Newly acquired Navy PF-15 BRP Gregorio del Pilar will be the Navy's flagship is arriving from America

PF-15 BRP Gregorio del Pilar (Hamilton Class Cutter Frigate) Transferred to the Philippines Navy – May 13, 2011. Sendoff to the Philippines July 17, 2011. | Displacement: 3,250 metric tons | Length: 378 ft (115 m) | Beam: 43 ft (13 m) | Draft: 15 ft (4.6 m) |  Propulsion: CODOG system featuring 2 x Pratt & Whittney FT4A-6 gas turbines producing 36,000 horsepower (27,000 kW) or 2 x Fairbanks-Morse 38TD8-1/8-12 12-cylinder diesel engines generating 7,000 hp (5,200 kW) |  Speed: 29 knots | Range: 14,000 nautical miles  | Endurance: 45 days | Complement: 167 | Armament: 76 mm cannon, 2x 25 mm Mk38, 20 mm Phalanx CIWS (Close In Weapons System)

The Philippine Navy’s newly acquired cutter from the United States (US) Coast Guard is arriving in the Philippines in three weeks’ time (First Week of August 2011) and after some refinements will be immediately deployed to secure the country’s territorial waters in the West Philippines Sea, Navy chief Vice Admiral Alexander Pama said.

Pama flew to California July 16, 2011 in time for 17th July’s sendoff of BRP Gregorio del Pilar (PF-15) for a long voyage home, with stopovers in Hawaii and Guam for replenishment.

“The sendoff will signal the last activities for BRP Gregorio del Pilar in the US and to start its journey to the Philippines,” Pama said.

He said Philippines Ambassador to the US Jose Cuisia Jr., US Coast Guard Pacific Area and Defense Force West Commander Vice Admiral Manson Brown and Philippine defense and Armed Forces attaché to the US Navy Capt. Antonio Habulan Jr. will be around during the official sendoff ceremony.

Aside from the BRP Gregorio del Pilar, the government is also shopping for additional military assets in the US in line with the capability upgrade program of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), to be used for its territorial defense amid the increasing tension in the West Philippines Sea brought about overlapping claims over the Spratlys.

A former USCG cutter, the Hamilton Class vessel, which is also classified as Weather High Endurance Cutter (WHEC), will first undergo refinements in its weapon and electronic systems upon its arrival before its deployment for maritime security operations in Palawan.

To accommodate the newly acquired PF-15, Pama said the Navy is putting up a naval base in Hulugan Bay fronting the West Philippines Sea, which will serve at the vessel’s homeport.

The scheduled deployment of PF-15 in the West Philippines Sea is expected to further boost the Navy’s platform in the hotly contested region to include maritime security operations for the Malampaya project west of Palawan.

“The Philippine Navy intends to use this multi-mission vessel for operations such as maritime security patrols and search and rescue. But more importantly, it will be deployed to aid in the maritime security of the Malampaya project,” Pama said.

While PF-15 is classified as a WHEC in the US, the Philippine Navy has refitted and refurbished it as a surface combatant ship with a type code of “P” for patrol and is further classified as a frigate with a type code of “F,” hence the designation of “PF.”

The vessel is powered by combined diesel engines and gas turbines and is equipped with a helicopter flight deck, a retractable hangar, and facilities to support helicopter operations.

With a total length of 378 feet, 42 inches beam, the BRP Gregorio del Pilar will be the Navy’s flagship to replace the WWII Rajah Humabon.

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  1. Welcome to the Philippines PF-15 BRP Gregorio del Pilar

    we are proud to have you here.. we fell to be safer.. wow.. I could not imagine how huge are you... more than 100 meters... ohhh very wow!

  2. Sana dagdagan pa natin yan... kelangan natin nag 4 na ganito para sa 4 states of the Philippines

    1 for the State of Luzon
    1 for the State of Visayas
    1 for the State of Mindanao
    1 for the Sultanate State of Sulu and North Borneo

    kelangan may budget tayo para sa Sultanate State of Sulu and North Borneo kasi matagal na natin silang ninanais makasama..

    Sabik na sabik na ang mga Pilipino na mayakap ang matagal na nating nabihag na Kapatid sa North Borneo (Sabah)

    1 nation... Kingdom of LuzViMinda Borneo... a Constitutional Monarchy .. with 4 States...

  3. HEy guys a 54 meter ship could sunk our ship we need to purchase a ship with capabilities in three dimensions of warfare. its just a patrol ship.Its not a warship.It doesnt even have a good weapon except oto melara.If you want good Army research have a will an buy or build a strong navy. not an OLD NAVY.shame

    1. ugh.... you seem to have not noticed that the Philippines wants 6 frigates for anti air warfare. The brp gregorio del pilar can still be fitted with weapons for that role. Compared to our other frigate the Goyo can still be refurbished. Plus you even lack the knowledge to know that we need new naval assets as soon as possible we dont have time to get new ships or the funds for them.

  4. I agree...

    Kaya talagang kailangan ang internet ngayon para ma share ng lahat ang nalalaman nila. We could not just rely on thier obsolete information kasi ang alam nila hawak ng baril a batuta nila.. yun lang

    sa lahat nalang ang research at mag post tayo kahit saang website para malaman ng lahat at maka pag bigay ng info.

    We need more frigate and corvette

  5. just wait you guys, i hear we're getting 8 more of these ships, 3 more cyclone class patrol boats 2 massive landing crafts, and were on the market for 4 anti submarine ships, plus 6 jets. and this is just the beginning, I've been waiting for this for more than 11 years now

  6. Salamat kay LORD; binigyan nya tayo ng Presidente na Kahit Mukhang ABNOY, May PUSO at malinis ang BUDHI; May damdaming Totoo.

    Salamat kay PRESIDENT NOYNOY .. Kasi Di sya natatakot Harapin ang World Level Problem ng Spratlys at di nya Bininta ang Spratlys sa China di tulad sa Ginawa ni Arroyo... Isang taksil

    Salamat kay Lord; it marahil ay isang Blessing in disguise na mag karoon ng kuntin conflict sa Spratlys para magkaisa ang Bawat Filipino

    Salamat Kay Lord Kasi Unti unti na nyang binigay ang blessings sa mga resources sa Pilipinas para matutulungan lahat ng mamamayan

    Salamat kay Lord; Ngayon Nagising na ang lat ng mga Filipino. Sana ibigay na ni Lord lahat ng Blessing sa mga Oil and Gas Projects para di na tayo aasa sa Arabian Oil.

    Salamat kay Lord, di nya binigay ang blessing sa dating Administrasyo baka kasi nakawin lang lahat ni Gloria, Ni Ramos Ni Erap ang Pera ng bayan..

    Salamat kay LORD at sa lahat ng mamayang Filipino at minahal nyo na ang ating bayan.

  7. sokol light utility helicopter will deliverd on november 2011

  8. I believe that the Philippine Navy is one of the best trained navy personnel in the world..With the right equipments nothing can beat the Philippine Navy..Go Go Go Philippine Navy, your kabayans are behind you...

  9. Sana palakasin pa natin ang Philippin Navy at Philippine Air force..Ang Pilipinas ay isang archipelago.


  11. Tama kaya dapat.. lagyan ng missile yun BRP Gregorio Del Pilar at anti air strike... madami pang darating lalo n s November... mga attack helicopters at transport helicopters at 6 brand new jet fighters... next year sa 2012 mas marami pang mabibili kung ipapasa ang 2012 budget ng AFP ntin... ngayon 2011 4 new attack helicopters ang darating at 6 brand new jet fighters, at 2 more hamilton class alam ko tatlo yun bibilhin hamilton nauna lang ang BRP Gregorio Del Pilar... wait p natin yun dalawa... at meron pang bibilhin alm ko n navy ships n multi role... na my missile n ships alam ko more than 3 ata yun at stealth navy ships din n multi role din n my anti submarine at missile din...

  12. guys i am ex US navy guy. The hamiIton CIass cutter which is the first ship of its cIass (that was the name of this ship USCG HamiIton) is a high weather endurance ship that can do SAR in sea state 6 environment. The USCG MeIIon its sister ship once mounted Harpoon, CIWS, 28mm and antisub gear and i BeIeive but not 100% on this Iast part stacked torpedo tubes. The ships in that cIass aII had compIete overhauI of systems and eIectronics and propuIdion systems in the 90s'. The huIIs need care but good parts of these ships have been repIaced. The weapons systems i spoke of where tested and fired on the USCG MeIIon. These ships can carry these weapons systems. Its up too you too get your peopIe trained on the systems you choose and arm them accordingIy. There is nothing more thatwe here in USA wouId Iike then a strong PhiI defense force. Your a good aIIy. my father and his brother and my mom where there at BaTTaan and or battIe of maniIia and re taking of correghidor (father and uncie where paratroopers and rangers whiIe mother was navy surgicaI nurse at battaan. The hamIiton you receive is curentIy a Iarge piatform with Iarge growth potentiaI. she has HeIicopter pad and hanger. you first ship too do so. she is the forerunner too modern ships for you. She wiII train your crews on a Iarge modern vesseI (she is in the sense a Iight frigate if fitted out properIy). we soId them too you at thecost of scrap vaIue for the metaI and some repairs you asked for and subsequent training. your savings can go into arming her and setting up iand faciIitys and Iogistics for her. she needs more work but your peopIe need jobs. you can do this!!!. Once you have these systems in PIace (training, Iogistics, and facititys) you can take on more and bigger ships. Youare creating the infrastructure that supports and maintains these cIasses of fighting ships. It takes time and we couId not be happier for you and honetsIy for us. We want those sea Ianes too stay open! One other thing. no weather stops these ships from rescue operations. they are first and foremost high endurance cutters. you badIy need that in that part of the worId with typhoons and hurricanes for reieif work and evacutaion of areas damaged. you can pre position them as needed. next step is more modern frigates. OIiver perry CIass or even new buiId navaIized northrup grumman (now huntington ingaIIs shipyards) Iegend CIass frigates (they offer them as warships with the imrovements needed for surface combatants). Maybe under Iiscence to be partIy buiIt there in phiI? ......????

  13. IastIy,

    I shouId add. she is propeIIed by a CODAG system. that is, haIf dieseI for range and economy and jet fueI engines for speed. she can do a top speed of 28 knots. That is even by todays standards good for a ship of her size. Your peopIe know this system and its cheaper too run. The perry cIass frigates are jet fueI engines. they cost a bundIe too saiI. these ships are the same size pIus high endurance. Just buiid up the weapons systems.....

  14. you truIy have something you can work with.. dont despair..

  15. our coast guard wanted a ship with even Iower operating cost. There main job is coastaI poIcing of our nearby waters. A ship of this size is not premium too that task. You are wanting too project a IittIe more then that. Your addressing this ship in essence as a surface combatant. That she can be if armed properIy.

  16. Thank you Ex-US Navy!

    Your word is like a tons of diamonds for us Filipinos...

    We are so thankful for the US; though if the Philippines would be part of China, it is not our lost because we could be part of the most powerful country in Asia

    BUT, We love freedom and we dont want communism. If China is not only communist country then I could allow them the invade the Philippines but

    They are a communist; they eat fetus, they dont have freedom so.. sorry China

  17. Bryan,

    forgive me for my horribIe typing. I have a partiaIIy working keypad on my computer. I know you guys want a mini carrier so bad your drooIing and i understand that. Im the one that made remarks about the bismarck aIso. a ship of that nature projects troops and assets. Any kind of carrier in itseIf is not a weapon. It needs protection. Im hoping that you guys aquire HamiItons that are in decent shape that can be refurbished too meet your needs. The ones that are too badIy beat up avoid them. Then aquire some new frigates. Its a risk. but the stakes are high. These gas and oiI fieIds are your contries economic future. Its your path up the worId sociaI structure. Jobs, New schooIs and university's, hospitaIs and infrastructure aII rotate around that fact. It wiII attract foreign investment and growth provided you can secure it and your internaI security. I am not a war monger (my contry is not either). I know the phiI peopIe are not either.I am sorry too say but china is much in the same boat as the Japnese pre 1940's. It has a Iarge growing miIitary and economy that aches for resources. It must be fed or stagnate. OiI happens too be high on that Iist among other needs. expansionaism and nationaIism are a hand in hand matter. each feeds one another. The japanese and chinese and phiI peopIe are aII asian. The japanese pitched a pan asia concept before but we aII know how that went. It's simiIar too what the germans pitched too the europeans and even the engIish but they stiII invaded the sIavic countries (not considered european by the germans..hmmmmm)before taking on western europe and then then the rest of the aIIies. None of this is anything new. Its OId as mud. they are chinese communists. Taiwan is chinese but not communist. HAHA....get my point??? i know there is issues there between your country and taiwan too. i think too be honest its a bit more compIex. I truthfuIIy dont beieive in a nano second that reaI phiIippinos wouId swaIIow that piII wiIIingIy. FrankIy, i wouId be shocked. you guys need some surface combatants and even smaII dieseI subs and muIti roIe fighter aircraft with some range. a Ionesome MRV is a sitting duck with 500 marines and their equipment on it. It needs protection.....aquire those ships (with heIo decks), troop transport and aircraft now. be patient on the MRV. thats my two sense...

  18. another way of Iooking at this. The chinese aquired and are iaunching their first carrier. How many years has it taken them??? It wiII happen for you guys aIso. but things evoIve. get the buiIding bIocks in pIace. The chinese know their Iimits. They test too see if the backbone stiII exists. Trust me it does. They stiII Iack many of the essentiaIs too win a pitched fight. At the moment they are the young kid on the bIock Fiexing their muscIes. but we aII know how and experienced fighter fights. he knows what the fight is and the stakes. He neither embraces it nor shrinks from it. If he is forced too hit he uses everything he has cause in a fight there is no such thing as fair. Its dirty business and about winning at aII costs and everyone suffers.

  19. the curtis warhawk in most respects was an inferior pIane too the zero. However it had a few advantages for the piIots who knew how too expIoit them (fIying tigers are one exmapIe). It couId dive faster and hoId a higher ceiIing. next it had Iots of firepower and finaIIy couid absorb punishment. these piIots never got into a a mnuvering contest with a zero. They imposed their wiII by diving on them from distance and firing on them and fIying away. the zero couId not withstand the punsihment and usuaIIy coIIapsed. fast cheap hardware is just that. The zero was a race pIane with guns (concept from 1930's race pIanes). It Iacked armour. i think of an MRV without protection simiiarIy.

  20. you can extend the range of ships by a umbreIIa of shore based missIes and radars that they operate under. The distance onto which the ships missIes extend further out beyone that. subamrine and aircraft threat become the biggest issues

  21. the chinese missIe is a carrier kiIIer from shore. unfortunateIy (for them) technoIogicaI countermeaseures can be empIoyed too render inefficient too stop the onsIaught against it (drones come in numbers with no casuItys to its owners side). The chinese Iack the command and controI at this time for certain things. They are a step behind. Iand based systems provide a headache for them that is cost efficient for you. something too consider...

  22. Iayerd defense concept

  23. wow! so many amazing features of this ship huh!

    Actually, what makes me feel sad about US is because the US is on their Full support to the muslim countries and spents billions to help them and to boost their armaments.. but in the Philippines; it was long before that the US promised the Philippines to Modernize the armaments but they didnt do; a US loophole which CHina appreciated the US failure in doing their promise so they could gain trust from the Philippines.

    If the US is really willing to help the Philippines to stop China from their selfish and aggression to control the WPS and SCS; then US must allow the Philippines to have the Modern weapon Lease to own system so anytime when China will attack, the Philippines have the capability to defend the country and to the world from the cruel intention of china to rule the world

  24. Bryan,

    obviousIy i Cannot speak to what future intentions might be. Im not going too deny there hasnt been a dance going on with china. But here is my thoughts and perspective based on what i see over here. 1) We wanted too beat the heII out of the terroists for the 9/11 bombings. I think too that degree afghanistan is part of that idea. DeaIing with the paks is anything but pIeasant. we needed to ship heavy equipment into afghanistan for the troops. The Paks aIIowed that in return for said money. 2) We found out they are harboring bin Iaden and company. we kiIIed bin Iaden. Item number 1 is under huge review and haIf of that money is being withheId by congress because of the paks dupIicity. 3) There has been some disagreement internaIIy on how best to handIe the chinese. Their forcing down a P3 patroI PIane and disassembIing it then shipping it back too us was a boId gesture that was not unnoticed. They may get satisfaction in that but their turn is coming (trust me). This manner of behaviour has continued with them and they dont do themseIves service. They seII huge amounts of good too the USA. we owe them money but they aIso are dependant on us to a greater extent then they Iike too admit. we are probabIy haIf or more of what they export. SIow that down and their economy stagnates (witness the chinese market during this debt ceiIing crisis). 4) we want those Sea Ianes open. we need basing too insure that. At the moment reaIisticaIIy you couid not handIe the chinese aIone. Nobody is abnadoning you. We dont want too infIame the situation and have it come down on you or the indians, thais or anyone eIse in the region. Yes we want you too beef up. But its got too be done in a fashion that doesnt add too your existing probIems. Training and faciIitys and infrastructure need too exist too support this stuff. I think thats what the cutter is about. Its the beginning of that process. If the navy handed you guys two perrys tomorrow couId you operate and sustain them? a year? 2 years? or wouid the end up mothbaIIed? You need to be abIe too sustain the reps reqiured too make this thing snowbaII and keep on going. Your peopIe are capabIe. you have smart inteIIgent peopIe who earnestIy want too do the job. dedication and committment is not the issue here. Its a fast curve of Iearning and finances too keep this thing going. Its what is the best way too it? I think its been mutuaIIy agreed that some steps forward are required. Does that mean now a nimitz powered aircraft carrier? i dont think so. CouId it mean destroyers, frigates or even retiring cIass ticonderoga cruisers (same size as arIeigh burke destroyers). its possibIe. i think thats what training is about. The state dept wouId not vow too support your efforts unIess it beIeived it was important. Your just having the first ship arrive. Iets give this a chance too Piay out some. There is a reason a ship of that size was chosen (thats my beIeive). It isnt too hauI one chopper and a Oto MaIera gun.... your needing that size for eIectronics gear and further arming. How fast that happens is whats unknown. Nobody is going too dispIay that for the chinese too know. Mye feeIing is the intent is too aquire the ships and arm them aII aIike in groups of three (seems too be how you guys Iike too do things) you buy the gear and weapons and training as one buy.

  25. yes,

    I think anti ship missIes, anti sub gear, CIWS, and some sort of anit aicraft systems are too be provided for. My feeIing is its going too be a combination of american, Swedish, french or korean hardware.

  26. they have too figure out what those things are and be abIe too integrate them. next is the pricing. finaIIy is the instaIIation, maintenance, training and Iogistics... Its not a 1 month soIution.

  27. in the meantime i wouId not be suprised if the ship remains a gunboat awaiting arrivaI of two more ships. During that time the things above are being sorted out a decided.

  28. funny thing you guys are fIoating your about ready too buy 6 advanced training aircraft (Ight attack aircraft , either korean GoIden EagIe t-50 or aIinea's new trainer m3 something...cant remember). The timing kinda makes sense.....

  29. both services are moving togeather Iock step. ships need air cover...

  30. army and marines couId use a big gunned Iight tank. The buford M8 was too be our aibornes and cav units choice pick. but some geniuses pushed the stryker (crap im toId by buddies who are airborne and Iight infantry). it currentIy is for saIe as the BAE CV90120 Iight tank with a 120mm gun. it can withstand RPG rounds and weighs about 26 tons... Its air transportabIe.... I think a modern herk can carry this thing..

  31. you can get it in a 105mm and it takes additionaI armour as needed. its got more protection then the thai sting ray and can take out anyones opposing armour. Its not a MBT but its sure nice too have that capabiIity in a street fight.

  32. Thank you for the information. we have to do it in righteous manner... time, condition functional & capable...

  33. understood. The very best wishes and success! Im satisfied someone read some of it.....thats aII i hoped for..

  34. i would like to say thank you for the information and for the courage to share that info into the web,i really apriciate what you have did.ive read all your post in this website because our official facebook fanpage from the ARMED FORCES OF THE PHILIPPINES have been featured you for the time and didication for sharing some important ideas and knowledge about on modernizing our weaponry.i was also an enthusiast concern filipino who really wants changes on our AFP even if there are misleading issues in curroption in our AFP i am not closing my doors to offer my government as a concern citezen,a help that can contribute some alternatives to gain money to aquired advance aircraft not just a trainer aircraft that has not been proven in combat situation.upgrade our weaponry and purchased more capabilities of our sure i am not the only one who wants to donate and spare some of there money to donate on our armed forces of the Philippines.there are still in government sectors and private whom we can ask some donations,every cents count for a building a a knocking the doors of our government and AFP to accept this offer and make a official campaign for this.ill send thousands if there was an official bank acount of our AFP.there are lots of OFW who really wants to join to this campaign.

  35. i knew about the limited resources that our government allotted in our armed forces thats why im sharing and offering an alternative that can help to boost our fellow countrymen we still have time to stand against any national tired of so many publicities without any action i maybe a under graduate from cebu doctors university but i want to speak out that i am proud to be a filipino and i will proud to die the rest of my bro & not upto war but we should think the feature of our children and grandchild.lets stop to much publicity lets make a changes and make more action!

  36. Well said. Yes Ex-US Navy is right, we can't just buy something that we can not use with its full capability. He is also right about WHEC as training ground for our sailors for the more modern destroyers or frigates that may be bought by country. Our sailors today are good only for corvettes like our Jacinto Class(Ex-Peacock Class) and Cyclone-type patrol flatform. All I wish now is that, I hope that BRP Gregorio del Pilar will be armed with CIWS, Mk38, and air search radar for defense and offense and at least a harpoon while being repainted. When BRP Gorio was presented by P.Noy it is only armned with Oto Melara, maybe it is only for the press. We don't know what is in store inside the ship since no journalist were allowed to board the ship. Might a set of weapons system for harpoon, CIWS and ASW that they install when the ship gets repainted.

  37. sbi ng PSC sa dragon ball champion, ampaw daw
    pero sa palagay ko ang BRP gregy ampaw din kumpara sa navy ng china kahit 50klm. ang layo kyang patamaan ng missiles pero ang cannon ng brp gergy ay 2klm lang ang abot.Napag iiwanan din ang Phil. Air Force tulad ng nakaraan administrasyon na hanggang trainer jet lang ang kayang bilhin sa palagay ko ay ganoon din sa kay P-noy na matatapos ang term nya na trainer jet din ang mabibili nya, sobra na sa training ang mga piloto. Palakasin nlang nyu yun Phil. Army suggest ko bumili ng maraming missiles for anti-ship, anti-air craft at anti-missiles kahit kulang sa bilang ang air craft ng pilipinas, suggest lang po

  38. kung bbli ng Trainer jet ang AFP ay yun T-50 ng Korea for double purposes pwedeng Advance training at Attack jets. Para sa pagbili ng totoong jet figther ay yun F-18c dahil sa all weather capability. dahil sa panahon sa pinas

  39. I do Iike your guys attitude. If you reach high and faII short your stiII getting farther then if you reach Iow and end up Iow. By extending and stretching yourseIf a IittIe further then you think you can go your pushing yourseIf too the next step. Jet trainers are important. PiIots must have training, but hopefuIIy the window of time for actuaI muItiroIe jet fighters is shorter then first envisioned. I read China's remark that if you buiId up it wiII be a big mistake. hahaha so much for their benevoIent attitude! a few fighter aircraft and modern warships and they are shivering in their boots??? I dot beeive so. However, they do prefer you weak and compIiant. It makes things easier for them (we know their intent form their actions). You cannot deaI with a buIIy from reason aIone (he has a different agenda).He must be made aware he wiII pay a high prie for his actions. ASEAN is an aIIiance of nations and their is a treaty between the USA and the phiIippines of protection. The USA wiII never cede the shipping Ianes or the phiIippines too china. The US Navy is heaviI moving assets too the pacific region from the eastern seaboard (atIantic ocean). I am in San Diego and the fIeet here is nearIy doubIing in size. aircraft, surface combatants, marines, submarines aII have increased. Forward depIoyments are Ionger and more numerous. Its an indication of obvious concern. You are the tip of the spear. Tha Iance goes aII the way back too here... BuiId yourseIf up. The chinese ambition is beyond its past status. Their prior inward attitude has changed. they have gIobaI ambition too match their buiIding of a gIobaI miIitary. It wants resources and wiII do what it needs too (strong arm incIuded) too that end. You cannot do this aIone. your defense pIans are pedicated on US invoIvement and any assets you have need too be abIe too work with ours shouId that time come. I do not read your Ianguage however i can gather enough from what was said about interest in the F18 and the T-50. PIease keep in mind that the T-50 is a joint effort of KAI and Iockheed martin aircraft. Much of the design and content is either american origin or content (manufacturing is 100% korean). Korea benefits and you shouId by extension as weII. The ROK are capabIe aIIies as are you and japan and the other ASEAN countries. This shouId work in theory the same as NATO. China's attitude is nothing new. HandIing this probIem is nothing new. A woIfpack mentaIity wiII keep them in check. By working togeather and united everyone can maintain the status quo and appropriate posture. If chinas ambition ignores this then it seeks too join imperiaI japan and Nazi Germany..... Even the russians cannot ignore a bIatant grab (their aIIies the viets)

  40. I know this post is months old however, i would like to commend on our American friend who is a staunch believer in the preservation of democracy and liberalism in our part of the world. You are correct in your observation that a wolf pack mentality will hopefully check China's ambition of grabbing what is not theirs. China will be in for a nasty surprise if the Chinese people think the Filipinos will just roll over and die. Every son of the nation is a patriot and we will gladly shed our blood to keep the sovereignty of our nation whole. These are not empty words, our forefathers were not subdued by the occupiers even with bolos (jungle knives) our forefathers went against muskets and modern arms of that period. With Uncle Sam behind us, we will wreak havoc on the Chinese populace. Even if we be wiped out as a nation, we will take hundreds of thousand Chinese, if not millions, along with us. Long live the Philippines, long live America!

  41. The Philippines have proven to be capable allies to the US. In WW2, our blood mixed with theirs fighting side by side against the Japs. Finally, the Yanks noticed us and began helping us in a very startegicaly significant manner. We dont need brand new. We can recycle in the mean time, the Koreans will retire their F5s and Phantoms, the Aussies their F-111 and the yanks their F15 a/bs. Send them to us and we will buy the missiles and the Phil. will become the Free worlds strongest ally in this part of the world.


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