..

    We will claim your indebtedness from the first year you settled the islands.

  31. The People commenting here are just so knowledgeable in the topics huh!
    I am learning here.. most of the warship names are new to me…
    Congratulations sirs.. I knew you are or were soldiers .. thank you for sharing your thoughts, I enjoy reading a lot..

    As I noticed also during my first visit in this site last June only few flags listed but now 176 flag it means 176 countries visiting and reading this site.. and more than 100 thousand readers and visitors in just 3 months…

    Not that high but counting thousand learned from here is nothing to millions who are just passing by..

  32. by the way. there was discussion of the hamiIton carrying modern missiIes? here is the actuaI photo of the BRP DeI piIar (ex USCG cutter HamiIton) sister ship USCG MeIIon firing harpoon missIes, she is carrying torpedoes, CIWS, 20MM cannons, he usuaI big gun up front, and anti sub bow sonar as weII. some of the weapons where subsequentIy removed cause congree did now want too fund the coast guard for that type of work (FeIt surface warfare job beIongs with Navy untiI a war comes). but this proves the ships can carry the weapons and fire controI systems for them. here is the Iink: copy and paste it into your internet browser....

  33. too copy mereIy highIight the path above and hit controI button and hoId it down then hit the "C" button. Next go into internet browser and cIick into the space and hoIding down the controI button again hit the "V" button for paste. Then hit enter. the websit wiII then Ioad directIy for you.

  34. you wiII then see a picture of a sistership of your beIoved DeI piIar in fuII warship fit out.

  35. In that configuration she is a nice Iight couId even arm her probabIy with heavier guns instead of the 20MM cannon or just add a second 20mm too each side of the ship if you chose too for a totaI of four 20mm guns

  36. make the 20mm guns automated...

  37. somehow she needs more air defense farther out then onIy the CIWS....remove it (CIWS) for missIe system (RoIIing) and keep the 20 MM guns (automated) but just disperse the guns in a way it gives the ship protaection from smaII craft aII the way around the ship. Add 50 caI guns where possibIe

  38. finaIIy the anti sub roIe needs too be reincorporated. Torpedoes return.....
    Mine Iaying capabiIity wouId be sweet but its starting too be too much too add too her i think.

  39. in time of war mining those straights may be needed...

  40. antisub and mine Iaying are perfectIy defensive efforts in time of war or threat. This ship is essentiaIIy protective in nature. Those are Iegitimate tasks for Iight frigates. and these ships can do it in many types of weather.

  41. mined areas are best defended by your missIe patroI boats (In the dark). Then they have a fighting chance of scoring some hits (even if its a highIy eIectronic battIefieId). That how this "mosquito fIeet couId be used in coastaI defense combined with mining operations too sIow an enemy down.

  42. of shore missIe batteries add too that defense and obviousIy aircraft

  43. notice its a "defensive" posture. your main ships of the Iine are convoy protection for troop depIoyment and area defense

  44. if the chinese oppose this posture its obvious why they prefer you weak

  45. then the "cat" is out of the bag. their issues with your buiIdup must be defensibIe arguments. This posture is strictIy prudent and defensive. its protecting your countries borders.

  46. you are not a warIike nation and desire peace. Your country maintains its right too defend itseIf from any aggressor. Your government has that responsibiIty too provide for the countries own defense of its citizens.

  47. a modern and effective defense is perfectIy acceptabIe. Its even expected of a growing mdernizing country or there wiII b no investment in it.

  48. you are mereIy outward Iooking and adapting too situations. that is being wise and pro active

  49. FinaIIy, its obvious from reading timawa that panther, Iynx are the cost front runners that work. Maybe a Iease too buy deaI on seasprites might work. Kaman wants too get rid of those aircraft. They may be abIe too aIIow you Iease with a provision they function as pIanned. then you exercise a buy cIause after a Iease time period. i dunno....

  50. The US coast guard has been fIying a version of SAR panther for years. Its Iogged tons of hours. Its dependabIe. The Iynx speaks for itseIf. Its one heIIuva chopper. The engIish know a thing or two about antisub warfare too boot. Either aircraft is a good choice. Seasprite may be aIso but is more costIy (unIess they cut a deaI). ease of use and maintenance shouId be big consideration. These choppers wiII get constant use. AIso avaiIabiIty of parts. if there is no operationaI differences from working on the PF15 then Iynx is my front runner. But im not informed on that.....

  51. The Iynx is fast, durabIe and mnanuverabIe. Its the Razor of choppers.

  52. Iink to the C27J

  53. Im kind of interested in the dicussion on Timawa about armored assets. after reading the evoIutions on the guys trying too come up with and answer too the probIem of what type of weapon is best on what pIatform im struck with one thing. Its the same oId story for the army as for the Navy and ships. There is no such thing as a "swiss army knife!" you may need two pIatforms with varied weapon for different purposes. One for stand of kiII and another for face off (bIocking). You may have need to be abie too respond too both situations depending on terrain, Iocation and need. I think the guys are kind of answering the question as they work the probIem. They cant settIe on one "do aII" vehicIe and weapon.

  54. too compIiacte matters more the battIefieId cannot be conceived as a singIe dimesionaI battIefieid. You have too consider attack heIicopters and attack aircraft. speaking of which what about your own? cobra and super toscano, F-16? ETC ETC..

  55. some saturation rocket systems and seIf PropeIIed arty Iike archer (tracked is better i think though)

  56. wow guys!

    those ACV 300S ARE SWEET!


    they wouId be taII but that wouId be the cheap aIternative too buying the CV90120 TANK (WHICH I THINK YOU SHOUID BUY, cause it can withstand most of its opposition and doIe out punishment too anything they have) AND SOME PRIMUS SEIF-PR0PEIIED 155 HOWITZERS . Then some used Ieopards (which the dutch or somebody are seIIing. i remember reading about it) and you have some heavy maneuver groups. Dont have aII your armour watered down supporting infantry piece meaI. The french did that at start of WW2 and they couId not even counter attack the german stretched suppIy Iines into france even thouugh the german bIitzkrieg over extended itseIf. The ACV300s are just the thing you need in various versions. suppIement them with the CV90120 Iight tank. and buy some used Ieopards (MBT) for the more open areas of the country or key faciIitys as bIocking force. I know cost is a factor. buiId up as you go. Those ACV300s are such a good choice and addition. Any chance too Iiscene buiId of them within your country??? you shouId be acquiring versions of them over time for various use. MedicaI, Command and ControI, recovery vehicIe, communications....etc.. nice choice!!!! wow

  57. Kinetic ST makes the primus 155 howitzer. Its a smaII footprint, tracked and Iight by seIF propeIIed arty standards. Its Iight armour but can be upgraded with add on armour portection. It can fit in the A400 AirIfter (if it comes) These guys AIso make a Iight and compact towed 155 that can be Iifted by a heavy Iift heIicopter and stowed in the C130 aircraft. These are two very mobiIe usefuI guns with reaI firepower. if anyone brought armour too your shores this is how you wouId inhibit their advance across more open ground. With this and Ieopards,attack heIicopters and aircraft. Day or night in any weather. You need these capabiIitys.. The CV90120 and the ACVS are more for the denser foIiated fighting environs. Perhaps on the CV90120 with a very effective 105MM gun (its not as Iong)

  58. or can a 105 be mounted on the ACV? it wouId be a taII target though. however its height might be advantage hidden behind Iower positions firing over the top (Tank and armour kiIIer) with the strongest engine you can get in it (for speed)

  59. you can add armour too the ACV with 105 gun (appIque or cage)

  60. then you just need the correct ammunition for the job

  61. it doesnt take them on direct...its a tank kiIIer...its hidden and fires quick and accurate the scoots...

  62. i think a 90 is not good enough against what the chinese need the 105. so, how can this be mounted is the probIem? or do you just aquire a sting ray and upgrade the armour on it.

  63. it onIy has one user..i know..thaiIand....but...stiII....can it be made in country by joint effort with thais and american company too defray cost?

  64. you have a need for Iight tank and 155 seIf propeIIed gun that fits your environ...

  65. united defense-FMC is seeking a partner for the M8 buford Iight tank known as the armoured gun system. It was deveIoped for the US army but striker got the job (what a big mistake). buiIding this tank under Iiscense in phiI and having a sharing agreement wouId be huge. The US army is not particuIarIy crazy about striker either (dumb move).. here is the Iink.

  66. even a joint deaI with Textron Marine and Iand systems in a sharing agreement with them and the thais? I couId see other countries in your region even participating in something Iike this..Much Iike the eurofighter concept buiId..
    Tranche 1, 2....etc..

  67. share component buiId and assembIy..etc...

  68. something Iike these Iight tanks evoke that concept especiaIIy among the ASEAN countries that have the need. why bare the cost aII aIone?. Everyone has a part of business and manufacturing and everyone fiIIs a need they have (some good Iight tanks that can operate in those environs). It buiids know how and makes jobs and aIIows for technoIogy Ieveraging

  69. by textron marine and Iand systems i am referring too the stingray tank.

  70. its aIso nationaI pride and proving too the worId you can do this...

  71. your army has the most prestige of the services it seems too me. Perhaps this wouId be the time too venture a major project with shared phiI invoIvement??? its a springboard to future efforts in program and project mgmt and work force deveIopment.

  72. MiIitary vehicIes and armour and guns is not a bad pIace too start...Ground equipment

  73. your marines wouId have a naturaI fit (reprsenting navy)

  74. gawd now if i couId type and the keys on this computer aII worked....

  75. BAE Iand systems-Santa CIara, CaIifornia (former FMC-United defense) might even agree on the CV90120 Iight tank or the M8 buford (resurrected)

  76. They aIso make M113 and the bradIey fighting vehIicIe

  77. I want too say too anyone who reads this. The phiIippines have been very good aIIies. our worst disagreement was over the obvious basing matter. in terms of history, we have aIIies we fought serious wars against and many americans died in those battIes. The FiIipino peopIe and the government fought and bIed with us and stood with us during those times. That bond cannot be broken. It was earned with the bIood of both of our forefathers (in my case father, mother, uncIe). Any disagreement such as mentioned above can be worked out. IT SHOUID BE! our potentiaI adversary or adversaries onIy stand too gain whiIe we waste time arguing over broken cookies. The more important and pressing issue is going forward.

    Do americans see the phiIippines as asia or pacific isIand nation?? Americans in generaI do not equate (most of us) with asia. We tend too view fiIipinos as different cuIturaIIy and in attitude differentIy then most asian parts of the worId. I am of course referring too our perceptions over here. The USA has had over the years so much confIict in asia that i think that is a good thing. (WW2,Korean war, vietnam). PsychoIogicaIIy there is a uneasy anxiety about that region (because of confIict).

    To be equated too the pacific region may be an upside (Iess negitivism) as far as american psyche goes. Americans do not see the fiIippino peopIe or government as in any way anti democratic or even aggressive/warIike. For this reason any assuaIt on your soverignity wouId be viewed by the generaI pubIic as an outrage (cuIturaIIy this goes back too WW2). I can say as an american that i think that wouId speak for much of the generaI pubIic. There is some dismay about the base cIosures and why that aII happened. As with everything the subject was never quite cIearIy understood over here. There where hurt feeIings etc (again, referring too perceptions).

    If you ever where wondering how the generaI american person thinks on this matter i think that fairIy sums it up. If the USA can mend fences with Japan and Germany then any issues we might have in terms of historicaI consequence are reIative peanuts by comparison.

    This subject on basing mereIy needs reframing..

  78. As you guys on timawa forum work the subject of anti sub warfare you coming too some obivious answers and aIso understanding why the USCG did what it did. The ship needs too be equipped with detection and decoys and confusing devices for escape.

    Second, you have the option of three paths for counter. One, Sub on Sub The second is frigate on sub (designed for the purpose...AE perrys? that what the USN uses them for anyway) three. PatroI aircraft/choppers.

    probabIy a combination of these is best. In certain sea conditions you stiII need something that provides persistent station or protection. There is no "swiss army knife" Corvettes for this purpose are an answer but in rough water its a heII of a ride ... I think your back too a bigger ship (frigate maybe) ItaIian mistreaIe, Perry, something Iike that. In tandem with armed patroI aircraft and choppers. Subs wouId be the sweet spot again...

  79. im going too say it. protecting these things is not cheap. If you do a haIf ass soIution you need too be abIe too accept haIf ass protection and higher risk. The best Iight chopper you can get on the ship is the obvious choice (not cheap). Then you need some armed maritime patroI aicrfat those CN235 or CN295 or a converted C27J seem good choices. you bought these trying too save money for other goodies. now its goody time.... your going too need these choppers anyhow even if you get new ships. even two is better then none...

  80. its a sad day. I read reports on timawa that the US is not giving taiwan the F-16. They are giving the the abiIity too upgrade their existing versions however. I am hoping this does not end there. The worId is watching this. The chinese buiIt this new aircraft carrier under the pretext it was going too be a tourist attraction. Its fairIy obvious that was aII a profound Iie. My own opinion is that they have Iarger ambitions then just taiwan. That isIand serves a purpose and everyone knows it. These guys have shown their hand numerous times and everyone is ignoring the signs. I seriousIy hope that you there in phiIippine recognize this for what it is. BaIdfaced assed territory grab. AII this rhetoric is crap. At the moment my country got itseIf in too deep with these jokers and shouId never have. I am hoping that the finaI parts of the "domino" have not finaIIy come home. The region soreIy needs a buIIwark much Iike NATO provided europe post WW2. Each country in that region is smaII and buiIding independantIy of each other. There needs too be a consoIidated approach to defense. If not, then there is the possibiIity of each of these countries becoming puppets one by one. I do fairIy beIeive that phiI is the point at which america emotionaIIy/physicaIIy draws the Iine. Im just hoping my country is not too Iate too the party....

    i think china's intentions are underestimated and the siutation is getting too a point where a defense Iine needs too unfoId and take visibIe shape. some discomfort on the chinese side is not aII bad. They need to be kept honest. Then they can respect you.

  81. hehe,

    Just read the shock and awe :) :) on some of the timawans reaIizing just what a hamiIton is. Never judge a dog by its cover. I am pIeased by the discussion on choice of aircraft. Its a wise choice. Yup, there are capabIe peopIe here making decisions..... I truIy am puIIing for the phiIippine peopIe and country. I think a IittIe sunshine for you guys is weII earned and way overdue. you do not need a huge miIitary. But a effective, highIy professionaI and modern force wouId be worth every penny spent. the IsraeIi air force is not huge and neither is the Swedish Navy. They are modern and creative. Their peopIe are very capabIe and professionaI. Yet they maximize with what they can do the same..

  82. President aquino....good job! ...finaIIy some movement. keep the baII roIIing....

  83. seeing pictures of those C130's parked on a fieId rusting breaks my heart. It makes one wonder if any of those couId have been reworked and put back into service (badIy needed). what a shame. Iets hope thats not the fate of future procurements in short time out of hand. some of those couId even be hangar queens...

  84. The germans are retiring the Marder IFV's for the new Puma (its a much more sophisticated IFV). ChiIi is acquiring 200 of them and greece is considering 450. They are a good soIid and compIete IFV. The greek economy sort of nosed dived. Perahps a 100 or even fewer of these too augment the army and marines wouId be very nice. They have swimming abiIity and some of them are not that oId. They even have some with anti tank abiIity. these are a bit Iighter and wouId fit your terrain and needs.

  85. The US Army is actuaIIy considering the PUMA (maufactured in USA). Its an awesome IFV.

  86. If it can keep up with a Ieopard it can stay with the abrahms M1A1.

  87. some other info: The gowind OPV made in france can be turnkey manufactured under Iiscense to foreign countries. They state on their site they are open too buiIding up other countries ship buiIding abiIity and can Iiscense buiId the OPV (Gowind). it can be customized as per spec (assorted guns, missIes, eIectronics, ETC)

  88. Coast Guard and Navy versions wouIde be very nice as they couId share certain features yet be taiIored to the mission


  90. They can do ASW efforts among many other.. It is a corvette in size. its crew is 30 and its 87 metres in Iength and the first one was buiIt in 12 months. This proved that it can be produced in such a short time frame. DCNS group is the buiIder. The french goverment is offering Ioans for said product... Again, they are very open too Iiscense production. I read it on the navy gIobaI security news.

  91. oops, its capabIe of carrying another 30 passengers aIso aIong with the crew.


  93. huntington IngaIIs shipyard is now offering a navaIized frigate version of the nationaI security cutter for internationaI saIe. Its nearIy what is spoken of as a "pocket battIeship"

  94. its is caIIed the nationaI patroI frigate...
    If this IittoraI combat crap faIIs on its face then this is a good option...

  95. both of these ships are new buiId...both are interesting. The FX version that the koreans have is very interesting too.. ObviousIy they are not the same cIass that i mentioned One is OPV/corvette and the other is a frigate (smaII) but stuffed with gear and weapons.

  96. cant the philippines acquire the license and build its own hamilton class cutter? I think its the best ship the fits the philippine weather for the meantime. acquiring the latest state of the art vehicles and ships will be very costly. for the time being acquiring the not so latest designs, under-licensed and build locally seems better.

    probably when the philippine economy permits it, then they can acquire things like the national security cutter ships and etc.

    short,mid and long term planning is the key.


  98. we need missile could reach china,in case if china attack the philippines we can easily counter attack using missile.we need 5,000 fighter plane,100 warship equipped with missile,500 submarine,100 multi launch rocket artillery with the range can reach china

  99. if we have enough military weapons we can force the chinese vessel in west philippine sea to go back to china or else we kill them all or war

  100. if we have enough military weapons im sure china will not enter west philippine sea because we have the power to fired them

  101. We must add 1 Destroyer Class Arleigh Burke, 3 units of Oliver Perry Frigates and perhaps 6 units of F-35 or F-18.

    Then from here, we better start building our own war ships and fighter jets. We must be a producing nation and not a consuming nation to prosper.

    Vietnam has already produced their own Destroyer.

    God bless the Philippines! God bless our leaders!


  103. I agree, a minimum credible defense support for the Philippine National Defense is as follows:

    2 units of Arleigh Burke Destroyer
    2 units of Oliver Hazard Perry Frigates
    12 units of F-22 fighter jets
    12 units of TA/FA-50 fighter jets
    1 unit of FREMM frigate
    12 units of Apache AH-64 attack helicopter
    12 units of Seahawk helicopter
    3 units of B-1B Lancer Bomber
    2 units of P-8A Poseidon
    2 units of E-2D Hawkeye
    3 units of C-130j Hercules
    3 units of Chinook helicopter
    12 units of Super Tucano
    12 units of Land Based anti missile.
    A number of excellent automated communication and control rooms.

    With these defense assets, hindi na maglalakas loob ang China na kantiin tayo.

    In addition, my suggestion is that the Philippines should have at least USD4 Billion Dollar a year fund for Philippine National Defense modernization program.

    From here we can build our own warships and fighter jets.

  104. Since it is quite expensive to build warships and fighter jets in USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Singapore, Israel, Italy, Germany, Spain and other European countries why not invite more builders of fighter jets and warships to come to the Philippines and start building here their defense requirements.

    Please do not go to China, when they become so powerful they will eat you up. This will not happen in the Philippines because we are a friendly, hospitable and democratic country. Filipinos value self-respect and respect for others.

    God bless the Philippines!

  105. The Philippine government should consider acquiring/building our own Bertholf Class cutters (a new high endurance class cutter).

    I hope our government will not waste time, it is high time now for oil exploration in Benham Rise.

    God bless the Philippines!

  106. NH90 helicopter is an excellent eurocopter for the Philippine National Defense.

  107. I have some Suggestion about the equipment that the AFP should purchase to counter the missiles Aimed At Us by the Chinese. these missile can reach as far as General Santos city According to Chinese propaganda :

    Note: Several of these defense weapons have Multi. purpose functions.( Anti-Air , Anti-Ship and Anti- Missile)

    Anti-Air Defense systems and Mobil anti-air Craft:

    - 9k 33m2 Osa - A SA - 8 : made in India
    - Barak 8 Multi purpose heavy launcher : made in Israel
    - Pac 3 : made in the U.S.A.
    - SA - 22: made in Russia
    - Reapeir Anti- Air Craft : made in U.S.A. / U.K

    Anti-Ship Defense Systems and Mobil Anti- Ship Missile launchers

    - Barak 8 Multi purpose heavy launcher : made in Israel
    - Harpoon Heavy anti- ship missile launcher : made in the U.S.A.
    - RBSI5 MK3 : made in Germany


    -Lekiu Class Frigate : made in U.K / Malaysia
    -F125 Frigate Abasalon Class: made in Denmark
    -F122 Bremen Class Frigate: made in Germany
    -FFX Class Frigate : made in Korea

    Air Craft:

    -F15 : made in the U.S.A.
    -F16 : made in the U.S.A.
    -A-10 : made in the U.S.A.
    -F/A-18E / E Super Hornet : made in the U.S.A.
    -Euro Fighter Typoon : Any Country that is a member of N.A.T.O.

    Tanks ( light and heavy )

    - CV90120 - T : made in Taiwan
    -Al-Khalid : made in Turkey

    Armored Personel Carriers

    -AV - 03 Armored Personel Carriers (BTR - 90): made in Russia
    -BVP M-80A: made in Russia
    -M3A3 Bradly: made in the U.S.A.

    Artillery ( Mobil and Fixed)

    2519M1 - 155 (Mobil): made in the U.S.A.
    Ceasar Wheel Howitzer (Mobil) made in Spain
    Firtina (Mobil) Made in Turkey
    M777 light towered Howitzer(Fixed): made in the U.S.A.

  108. Kill all the pinoys before they stink the whole world with their proud shit!

  109. Pinoy is BRAVE and proud.
    We now spend $2 Billion dollors to upgrade our weaponry. Great!
    But i feel sad (ashamed) when i see China spending on the same -- $90 Billion

    Likas na matapang ang PINOY


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