Benham Rise of 13 Million Hectares to be the New Philippines Territory

Benham Rise - the Natural Gas & Solid Methane Treasure Rich Undersea New Philippines Territory

The Philippines will gain 13 million hectares in additional territory, an area slightly smaller than Luzon, should the United Nations approve next year (2012) the government's claim on a region off the coast of Isabela and Aurora, Environment Secretary Ramon Jesus Paje said on Monday (August 15, 2011).

Benham Rise was found off the coast of Aurora province, Northeastern part of Luzon Island  and is part of the Philippine continental shelf and its 200 Nautical Mile Exclusive Economic Zone. With just the Pacific Ocean to the east, Hawaii is probably the next closest island.

Benham Rise, also known as Benham Plateau, is a 13-million hectare undersea region east of Luzon. It is enclosed by the coordinates 119°30'E to 132°00'E and 12°10'N to 20°30'N latitude.

The plateau is a massive formation of basalt, a common volcanic rock, and is described in a study as a thickened portion of the Philippine Sea plate's oceanic crust.

Another research notes the similarity of the shape of Benham Rise to the sharp bend of the Luzon coastline, which suggests the sea floor's resistance to subduction (the process by which one plate on the earth's crust is pushed downward beneath another plate because of collision) that may have affected the Philippine fault.

The formation lies within the continental shelf of the Philippines as defined by the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS).

Under the UNCLOS, a coastal state's exclusive economic zone extends 370 kilometers (200 nautical miles) from its continental shelf, while its extended continental shelf extends for another 278 km (150 nautical miles).

Paje said the undersea region, called Benham Rise, could turn the Philippines into a natural gas exporter because of the area's huge methane deposits.

Studies conducted by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) for the past five years indicate large deposits of methane in solid form, Paje said after a Senate budget hearing.

The government is only awaiting a formal declaration from the UN Convention of the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) that Benham Rise is on the country's continental shelf and therefore part of its territory, Paje said.

Philippines Legal basis of Expansion

Once the UNCLOS establishes that Benham Rise is part of the Philippines, "we would have legal basis to enter into exploration agreements with private companies to explore… (the area's) resources," said Sen. Franklin Drilon, chair of the chamber's finance committee.

Drilon said a favorable UNCLOSs declaration would mean "increasing the Philippines territory from present 30 million hectares to possibly 43 million hectares" with the inclusion of Benham Rise.

Discussion over Benham Rise generated excitement especially after Paje said that Philippine representatives were just awaiting one more meeting "to answer questions" before a special Unclos committee.

Philippines as a sole claimant

Paje said there was no reason for the UNCLOS committee not to issue a decision favorable to the country "since we are the only claimant, unlike in the western side (where the Spratly Islands are)."

"We have submitted a claim under (UNCLOS) sometime in late 2008. We got a reply from the UN lately (asking us) to answer some questions. They intend to pass a resolution sometime in mid-2012 to approve our claim (that it is) part of the Philippine continental shelf," Paje told reporters after the hearing.

Records showed that the Philippines officially submitted a claim with the UN Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf in New York on April 8, 2009.

Davide submission

Hilario Davide, then Philippine ambassador to the United Nations, filed the country's partial submission with the commission.

The United Nations says the continental shelf is "the seabed and subsoil of the submarine areas that extend beyond its territorial sea" up to 370 km (200 nautical miles) from the archipelagic baseline. An extended continental shelf goes farther than 370 km.

The Philippines claims that Benham Rise is an extension of its continental shelf.

Paje said Benham Rise was within the country's 370-km exclusive economic zone.

American geologist

The environment secretary said an American geologist surnamed Benham discovered the area that was between 40 and 2,000 meters below the waterline in 1933.

"But we are able to define categorically that it is attached to our continental shelf only recently. We have proven (to) UNCLOS that it is attached. So now the UN is considering it for decision sometime in 2012," Paje said.

He said gas deposits in the area would enable the country to achieve energy sufficiency.

"Benham Rise is very relevant because of its gas deposits (which has been) confirmed particularly by (the) National Mapping Resource Information Agency. It has given us the data that (the area) contains solid methane. We have not explored it but we have found nodules of methane in the surface and this is very important to us," he said.

Kalayaan, Scarborough Shoal (Panatag Shoal)

The Kalayaan Island Group, which is part of the disputed Spratly Islands and Scarborough Shoal, both located in the West Philippines Sea (South China Sea) and claimed by the Philippines, are also believed to contain oil and natural gas.

Paje said there was the possibility that the country could export gas in the future.

The secretary added that there would be a demand for gas deposits in Benham Rise "because it's much cleaner than (other) fossil fuels."

The DENR formally submitted its proposed 16.99-Billion budget for 2012 to the Senate finance committee.

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  1. Ang Bansang may Mabuting Pangulo ay Talagang Pagpalain ng Dios!..

    Mga kababayan, Ito ay isa sa mga Blessing na unti unting ibinigay ng Dios para sa Lahat ng Mga Filipino na sa Hirap at Ginhawa ay Kinikilala ang Banal na Dios.

    Tayong mga OFW ay hindi na kailangang Mangngibang bayan pa dahil ang Biyaya at pagpapala ng Dios ay hinay hinay nyang binuksan para sa ating Laht.

    Mabuti po ang ating Pangulo kaya tayong lahat na Filipino ay Pinagpala.

    Ito na ang panahon ng pag huhusga. Kung tayong mga OFW ay niyurakan, dinuraan ng ating mga Amo sa ibang bayan.. malapit na ang panahon na tayo ay rerespetuhin na igagalang bilang taong may Pananalig sa Dios.

    Kung tayong mga OFW ay Inabuso sa ibang bayan.. malapit na ang panahon na tayo ay uuwi na ng Pilipinas at Doon mamumuhay kasama ang ating Pamilya at mga Anak.

    Ngayon, nakita na natin, ang Bansang Pilipinas ay napapaligiran ng kayamanang walang katumbas na halaga, magmula sa mga yamang tao, yamang tubig, yamang kalikasan, at yamang Mineral..

    Isang Yamang walang katumbas na halaga ang Yaman ng mga Filipino.. ang YAMANG PAGKA MAKA DIOS..

    Dahil sa yamang Pagka maka Dios; narito na, paparating na ang walang pagka ubos na biyaya.. Di na natin kailangang mag SAUDI.

    Salamat sa Buhay Na Dios... at Salamat na Akoy Pilipino...

  2. Ang kayamanan sa Pilipinas... ay nasa Ilalim ng tubig

    Yulad ng mga isda, buwaya, mga ginto, natural gas, oil, sereyna, at mga badjaw!

    Ay naku, kayu lang ba marunong.. tara.. sisid na... ang di marunong sumisid at di marunong mga submarine... walang riches.. at WALANG HAPPINESS..

  3. I am so excited! I could not wait any longer to go home! To go back to the Philippines and to find my new job in the New Rich Philippines… ahemn..

    When this could be.. hurry up! UNCLOS grant it now to the Philippines so we could start exploring and Filipinos would not be the poorest country anymore… Filipinos just want to live in a modest life not below poverty.

    No delay please!!

  4. Ang balitang ito ay sikat na sikat sa China at Taiwan..

    Sinusubaybayan talaga nila ang Pilipinas..

    Baka ngayon nag babalak na naman sila kung paano makisawsaw sa Pilipinas baka history na naman tatawagin nila "Singkit dynasty" or Squat Dynasty

  5. start of rebuilding Philippines and through these hidden treasures or newly found treasures, it will solve our country's main problem which is "poverty"...hopefully, people shouldnt abuse and gamiting sa wastong paraan...remeber sa Lupang Hinirang....philippines " ....PERLAS NG SILANGANAN"

  6. The Philippines is rebranding now.. If we are one of the "Richest" and "Most Powerful Country" in Asia next to Japan we back 1950's; then we could be more in the future..

    Our sufferings and hardship is just a God's blessings in disguise so that.. We Filipino would know how to survive and how to live which GOD is the center in our lives.

    Our sufferings is just a reminder that.. we must be always live with human heart "humanity" and humbleness even when the time will come that We the Philippines will stand up with pride and riches.

    The time is so soon.. We would not be called as the poorest country anymore.. We will thank GOD and we must not forget that If we will put ourselves on the TOP; God will put us down, but if we will remain Humble - God will Raise up Us..and put us in the Pedestal...

    Praise be to GOD.....

    The Philippines; the pearl of the Orient, the land of golds, the land of riches, the land of paradise and the land of GOD "the land of the People of GOD".

    Gob Bless the Rich Philippines; my home sweet home!

  7. I am proud to be a Filipino; for joy and tears, for hardship, suffering, sorrow, for shame of failures done by other Filipinos and for Winning any battle..

    I thank God and the Filipino for doing their part. The Philippines will float more for another 13 Million hectares.

    To protect this, I will commit! I will donate for the armaments upgrade for the country..

    Lets hand in hand mga Pinoy.. mag tulungan tayo.. lets donate for the Spratlys..

    send your commitment to

  8. Donate for the security not just of Spratly but of our country, OFW's lets impower our Arm Forces and equip them for better services, needless to say that a NON Govermental Organization that will be composed of OFW's would manage... it is the security that will lead us in progress! protect our nation, and everything that is in it... God bless!


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  10. Beware Philippines as China will not stop invading the Philippines' waters.

    in spite of protests, China make another move to start building light structure in the islands near Puerto Princesa City - Palawan last July 24, 2011

    The tick face china even warned the Philippines as they setup their highest and most powerful armament in the Hainan Province, Hainan Island facing the Philippines.

    One of the secret information leaked that they are preparing their nuclear weapon to attack the West Philippines Sea and to sink the Philippines Warship anytime.

    Be always vigilance Philippines..

    the enemy is always on the watch of your move...

    The First Target is the Philippines

    Second target is Vietnam

    then other ASEAN countries will follow

  11. one for all, and all for one for the pilipino all over the world in one, to protect and depend the only land that we loved so let us start buying defensive armament to defend our beloved homeland. God Bless the Philippines and also the allied country that try to understand our situation. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!!!


  13. Philippines is a rich country pretending to be poor. We have been rich in so many natural resources. However, Pinoys are morally poor.
    Corruption from every branch of government, from Malacaniang, Senate, Judicial, Law Enforcement, Military even post office is rampant. High incident of estafa means it's hard to trust anyone in the Philippines.
    PLEASE CHINA, turn us into communism so we can hang all these officials!

  14. That is a lesson!

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  16. Rise up talentadong Pilipinas... A much better future for every Pinoy & may peace reign with God's loving hands. Hooorayyyy!

  17. it was 1991 when we were snatched away from our bread box the u.s facility where some 50,000 directly or indirectly employed...

    it seems to us that time that it is our doom. I was having some pleasantries some american servicemen friends, we talk about the future of the Philippines.

    i said to them i once chances upon verses in the HOLY BIBLE that says " the latter days there will be a nation in the fareast that will rise mighty and powerful!

    i told them it's the Philippines... they boldly and blatantly said NO, it's china.

    having read the facts about the recent development in the Spratly islands, the Scarborough shoals and the Benham Rise...

    it is our beloved philippines...

    these blessings which we will enjoy in the very neaar furure will surely come as it is said in the HOLY BIBLE...

    Let's always SHOUT now... Long live and GOD bless the Philippines always.

  18. I believe in it, the challenges in the surroundings of the Philippines makes the Philippines to wake up...

    What will happen next.. basically, Filipino are having an instinct of genuine ability that other do not...

    I believe in the near Future the Philippines would become mighty and powerful...

    I believe.. just keep moving up Filipino.. we are created to have a shortcuts of manything..

    How could we make the Shortcut of power and might... We have all the resources needed for it..

  19. April 28, 2012 (UPDATE) GOOD NEWS

    Benham Rise belongs to the Philippines, Approved!

    The United Nations has approved the Philippines’ territorial claim to Benham Rise, an undersea landmass in the Pacific Ocean potentially rich in mineral and natural gas deposits, Environment Secretary Ramon Paje said.

    “We own Benham Rise now,” Paje said in a media interview. “This is for future Filipinos,” he added, noting that the 13-million-hectare area off the coast of Aurora province has been shown to have rich mineral deposits.

    Paje said the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (Unclos) sent the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) a letter last week informing the agency that the landmass is part of the country’s continental shelf and territory.

    Benham Rise, a seismically active region facing Luzon’s eastern seaboard, is rising slowly to the surface of the Pacific Ocean, Paje said. Perhaps, in a million years—a blink in the planet’s geological time—it will be habitable, he said.

    Larger than Luzon

    The plateau is a massive formation of basalt, a common volcanic rock, and is within coordinates 119°30’E to 132°00’E and 12°10’N to 20°30’N latitude.

    Paje said Benham Rise, named after an American surveyor, is larger in area than Luzon. It has been shown to have natural gas deposits and manganese nodules, vital in the production of steel, he added.

    Despite Benham’s proximity to the Philippines and its location within the country’s exclusive economic zone, the government did not claim it until 2008. Then, the next year, the government submitted a formal claim to the United Nations Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf. The Philippine submission noted that the country reserves the right to submit further claims in the area.

    The Philippines is the sole claimant of Benham Rise. The country is currently embroiled in territorial disputes over several islands in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea).

    China and the Philippines are feuding over Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal, 220 kilometers (124 nautical miles) west of Zambales province.

    The Philippines and some of its Southeast Asian neighbors are also disputing with China and Taiwan ownership of parts of Spratly Islands in the West Philippine Sea.

    The Spratlys are believed to be sitting on vast deposits of minerals and natural gas, in an area spanned by sea lanes vital to global trade.


    BENHAM RISE is a 13-million-hectare undersea region that lies east of Luzon and off the provinces of Isabela and Aurora.

    Also known as Benham Plateau, it is a massive formation of basalt, a common volcanic rock, and is described in a study as a thickened portion of the Philippine sea plate’s oceanic crust.

    The formation lies within the continental shelf of the Philippines as defined by the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (Unclos), under which a coastal state’s exclusive economic zone extends 370 kilometers (200 nautical miles) from its continental shelf, while its extended continental shelf extends for another 278 km (150 nautical miles).

    Benham Rise is not subject to any maritime boundary disputes and claims.

    Studies conducted by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) have indicated large deposits of methane in solid form in the area.

    In August last year, Environment Secretary Ramon Paje announced that the Philippines will gain additional territory should the United Nations approve the country’s claim to Benham, which the country submitted to the UN Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf in New York on April 8, 2009.

    According to Paje, an American geologist, Andrew Benham, discovered the area, which was between 40 meters and 2,000 meters below the waterline, in 1933. Paje said gas deposits in the area would enable the country to achieve energy sufficiency.


  20. No it is

  21. Were glad that benham rise is now part of the philippines.actually,Catandunes fishermen have been fishing in benham rise long ago.we have been calling it kalipung-awan.(bicol term for loneliness in isolated place..its a rich fishing groung for us and has been an integral part of catandunganon culture in the sea.

  22. Its local name is Kalipung-awan in Catanduanes.We hope that more than bounties of marine resources be uncovered from its surface,for the benefits of the Filipino people someday..

  23. any news about the benham rise after it was granted by UNCLOS to the Philippines? When will Philippines to start gas mining in the that area?

  24. The Benham rise is not the first priority of the Government because it is a secured place.

    Uunahin natin ang sinimulang agawin ng china at ibang bansa kasi for the future then yun..

    Its normal, kung saan ang may challenge yan ang uunahin kasi mahirap na... anyway.. for the future secured na ang susunod pang henerasyon na sa kanila ang benham rise..

  25. Tama ka diayn brod.., Unahin muna natin ang sinimulan ng china..., Pero bakit di natin umpisahan muna ang mga involve na tao na tumutolong sa china.. Yan ang mga taong ahas !!! 5-star kuno ? sa lahat nang kahayupan, damang daman nang ating mga kababayan nag pag-hihirap, mula sa naging mga pangulo nang ating bansa. sino ba sa atin ang may power na mag-bukas nang mga kahayupan. kundi natin pagtulungan na mag-kaisa ang buong banyan nang pilipinas.., sino man ang may nais sa sumali sa ating pag-kakaisa. contact is available to this comments. sa tulong nang dios at nang may sariling kusa at handang ipaglaban ang sariling atin lamang. Pilipinas ito.. dito tayong lahat isinilang dito tayo lahat mamatay. galing tayong lahat sa lupa.., lupa rin ang ating babasakan.. dito and kayamanan nang buong pilipinas. nawa ay kaligdan...

  26. May God bless the Philippines more and the Filipinos as well. And may the leaders of the nation be lenient, compassionate and honest in everything that they do for the betterment of the public they serve and for the whole world to be respected, look up to, and be one of the nations of plenty, bountiful and gracious. Indeed the earth is full of the goodness of the Lord. Amen.

  27. My kababayan, huminahon tayo at huwag magpadala sa ating mga emosyon. Unang una, magpasalamat tayo sa Diyos at huwag nating gamitin ang biyaya na kanyang ibinigay para sa paganti. Ang apela ko sa ating gobyerno, umpisahan na natin ang pag explore sa Benham rise para makalipon ng pera upang magamit sa mga programang inaasam asam ng mga mamamayan at para maibsan ang kahirapan sa ating bansa at mabigyan pansin at sapat na pondo ang ating militar para ma upgrade at ma modernize natin to defend our beloved nation Philippines against sa mga dayuhan na gustong mang api. we are a peace loving and friendly nation at ayaw natin na inaagrabyado tayo tulad ng ginawa ng china, huminahon tayo at ilagay sa ating puso't isipan na ang objective sa pag modernize ng ating militar ay for self defense. At sa namamahala sa ating militar, unahin muna natin ang bayan at makunsensya naman kayo. malaking halaga na nawala dahil sa corruption at ang ating mga sundalo ay protektahan nyo naman katulad ng pag protekta nila sa ating mahal na bayan sa pamamagitan ng pag equipped ng basic equipments na kailangan sa pagprotekta sa sarili tulad ng kevlar helmet, bullet proof vest, night vision lense at mkabagong baril na siguradong puputok pag nasa harap ng kalaban, at importante sa lahat, sapat na sahod para maiwasan ang temtasyon that will lead to corruption.
    ako'y isang OFW sa UAE na naniwala na ang Pilipinas ay may pagasa na magbago at ang modernize sa ating militar ay mahalaga para hindi atyo basta basta ma bully sa ibang bansa at kailangan natin i modernize ang ating air force at navy sa lalong madaling panahon. sana, dumating ang panahon na hindi na tayo dadayo sa ibang bansa para magtrabaho, ang hirap, maraming OFW nasira ang pamilya dahil either nagloko ang OFW, ang asawa or ang anak. pinakamasakit kung yung sakripisyo mo lumayo sa pamilya para sa kanilang kabutihan masuklian ng pagkasira sa pamilya. Everyday being away from our family is a life struggle, sana ma realize ng ating gobyerno at makonsensya yung mga nangurakot ang hirap namin mga tinatawag nilang buhay na bayani, sana manatili kaming magiging buhay at hindi na kailangan mamatay para maging bayani...God bless to fellow OFWs and to our Pilipinas

  28. You have the point "Kabayan" I am also an OFW. I love to be called OFW then.. why?

    1. According to the most Global Economist from America, Europe and Singapore - OFW are Philippines' Army for Economy - We are an instant soldier

    2. According to the Philippines & Filipinos around the world "OFW" are the living Heroes (We are Hero like Rizal)

    3. According to the Global Manpower council "OFW" are the World Class skilled and professional workers from the Philippines

    4. According to the Most countries in the WORLD - We need OFW from the Philippines for our better economy.

    Now, as an OFW; the recognize member of the legion of 10 million Filipinos around the WORLD striving for the better Philippines;

    I agree to the Challenge from China. We must be thankful for the Challenger as it wakes up us to do a work that works for the better of the country.

    If China did not challenge the Philippines; our country will not start modernizing our antique fleet.

    If China did not challenge the Philippines; Aquino will not start to root-up corruption which China as one of the donor of the crocodile in the Government.

    Now Lets accept the Challenge of China in a peaceful way..

    We will not fight against them for them to lose the chance to win.. we are a legion of high intellect people in the world.. so why should we accept the dirty games of their government,... let them play Dirty and let us play safe...

    While China is challenging us; let's listen their challenge and fill out the missing pieces of our arm forces to strengthen it...

    Soon; they will stop challenging us if they are tired spending so much for the challenge and tired of playing dirty in their politics.

    Do you know why china become aggressive? because their government is in battle of corruption and Human rights violation. the Communist Party is in trouble so they need to divert the attention of the people instead of focusing them; their people will focus the international community. the ASEAN and the Philippines . so the dirty Politics of china is covered by the issue.

    The dirty game of politics in china is almost over so they are also cooling off from invading the Philippines waters.

    the word of wisdom: To Filipinos; Accept the Challenge of China in a peaceful way and fillout the missing pieces of the Military so soon; china would suffer the sting if they will challenge again in the future..

    Long live the Peace and Freedom of ASIA..

  29. WE WILL CONQUER YOU CHINA ONE DAY!!!TIME IS COMING NOW>>>MY BELOVED COUNTRY THE PHILIPPINES WILL BE COMING AS THE RICHIEST COUNTRY IN ALL ASIA!Unti unti lang yan mga kababayan...Mga pulitikong corrupt ang matagal na nagpahirap sa ating bansa...marami nang matatalinong pilipino ang di malilinlang nang mga ito!!!kapag napatabi sayo...saksakin mo na! kahit kapatid ko...magulang ko...kamaganak...basta corrupt! wag na wag kang mapatabi sa akin...papatayin kita! Di na kayo naawa sa humpak na mukha ni Juan De la cruz!kumakalam ang sikmura! nagpayaman kayo! mapintog makapal mga mukha nyo! at bundat mga bituka nyo!!!andun mga anak nyo/yaman sa Europe/ amerika! ang iitim nang mga budhi nang mga ito....

  30. DO NOT DO UNTO OTHERS WHAT YOU DONT WANT OTHERS DO UNTO YOU, yan ang golden rule kabayan. I know you are carried out by your emotions, pero hindi yan ang slousyon kabayan. Let's fight crruption by first education our children the bad side of the society. Hindi natin masusupil ang korupsyon sa isang iglap lang, pero alalahanin mo tayong tao ay dumadaan lang sa mundong ibabaw. at yang mga corrupt officials na yan ay darating din ang araw na magpahinga at tatawagin sa Diyos na Maykapal. By education our children and by raising them to be a good citizen in our country, i am optimistic that someday, maybe not in our time, but to our next generation, they will enjoy what we call as freedom. freedom from corruption. Let's support the modernization of our Armed Forces, not to conquer the world but to defend our beloved country the Philippines

  31. I am an OFW who supports the modernization of Philippine military not to aggravate war but to defend our Country. Although China is a super power, we wont allow them to take the little part of our territory and disrespect our sovereignty.

    China we dont want your land but we cant allow you to take the little part of what we have. Philippines want only what is ours.

    ASEAN members be vigilant and let's unite to defend what is ours. Scarborough Shoal do not belong to China alone.

    China, respect the sovereignty of other Countries and allow us also live an abuntant and peaceful life. No country and leader with greedy intention succeeded. Learn a lesson from Germany, Italy and Japan during world war 2. They failed because God wont allow people with greedy intention to succeed. All the leaders with greedy intentions like failed, let's learn from the past.

    God bless the Philippines my home sweet home. We will be coming back home soon to serve and help our country rise from poverty, and one day no single Filipino will be begging for food anymore.

    A message to Mr. President, you have many skillful Engineers like us working abroad in Oil & Gas industry who will help you explore the resources we have in Benham rise and West Philippine sea. Construction company like AG&P and EEI should be revived, together with the Filipino Engineers we will help you materialize this dream. We have the talent and skill, just believe and trust on us...continue your fight against corruption and we are here to support you

  32. To YOU OFW, I appreciate your words but their is a slit in your word "Scarborough Shoal do not belong to China alone".

    Scarborough or Panatag Shoal is under the Philippine territory you could read the same words "Scarborough Shoal is under the Philippines territory" from unbiased country publication in South Korea, Japan and Australia" They clearly stated that Scarborough is belong to the Philippines and govern by the Philippines, and only the Philippines.

    Your word "alone" is a slit that you are claiming other ASEAN countries also own it. You are a "Big WRONG" because Scarborough Shoal or Panatag Shoal, or Bajo de Masinloc is not part of the disputed territory in West Philippines Sea; and no other ASEAN countries own it except the Philippines.

    South Korea and Japan recognized the invasion of China to the Scarborough Shoal; resulting their commitment to Help the Modernization of the Philippines Armaments so China will limit its belligerent action and invasion to the Philippines.

    If you will look at the Map, the contested Areas which includes ASEAN countries is the part of Spratly which is boundering North Borneo and Brunei Darrusalam not the Scarborough Shoal because the Scarborough Shoal is in Zambales province of Northern Luzon... while Spratly is in the South west boundering Sulu Sea and North Borneo.

    Filipinos, learn more and remove all your doubts about what and where is the limit of our territory..

    I am a grand son of the US Veterans Guerilla of the Philippines.. my blood is committed to defend the Philippines. We are one of the biggest Family in the Philippines and thousands of my family alone will fight to death to defend the country..

    and I know that not only my Family, I am assured that each and every one of you also will fight to defend our territory...

    So I am thankful for this unity.,....

    WARNING: this is just the beginning.. of our unity.. any invaders of the Philippines Territory.. start counting your step as soon if we will revenge.. you would lost all what is yours.. (I will mark this word)

  33. thanks for the clarification, i appreciate it. Forgive my innocence, that's a big wrong indeed. glad you enlightened my mind about scraborough shoal being part of philppines only.

    Anyway, the message here is that let's bring back the might of our military by supporting government's modernization program not to be an agressor but to defend our territory. Corruption is our main obstacle towards development, let's help our President fight corruption for our future generation's sake. long live Philippines...thanks for the valuable information


  35. benham rise huh? anu silbe nyan? inde nmna pdeng tiran yan ng tao!! pilipino nga ba makikinabang nyan? dalawa lang makikinabang nyan ang dayuhan at ang magnanakaw.. wala ng bago sa ganyan.

  36. Ganun...? madaming makukuha sa Benham Rise kung alam mo lang.. kaso ala ka alam manahimik ka nalang...WAg ka mag judge ng tao...

  37. ako ang leader ng abusayaf! tama ba spelling ko? anyways I am here to say putang ina nyong lahat! ang mga gas deposit ng pilipinas ay ang mga pinag sama samang utot ng mga pilipino.mabuhay ang pilipinas

  38. Hahaha ang benham rise nbuong kupal ng mga intsik!

  39. Teodorico P. AsuncionJuly 17, 2012 at 3:49 PM

    Ipagmalaki natin sa buong mundo na tayo ay Pilipino.Balang araw hindi na tayo ang mga alila na namamasukan sa ibang bansa kung di tayo narin ang magiging mga amo pagdating ng takdang panahon na ang ating Inang Bayang Pilipinas ang siyang pinakamayamang bansa sa buong sanlibutan at wala ng naghihirap na Pilipino sa nalalapit na takdang panahon dahil tayong mga Pilipino ang siyang pinakamapalad at pinagpala ng ating Mahal na AMA sa kaitaasan at naghihintay tayo ng Banal na gantimpala mula sa ating Mahal nating Amang Dr.Jose Rizal dahil mahal niya tayong mga Pilipino na kanyang magiging mga alagad ng ating Panginoon.Malapit na ang kaganapan at katuparan na ang Pilipinas ang siyang magiging BAGONG JERUSALEM sa hinaharap sa nalalapit na takdang panahon.Pilipinas ang siyang pinakapuno ng langis sa buong mundo at sanga sanga lang daw ang mga nasa Middle East sa ng ating Mahal na Amang Dr. Jose Rizal at mauubos na raw ang mga langis sa Middle East at Pilipinas na ang siyang pagkukunan ng langis sa buong mundo at dito na tayo unti unting aangat ang ating kabuhayan at hanggang tayo na ang magiging pinakamayamang bansa sa mundo,dahil ang Pilipinas ang siyang LUPANG HINIRANG AT LUPANG PANGAKO sa atin ni AMANG DR. JOSE RIZAL na ating pinakahihintay sa ikalawa niyang pagkabuhay dito sa lupa sa katauhang KRISTONG TAGALOG na siyang maghahari sa TEMPLO NG BAGONG JERUSALEM.Kanya naring ipapatupad ang DEBONONG GOBYERNO na nararapat sa ating lahat dahil talamak na ang karumihan, kahayupan,kagahaman sa kapangyarihan ng mga taong nabubuhay dito sa lupa.

  40. China is drawing a map and make it looks like centuries old, and...taarraaann! They will declare Benham Rise as their territory way back several dynaties ago....hahahha these people are just lunatics.

  41. China is drawing a map and make it looks like centuries old, and...taarraaann! They will declare Benham Rise as their territory way back several dynaties ago....hahahha these people are just lunatics. -- Damir Miranda, Colorado Springs, USA

  42. This is not Benigno Aquino's accomplishment. This is the accomplishment of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Under Gloria, the Philippines filed its claim for Benham Rise in 2008 in compliance with the requirements of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. Gloria urged the Philippine congress to pass the Philippine Continental Shelf bill and beat the deadline set by UN and her enemies criticized her. The UN officially approved the claim in April 2012 and those who criticized Gloria then are now cheering for Benigno as if this is his craft, how pity. Thank to this bill, Benham Rise is now ours. With the same bill we can get the whole Spratlys, the Palmas Island and of course Sabah. Corazon Aquino frozed our claim to Sabah in total disregard to the efforts of Diosdado Macapagal and Ferdinand Marcos. Now you know. Let us all celebrate for this victory! -- Damir Miranda

  43. Buti nlang kamo si pnoy na ang presidente nang na award yan kasi kung si gloria pa baka pati yan naibenta rin sa mga tsikwa!

  44. Hoy yong nagsabing KRISTONG TAGALOG SA MAKABAGONG JERUSALEM...Naloloko kana ata san mo ba nakuha yang mga pinagsasabi mo. Hay ang pinas nga naman puno ng makabagong lokoloko...tagalog pa kamo???Ngekkkkk...kadire....

  45. meron p plang alipores ang mga arroyo dito, ang dakilang mgnanakaw s pera ng bayan, am sure nkinabang din ang taong ito s mag nakay ni gloria, o di kya mgnanakaw ka rin ANO???????

  46. Si Gat Jose Rizal ay ating bayani at hindi diyos. Walang kristong tagalog dahil si Jose Rizal ay bayani din ng mga Bisaya at sa buong bansang Pilipinas. Sa mata ng Diyos hindi tayo magkaiba kaya huwag maniwala sa Kristong tagalog - Gerry from Cebu

  47. Teodorico P. AsuncionSeptember 12, 2012 at 8:08 PM

    Malayo pala kayo sa kaalaman mga kaibigan paparatingna ang hangganan ng ating mundong ginagalawan hindi pa ninyo alam kung saan ang magiging BAGONG JERUSALEM at anong katauhan ng susunod na KRISTONG darating.Saan ba sa inaakala ninyo ang magiging Bagong Jerusalem at anong katauhan ng susunod KRISTO?Sa Pilipnas ang kaganapan na pinakahihintay ng buong sanglibutan na magaganap sa ikalawang pagkabuhay ni KRISTO dito sa lupa sa katauhan ni Dr. Jose Rizal na siyang KRISTONG TAGALOG NA BUHAY na magsasalba sa Pilipinas at sa buong mundo pagdating ng takdang oras ng hangganan ng ating mundo at maghahari sa TEMPLO NG BAGONG JERUSALEM at sa buong sanglibutan sa takdang panahon.Magsipaghanda na kayo dahil paparatingna ang " ARMAGEDDON ".

  48. God Bless the Philippines in the last days latter rain .The Filipinos are remnant of God's people dispersed worldwide to the ends of the earth, to the isles of the Sea as of Isaiah 24:14- 15also read the whole chapter ,not only the verses I indicated here .Also read Isaiah 11:11.
    Few indicators the Philippines was the prophecied Isles of the see

    1. The most populous country of thousands of clusters of islands all over the world.

    2. It speaks english ,wich is needed to evangelize the world and glorify God.

    3. The Philippine peso old and new issues did declare the Filipino people's faith in God .
    The new 2011 issue of the Philippine Peso bills all have
    Psalm 33:12 "Pinagpala ng bayan na ang Dios ang Panginoon"
    In English as "Blessed is the nation whos God is the Lord"
    Therefore a big sign post the Philippines glorified God ,the God of Zion ,the God of Israel !

    4 Now the country's economy leaped higher and we can see now promising brightness ,and surely a blessing by God .

    If you look at Isaiah 24 whole chapter ,it doesn't look promising for the whole world as there seem to be calmities /shaking , no more merry making ,music seemed silence ,but people of the islands will sing to God of Joy !

  49. Teodorico P. AsuncionSeptember 18, 2012 at 6:53 PM

    Pinagpala ang ating Inang Bayang Pilipinas dahil siya ang Lupang Hinirang at Lupang Pangako sa atin ng Mahal na Panginoon. Pinagpala din tayong mga Pilipino dahil tayo ang Pili ng ating AMA sa kaitaasan na magiging alagad ng ating Mahal na Panginoon sa takdang panahon.Pilipino nga tayo ngunit malayo pala kayo sa kaalaman tungkol sa buhay ni Dr Jose Rizal.Sa tagal ng panahon nakikita ng ating mahal na AMA sa kaitaasan ang paghihirap noon ang mga Pilipino sa kamay ng mga kastila kaya nagpasiya ang ating AMA sa kaitaasan at pinulong niya ang kanyang mga alagad kung papaano matutulingan ang Pilipino na mapalaya sa mga kastila.Isa narin noon na nakaupong Diyos sa langit si Dr. Jose Rizal at siya ang napili ng ating AMA na
    isusugo dito sa lupa na magkatawang taong sanggol at
    napadpad sa harapan ng hagdanan nina Francisco at ni
    Teodora na nakalagay sa isang baby baasket at sa
    isang kamay niya ay mayroong tag ng pangalan niya
    Jose. Rizal para iyon ang ipangalan sa kanya.Bakit nga
    ba hindi Mercado ang apelido ni Dr. Jose. Rizal?
    Si Dr. Jose Rizal ay reinkarnasyon ni Jesucristo na nangangahulugan lamang ito ng paradismong buhay nina Jesucristo at ni Dr. Jose Rizal.Sa madaling salita ang mahiwagang kapanganakan,ministeryo,pagkapanubus,pagkaalipusta sa kanilang buhay at kadahilanan ng kanilang kamatayan
    at magkapareho.Kung si Jesucristo ay binansagan bilang " HARI NG MGA HUDYO. "gayon din naman ang panglalang " JOSE RIZAL "ay may pagkakahulugang pagkahari.Kung ating pagiisipang mabuti ang " JOSE. RIZAL " kung salin sa Latin ay " JOVE REX. AL " Ang "JOVE " ang lihim na pangalan ng Diyos,hari naman ang ibig sabihin ng " REX " at "AL " ay lahat.Sa makatuwid " HARI NG LAHAT " ang buong kahulugan ng " JOSE. RIZAL " isang bansag na sa ingles ay "KING OF KINGS " na walang iba kundi ang Panginoong Jesucristo.

  50. Teodorico P AsuncionSeptember 20, 2012 at 6:31 PM

    Huwag tayong magaalala mga kaibigan dahil hindi papahintulutan ng ating mahal na Ama na sasakupin tayo muli at hindi na tayo aapihin ng anumang dayuhan dahil pababana ang ating mahal na Panginoon dito sa lupa at sa Pilipinas na siyang pinagpalang Bayan siya bababa.Anuman ang gagawin ng china wala silang magagawa dahil ang ating inang Bayang Pilipinas ang Sagradong Lupain na inilaan ng ating Amang Dr. Jose Rizal sa mga mamayang Pilipino sa kanyang ikalawang pagkabuhay at pagbabalik dito sa lupa.Ang karagatan ng Pilipinas ay mayaman sa langis isa na iyan sa mga Sagradong Kayamanan na iniliaan ni Amang Dr. Jose Rizal sa atin at malapit na nating makamtan at wala ng maghihirap na mamayang pilipino sa takdang panahon.Marami pang mga Sagradong Kayamanan ni Amang Dr. Jose Rizal na inilaan niya sa atin kagaya ng mga ginto at mga perang nakadeposito sa mga malalaking bangko sa buong mundo at magmula noong siya'y hinusgahan ng kamatayan sa Bagumbayan ng mga kastia ang alam ng lahat siya ay patay na ngunit duplikado lamang niya ang namatay ang tutuong Dr. Jose Rizal ay buhay hanggang sa ngayon at nandoon naninirahan sa kabundukan ng makiling at banahaw.Naghihintay na lamang siya ng hudyat ng ating AMA sa kaitaasan at siya'y magbabalik na dito sa lupa upang matupad na ang PROPESIYA na ang Pilipinas ang Bayang magiging BAGONG JERUSALEM.Malakina ang mga tinutubo ng mga pera ng ating Amang Dr. Jose Rizal na nakadeposito sa mga malalaking bangko sa buong daigdig at walang makagagalaw dahil mayroon siyang sekretong " CODE "na siya lamang ang nakakaalam at kahit anuman ang gagawin ng mga tao ay hindi nila mabubuksan ang kanyang mga accounts dahil ang mga Sagradong Kayamanan ng Amang Bathalang Dr. Jose Rizal ay inilaan lamang sa atin na mga mamayang Pilipino sa kanyang ikalawang pagbabalik dito sa lupa.Magugulat na lamang ang mga tao sa buong mundo kung ako'y lilitaw na iyan ang nasabi niya sa akin kaya kanya na niya tayong pinaghahanda lahat sa nalalapit niyang pagbabalik at pagkabuhay dito sa lupa sa katauhang KRISTONG TAGALOG na siyang magsasalba sa Pilipinas at sa buong mundo sa nalalapit ng hangganan ng ating mundo.Maghintay lamang tayo ng tamang panahon at atin ng makakamtan ang mga Sagradong Kayamanan na biyaya sa atin ng ating Amang Bathalang Dr. Jose Rizal.

  51. With the wealth coming from the Benham rise, let's use it to buy defense equipment Mr. President! Nobody can bully us if our defenses are strong. Please lang.

  52. Good song about this is "MAinit" by Q-york, Phil-All stars, Kenjohns, and notable others. MAinit, mainit, mainit, mainit, mainit! 3 stars and a sun mainit!

  53. To Teodirico P Asunsion,

    Paano naging bathala si Rizal?Magbasa ka nga ng Philippine history.Sira yata tuktok mo eh!Wag kang masyadong maghihitit ng katol...

  54. yeah! it's more fun in this

  55. Teodorico P. AsuncionNovember 15, 2012 at 10:08 PM

    Kung ayaw ninyong maniwala ihandana ninyo ang inyong mga sarili at kung magdidilim na sa buong sanlibutan at ang araw ay magiging gabi at aabot ng isang linggo o isang buwan ang kadiliman at walang makapagluto ng pagkain dahil walang sisindi kahit ano mayroon kana bang naihanda kaibigan?Yayanigin ng pinakamalakas na lindol ang buong sanlibutan at ang mga tao'y hindi makatindig sa lakas ng lindol bagkus ang mga tao'y gagapang at umiiyak at humihingi sila ng awa sa ating Panginoon na sanay iligtas sila.Kung darating na ang takdang panahon saka lamang ninyo maaalala itong mga nasabi ko ngunit huli na kayo hindi na kayo nakapaghanda.Malapit na ang takdang oras kaya magsipaghanda na kayong lahat paparatingna ang pagdidilim,lindol na pinakamalakas at ang
    ARMAGEDON tignan natin kung saan kayo huhugutin.....

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  57. Benham Rise is definitely a great addition to the Philippine's marine resources. It is now a trending topic in the country, so much so, a news on the pretinent research conducted by a University of the Philippines Professor -

  58. Today is already year 2015....this was spoken at the year of 2011 to 2012. So what's the decision of the UN about Benham Rise....?

  59. Those sound like some good rules that all of us need to follow! I am just now catching up on your posts a great ideas and your blog is just like a motivation inspire about the goal really appreciated.Thanks
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