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  1. Oisst!


    Kasama Pala sa Pilipinas ang Sabah, bakit po di na kasama ngayon, inagaw ba ng Malaysia?

    This is so informative, sundan namin to, paglaki ko, aagawin ko ulit ang Sabah.

  2. i'm michael pls response for my question....justcute_michael07@YAHOO.COM IS MY FB...


  3. @ Michael

    Sabah is Formerly known as North Borneo. British Government took the North Borneo from the Mindanao - Philippines without any permission. The British Government that time is trying to bully the Philippines as they are powerful.

    The US Government warned Britain not to include the North Borneo to the crown treaty for Malaysia but Britain did not listen to the US Government because of power competition.

    So legally, North Borneo (Sabah) is Part of Mindanao - Philippines and not to Malaysia; and Illegally, it was taken by Britain and give it as a gift to Malaysia. So it such called as a stupid mistake by the British Government because it is the reason why the war and conflict in Mindanao is never ending. The people in Mindanao is keep on looking for their missing pieces. It is also 1 reason why people from Sulu to Tawi-tawi beheaded british nationals who visit that island because of their anger to britain.

  4. Ah, so it is clear now that there is no conflict between the Philippines and Malaysia. The fault is not in Malaysia but the British Government.

    I read also many blogs that the Malaysia is just there peacefully taking care of North Borneo or Sabah. Since the British Government ceded it to them and and considering the British Government as powerful country, so they take it without hesitation.

    I think Malaysia is just also waiting for the right time if the Philippines is capable enough to handle problems in Mindanao and North Borneo, they will also free Sabah and turnover to the Philippines soon

  5. I read also news form Malaysia State that they spend Billion Dollar for war weapon recently in the year 2010 including warship and submarine I think it could not be for the issue of the Mindanao and North Borneo.

    If they prepare that war weapon to attack the Philippines then, lols! the World War III will happen.

    If the American forces will support the Philippines of course the best allies Israel will take part and Israel are having the most advance weapon in the world as shown in the National Geographic Channel, then it could be a very big war if the Britain will make an alliance with Malaysia.

    Israel is keep on looking at the situation in the Philippines after the long lasting friendship of Philippines- Israel fueled recently. Israel even Honor the Philippines for saving to many Jews during the Holocaust and persecution in Europe.

    If North Korea have Nuke, the Israel have Super Advance weapon which is more advance than in America, that is why Israel is so confident in the Middle east even though they are alone and Arab countries are too many, too big and too rich

  6. huhh?

    Could it be the reasons why the USA is keep on lobbying in Israel?

    Maybe it is true reason why the USA is so interested the hidden weapon secret in Israel.

    It could be also the reason why the country like Iraq and Iran could not show a hot to Isreal.. they are nothing.. If Israel have the advanced weapon which America didn't have, then Israel could be the secret super power country in the world

  7. For my own opinion, since the Malaysian Government knew the stupid mistake by the british government, the Malaysian must have to end their contract of lease in North Borneo.

    I am anticipating of the very high population of the Philippines which is 95 Million plus 10 Million living outside the country, for sure, for the hardship and no enough space, the conflict will arise in the future.

    It could be a lose in Malaysia then because they keep on Developing their country while Mindanao is not. If there is a war between Mindanao and Malaysia, the destruction will only fall to Malaysia because they could not destroy the forest of Sulu, Tawi-Tawiand Basilan.

    No infrastructure in Mindanao.

    The growing of the Population of the Philippines triggering their interest to take back the North Borneo could be a big issue in the future, So better for Malaysia to give it up, anyway, they knew, its not for them but for Mindanao.

  8. This could be a very old unresolved issue.

    I agree, the Malaysian Government are preparing to fight against Mindanao Government that is why they spent Billion Dollar in 2010 to purchase a Warship and submarine but my question is.. what a greed Malaysia is?

    They knew already that North Borneo is not part of their territory then why do they keep in controlling the North Borneo?

    Malaysia is not a good example then. I have talk with one of the heir of the Sultan of North Borneo and they are all Filipinos and they are begging to the Government of the Philippines to resolve this issue because even though they are the heirs of the Royal Family, they are barred from going to their land in North Borneo by the Malaysian Authority.

    The North Borneo has a great Respect to the Philippines Government. He even visited to the Malacanang Palace Manila to discussed with the Government and informed the Philippine Government that he would going to open the North Borneo for Investment and Land Lease to the other Foreign investor who want to invest in North Borneo.

    The People of North Borneo are very peace loving Citizen. They are not used to revolt but waiting for the final resolution so they could have a clear nationality as Filipino.

    Also.. I could comment.. what a stupid British Government doing this to the Philippines....... British Government don't deserve any respect at all. British government are warfreak, crazy and unfair.

    I even start hating the British Government

  9. In fairness huh!

    The lease contract between the North Borneo and Malaysia has been ended few decade ago but they are just hesitant to leave the North Borneo (Sabah) because the North Borneo which is part of Mindanao is rich of Oil. In fact, The Whole Mindanao is rich in oil and natural gas.

  10. Iin our country, the biggest problem is our leaders in government, businesses, and in churches.

    If our leaders are righteous, God fearing and with the heart for Filipinos then we will be far better than our neighboring countries like Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand, etc.

    I am calling our OFWs to be discerning in choosing our President, Vice President, Senators, Congressmen, Governors, Mayors, Vice Mayors, councilors and Barangay Captains. Huwag natin iboto ang mga corrupt, mga walang paki sa mga filipinos, mga may kabit, mga kumakampi sa mga tiwala, etc.

    God bless the Philippines!

  11. Huwag natin iboto sa 2016 si VP Binay, si mar roxas, si bong-bong marcos, at si duterte - HUWAG NA TAYONG MAGPABOLA SA MGA TAONG ITO PLEASE!

    Sa 2016 elections, kailangan ng bansa natin ang mga leaders katulad ni Grace Poe, Allan Peter Cayetano,Antonio Trillanes, Leny Robredo, Guingona, Aquilino Pimentel, Pia Cayetano, Cynthia villar, Bam Aquino, at Vicente Sotto. Mr. Meloto (ng gawad Kalinga)

    God bless the Philippines


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